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Dark Horse Court Sundance Film Festival

‘Dark Horse’ plays out as an ethos-packed, David vs Goliath tale

April 29, 2016

Digging into the Earth with its hind legs, the horse springs forward over the steeplechase fence. The jump looks efficient and clean. That is, until the horse lands back on the ground, nearly collapsing...


UT student fulfills passion for storytelling through camp, mentorship

April 28, 2016

After spending hours studying for a history exam, Christina Johnson pulls out her laptop and enters back into the life of a 15-year-old nurse-turned-pirate. She has 500 words to write, a task she’s...

The Interview_GamechangerFilms

“The Invitation” proves tension-fueled, slow-building thriller

April 11, 2016

Director Karyn Kusama’s thriller “The Invitation” begins like an ordinary, dinner-party centered film: Couples get together over wine and food to hash out the past with polite conversation,...

SXSW Breakout Films_courtApatowProductions

Five noteworthy films that have come out of SXSW

March 11, 2016

Since its origin in 1994, South By Southwest Film Festival has acted as the launchpad for many important films. This year, Richard Linklater and Jeff Nichols are dropping their much-hyped projects,...

breakout stars court AnimalKingdomTractionMediajpg

Five stars whose careers emerged at SXSW

March 11, 2016

Since its origin in 1994, the film component of South By Southwest has brought actors and filmmakers to Austin of various experience and success. While the festival is noteworthy for bringing Hollywood’s...


Raas Rodeo combats poverty in India through dance show

March 9, 2016

While walking through a market in Gujarat, India, Juhie Vyas was approached by an emaciated young boy pleading for food and money. A freshman in college at the time, Vyas realized she could use her passion...


UT student composes career in film score production

February 29, 2016

With a keyboard at his side and headphones clasped over his ears, Jared Marxuach hits a sequence of keys producing a melancholic flow of piercing notes. After looping the sequence back and reflecting on...


Four books UT professors recommend

February 11, 2016

Students don’t think twice about asking professors for academic advice, but they rarely approach professors when they’re looking for book, movie or music recommendations. This week, The Daily...


Upcoming events offer eclectic runs

February 9, 2016

With complex obstacles, mud and colored powder, several upcoming running events offer twists to enhance runners’ adrenaline and challenge their mental toughness. Although it may be too late to prepare...


Professors in dilemma as students hurt by textbook prices

February 4, 2016

Overcome with frustration, a student thumbed through her red ink-laced test, while government professor Shannon O’Brien explained the questions she missed were in the required textbook. But her student...


Four films UT professors recommend

January 28, 2016

Students don’t think twice about asking professors for academic advice, but they rarely approach professors when they’re looking for book, movie or music recommendations. This week, The Daily...


UT alumna wraps production on short film ‘Margot’

January 21, 2016

From her Parisian hostel window, UT alumna Selen Flores overheard a group discussing their missing friend Margot. Without knowing how their story ended, Flores imagined her own version and turned the project...


Ten movies to check out before the Academy Awards

January 20, 2016

With the Academy Awards fast approaching, contemporary film knowledge is now more than ever a useful asset. Films such as “Spotlight” and “The Revenant” are sure to win their fair...


UT law alumnus uses 3D printers to counter gun regulation

November 30, 2015

Listed among Wired magazine’s “most dangerous men in the world,” UT alumnus Cody Wilson is unlike others who decorate the list. While many of those listed, such as Joaquin “El Chapo”...


UT doctoral student aims to shatter stuttering stereotypes

November 5, 2015

In elementary school, UT doctoral student Christina Gonzalez’s biggest worry wasn’t making friends in her new class — it was getting through her next word. “I first became aware...


Netflix-produced ‘Beasts of No Nation’ could shake up future of film releases

October 22, 2015

When “Beasts of No Nation” premiered Oct. 16, most people watched from their couches rather than movie theater seats.  “Beasts” was released on Netflix’s streaming...


Non-traditional biopic structure drives “Steve Jobs” to new heights

October 16, 2015

“Steve Jobs” ditches the traditional biopic arc and instead presents Steve Job’s person and legacy through a three-act “play.” Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin simply paints a portrait...


Local artist captures Austin in official ACL 2015 poster

October 9, 2015

Instead of taking notes during her classes at the University of Washington, Austin-based artist Sophie Roach began her artistic career doodling in her notebook. Over the years, the self-taught artist...


Matt Damon’s confident performance energizes ‘The Martian’

September 25, 2015

Recent hits such as “Gravity” and “Interstellar” explored the blunt brutality of space and planetary travel, but rarely has a sci-fi spectacle carried the pleasure and wit that...