• Lunchtime Links Weekend Edition

    For this weekend edition of our daily links, The Daily Texan Life and Arts section has compiled a list of exciting things for you to do this weekend.


    KVRX will have their annual Pledge Drive Show tonight at the Emo’s Annex.  Go out and support your only local student run radio station.

    If the 1970s are more your scene, the third annual Austin Roller Disco is happening. It is one of the few chances you may have to wear hot pants. 

    We just profiled local rock band Scorpion Child. These guys are playing at Stubb’s tonight for $10!


    Violet Crown Cinema is showing the Oscar nominated short films, both live action and animated, at various times. Short films are always adorable and sweet, right?

    “Beyoncé: Life is But a Dream” premieres on HBO. Pre-game by listening exclusively to Beyoncé all day and wearing some sequins.

    Banger’s chef Ted Prater is the hottest chef in Austin! Spend your Saturday night with beer and sausage…and then watch Beyoncé of course.


    It’s Lucky J’s 2nd anniversary! That means a chicken & waffles block party.

     Right after Valentine’s Day, Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz is doing a Master Pancake of romance classic “Casablanca.” 

    Bushwick Bill of  Geto Boys will be at Hotel Vegas. Take full advantage of your Sunday and dance ‘til ya drop. Plus, dollar drinks until midnight.


  • The Harlem Shake is still happening

    Beginning with a lackluster and bewildering video on YouTube that somehow managed to get upwards of 3 million views, the “Harlem Shake” video has reached different locations across the states, including office buildings and college campuses. Even Longhorns have found inspiration in the weird shaking dance move.

    Here on the 40 Acres, our own "Harlem Shake" was filmed and plenty of UT students can be seen filling the South Mall in this absurd video. Take that, A&M.

    Psychology senior Albert Chavez, who learned of the filming through a Facebook invite, stands out for taking his shirt off and whipping it around.

    “I figured it was my senior year, my last semester, so I might as well have fun with it,” Chavez said.

    A director stood on a ladder with a camera to capture the South Mall at approximately 12:30 p.m. They filmed the first take with Bevo while the people dressed in costume stood on the side. After the scene with Bevo finished, all the people in the first scene moved off the lawn and were replaced by the costumed people looking to take center stage.

    “I made it front and center,” Chavez said proudly. “I wanted something noticeable, that people could spot me with. That’s why I took off my shirt. Honestly. I don’t take off my shirt in public often.”

    Chavez said it was 40 seconds of dancing and going crazy as much as they could. He acknowledged that his friend in the Spider-Man costume had to time his backflip perfectly, but his favorite person was the guy who rode his bike across the lawn and waved.

    “I laugh every time, but there was a Hulk making love to a bike rack, and that was pretty funny,” Chavez said. “Mad props to them. I think someone wrote ‘Hulk smash’ on the YouTube comments. But yeah, it was well worth it. It’s going to be hard to top that one. I hope A&M is jealous.”