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UT researchers suggest dinosaurs may have cooed like pigeons

Emmanuel Briseño July 27, 2016

The T-Rex is known for its large teeth, giant size and fierce roar, but new research suggests that the tyrant lizard king may also have made cries no more frightful than a pigeon’s coo. According...

code orange courtesy of code orange

Code Orange teaches children how to code, use technology

Emmanuel Briseño May 4, 2016

Through Code Orange, 11-year-old Joaquin Calderon learned HTML to create a website about wolves. “It was really fun. I love doing all the code,” Calderon said. Code Orange is a student-led...

Metabolic disease research photo of Drs

An orange a day keeps the doctor away

Emmanuel Briseño April 28, 2016

An orange a day keeps the doctor away — or will at least help prevent high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels and excess body fat. A natural compound commonly found in citrus, called...


New paper focuses on methods to break hard news to young adults

Emmanuel Briseño April 22, 2016

When advertising freshman Daniela Lope-Nicholls was on her way home from dinner with her dad last year, he broke the news that she had a one-and-a-half year old baby brother. “It was shocking,...


New UT partnership leads to fabric and textile innovations

Emmanuel Briseño April 14, 2016

College students constantly find themselves too far away from an outlet. Their cell phones slowly fade away, with no chance of coming back until they get home.   However, with future textile innovations,...


UT researchers examine microbes, discover larger communities within urban environment

Emmanuel Briseño April 6, 2016

When students move to Austin from rural areas, they probably expect to meet more people. UT researchers have recently shown that they should also expect to encounter more microbes. UT associate professor...


New planet sheds light on young star system histories

Emmanuel Briseño March 31, 2016

Two amateur astronomers helped researchers understand the evolution and migration patterns of planets. Shortly after scientists publicly released data from the Kepler space telescope, citizen scientists...


Study finds children in United States are more affected by income differences

Emmanuel Briseño March 9, 2016

Children in the U.S. are more severely affected by income differences than children in most developed countries, according to an article published by a UT researcher.  The study focused on the...


UT researcher unfolds the future

Emmanuel Briseño February 23, 2016

Soon, students may be able to assemble their Ikea furniture by just adding water. A UT researcher and his team developed an algorithm that can turn nearly any imagined object into reality. The team...


Time can make heart grow fonder

Emmanuel Briseño February 12, 2016

Students in the proverbial “friend zone” may think their courtship attempts are doomed, but UT Austin research indicates that patience sometimes pays off.  UT scientists found that...


UT study shows why memories flash forward

Emmanuel Briseño February 4, 2016

A typical Star Wars marathon may last for many hours, but when it is over, the viewer can recall the experience in a matter of seconds. Recently, UT neuroscience researchers have discovered the mechanism...

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