Former UT equipment manager arrested for filming female athletes in showers

Aziza Musa

University Police arrested former UT women’s track equipment manager Thursday night in his Uvalde County home for 10 counts of improper photography.

Rene Zamora, 30, placed equipment in an office near the women’s locker room after a track meet on Sept. 3. Zamora, a full-time employee since 2006, entered the locker room to get the women’s uniforms. He told officers he heard someone in the shower, left the locker room and waited for nearly two minutes before returning with a digital camera.

Zamora was about to record the woman, when she saw a camera above the curtain and screamed. He apologized and ran out into the equipment room. He told police he did not have any footage, according to court records.

The former manager officially resigned on Sept. 10 and was barred from future employment at University, UT officials said.

UTPD acquired a search warrant on Sept. 8 to obtain Zamora’s computer and memory cards, where police found additional footage of two former and eight current track members, said Claire Dawson-Brown, the assistant Travis County district attorney.

A judge released Zamora from the Uvalde County Jail Thursday night on personal bond, Dawson-Brown said.