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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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Gender pay study shows gap between UT faculty

Collin Eaton October 20, 2010

Two years after a UT task force told chief administrators how to ease the pay gap between male and female faculty, about 59 percent of the UT’s academic core and athletics salary payouts go to...

A closer look at income

Collin Eaton October 12, 2010

  The University faces countless hardships in the current economy — from budget cuts to hiring freezes and limiting pay increases — but intractable equity issues still linger...

Study: males likely to prize commitment, love with sex

Vidushi Shrimali October 10, 2010

Men are more likely than women to be satisfied from sex motivated by a relationship based on love and commitment, according to a study by UT psychology researchers. The study, released Oct. 22 in...

UT hires Google to update e-mail, expand features

Audrey White October 10, 2010

The UT e-mail system will have a new look, more space and more features once the University finalizes a contract to outsource its e-mail platform to Google, likely during spring 2011. The announcement...

Activists promote clean energy

Anna Fata October 7, 2010

Harvey Hayek, the owner of a pecan orchard that has been in his family since 1898, has lost about two-thirds of his crop since the Fayette Power Plant moved into town in 1979. He said he had to...

Special court for veterans first of its kind in county

Joshua Barajas October 7, 2010

After his March 2003 deployment to Iraq, Lance Cpl. Domitilo Ponce III faced psychological injuries within the confines of his home despite being far from the dangers of combat. Suffering from post-traumatic...

Council questions provost on academic centers’ cuts

Collin Eaton October 7, 2010

Several members of the Faculty Council asked UT Provost Steven Leslie on Monday how the central administration would assist academic centers through the budget cuts and challenged him on the measurements...

FBI investigates case, shooter’s background

Collin Eaton September 29, 2010

At 8:12 a.m. Tuesday, a caller alerted the UT Police Department to the presence of a masked gunman on campus. Seven minutes later, the dispatcher sent a text message warning 53,000 people, and the University...

UT student kills self after firing AK-47 on 21st Street

Nolan Hicks September 29, 2010

The UT campus was on lockdown for nearly four hours Tuesday because of a shooting incident that ended when the gunman, armed with an AK-47 rifle, took his own life after unleashing a barrage of bullets...

Witnesses recount school lockdown

Aziza Musa September 29, 2010

Computer science freshman Ashley McCrory got off the Forty Acres shuttle bus near Dobie Center on what she thought would be a regular Tuesday morning. McCrory was debating whether she should return...

One suspected shooter dead at UT campus library, no one else injured

Aziza Musa and Nolan Hicks September 28, 2010

The University was put under lockdown just after 8 a.m., after at least six shots were fired on campus by an unknown gunman. The gunman, who officials said appeared to be a UT student, is now confirmed...

SG opposed eliminating free parking by campus

Daniel Sanchez September 22, 2010

Student Government passed a resolution Tuesday night opposing plans by the neighborhood association of West Campus to eliminate free parking in the area. John Brady, Student Government transportation...

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