• Breaking news! The Life & Arts section wants to give you advice

    Our resident know-it-all Riley Brands is here to dole out his wisdom to all in need. Topics include, but are not limited to:

    When is it appropriate to confront my roommate about the pile of pungent dirty laundry that has been on the floor for weeks?

                What do I do if I’ve got a crush on my Russian Science Fiction TA?

                How do I get over being depressed that I am in fact not Beyoncé?

                What do I actually wear to a “business casual” interview in Austin?

    What should I do if my boyfriend's idea of a night on the town is walking to Torchy’s and then watching him play FIFA?

    So, if you are in need of advice (and let’s be real, all of us are) email Riley at dtadvice@gmail.com.  Your questions can of course be anonymous. Look for your response printed in the Life&Arts section of The Daily Texan.

  • Late Afternoon Links

    The Daily Texan Life and Arts section is happy to complement your afternoon procrastination with a smattering of news from across the cultural spectrum.

    Tarantino gave an interview to Vanity Fair about why we all still love Pulp Fiction.

    Some bros in Brooklyn want to build the space suit of the future, because what else do bros in Brooklyn have to do?

    Here are ten stupid movie quotes about reading.

    Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Ew. Here are some APPS that might improve your relationship.

    Scholastic Books has revealed that the Harry Potter books are getting a makeover.

    Jake's Wayback Burgers has added a Triple-Triple- to the menu. It only has 5,100 calories.

    Banana Joe is the first Affenpinscher to win the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

    Matt Damon pretends to swear off toilets, but it is for a really good cause.

    Four amazing mini libraries. So many books!

    The courtship love letters of LBJ and Lady Bird Johnson will be released, because what could be cuter than the flirting of a future president?


  • The impending Spotify takeover

    Spotify has taken over. Founded by Daniel Ek in Sweden in 2006, the company is now based out of London but is used in 20 countries. Just yesterday, Spotify was released in Italy, Portugal and Poland. The music-providing program, which just hit 20 million users, features even the most obscure artists, and often will have their entire discography.

    So what does this mean? A good analogy is what happened to Blockbuster when Netflix took over the movie rental business. 

    Cheapo Records already shut its doors. In an email to the Statesman, owner Jason Shields cited "a lack of brick-and-mortar music sales and the increasing competition of online music stores.”

    This is just one example of how increasingly lethargic technology can make us. You can shop online, stream movies and music and order delivery for dinner. But what’s the fun in that? What will we gain by doing everything from the comfort of our beds?

    Ancient Greek Bards could gather entire communities to listen to their tales. Now we can experience a story at the push of a button. And we usually do it in solitude.

    Spotify will monopolize the music business and hard copies of music will soon be like ancient tales — lost traditions.