• UTPD arrests homeless man on the Drag

    Around 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, the University of Texas Police Department responded to an incident involving a homeless man at 2400 Guadalupe Street.

    UTPD spokeswoman Cindy Posey said the department received a report of an aggressive subject threatening people with a knife and shouting at them. Posey said she is aware of three people he threatened by telling them to "shut up" but believes no one was hurt.

    The police did arrest the man and Posey said they will have more information once they process him.    

    UTPD sent out emails and text alerts to students about the situation saying they were looking for a male subject with a tyedye shirt and asked students to avoid the area. The department followed up shortly afterward, saying they were in contact with the subject and he was not an ongoing threat.

    During the officers' search, a said second homeless man was questioned but was not taken into custody. Posey said she did not have any information about the second person.