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3-16_The Feast_Courtesy of SGRECH

‘The Feast’ serves up a foreboding, twisted experience

Noah Levine March 18, 2021

All dinner parties could use a severed leg to spice up the evening.  “The Feast” is a horror film featured in the South by Southwest 2021 Midnighters category. The film, set in the...

Subjects of Desire - Courtesy of Hungry Eyes Media

‘Subjects of Desire’ documentary examines relationship between race, power, beauty from history to present

Grace Barnes March 18, 2021

TW: This story contain descriptions of enslavement and sexual violence.  A timely follow-up to Channing Godfrey Peoples’ 2020 narrative film “Miss Juneteenth,” which follows...


HBO showrunners talk LGBTQ+ representation in television

Thomas Casler March 18, 2021

In one of the first panels of this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival, showrunners Russell T. Davies, creator of the HBO Max show “It’s a Sin,” and father/daughter duo Daniel...

Woodlands Courtesy of Severin Filmsw

Q&A: ‘Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched’ film team talks folk horror, editing, documentary production

Noah Levine March 18, 2021

“Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched,” a new documentary that premiered at South by Southwest 2021 on Wednesday, focuses on the evolution and history of the folk horror subgenre. The film features...

Demi_Screenshot from movie

‘Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil’ is a powerful depiction of addiction, trauma

Fiza Kuzhiyil March 17, 2021

TW: This story contains descriptions of drug abuse, sexual assault and eating disorders.  Singer and actress Demi Lovato is a familiar icon from her time on Disney Channel in the early 2010s and...


Country musician Willie Nelson talks pandemic, activism at SXSW 2021

Morgan-Taylor Thomas March 17, 2021

After missing his 10:30 a.m. speech at South by Southwest in 1992 due to performing at a concert the night before, Willie Nelson made his first keynote debut at the 2021 online festival Wednesday.   In...


Performances at the Legendary SOBs were nothing less than legendary

Morgan-Taylor Thomas March 17, 2021

Wednesday, March 17 Live from New York, it’s The Legendary SOBs, Sounds of Brazil, Latinx Night 1. The second installment in the SOBs South by Southwest virtual 2021 festival, Latinx Night...

Jakob's Wife Interview Courtesy of AMP International

Q&A: ‘Jakob’s Wife’ director talks working with Barbara Crampton, rat actors, practical effects

Noah Levine March 17, 2021

Once again, Barbara Crampton is covered in blood.  Horror legends Crampton and Larry Fessenden unite in “Jakob’s Wife,” a new film directed by Travis Stevens (“Girl on the...

Gaia Courtesy of Film Initiative Africa

‘Gaia’ plays with intriguing concepts but lacks in narrative

Noah Levine March 17, 2021

Definitely not Fun-Guy.  “Gaia” is another installment in South by Southwest 2021’s Midnighters collection. The film follows a park ranger who stumbles upon a father and son living...

3-16_Stacey Abrams

Politician Stacey Abrams, author N.K. Jemisin talk about the power of storytelling at SXSW 2021

Jennifer Errico March 17, 2021

Janelle Monáe’s specially created SXSW music video for her song "Turntables" played at the beginning of South by Southwest 2021 keynote speaker Stacey Abrams’ conversation...

Executive Order Q&A w_ Director, Photo-Courtesy-of-Elo-Company copy

Q&A: ‘Executive Order’ director Lázaro Ramos talks balancing images of police brutality with Black joy

Grace Barnes March 16, 2021

TW: police brutality, violent imagery Editor’s note: Because his first language is Portuguese, Lázaro Ramos spoke mostly in English and occasionally used a translator.  “Executive...

3-16_biden-harris creatives team q&a

Q&A: Robyn Kanner, senior creative adviser for Biden-Harris campaign, talks creative process for virtual campaign

Fiza Kuzhiyil March 16, 2021

Creatives from the Biden-Harris campaign shared their experience conducting an online presidential campaign during the South by Southwest 2021 conference session “Politics x Design: How the Biden-Harris...