2011 Best Gift Cards

P. Terry’s
WHERE: Any P. Terry’s location
Appealing to vegetarians and carnivores and the Dublin Dr Pepper can’t be beat. Plus, just $10 goes a long way there, so it’s a good gift on the cheap.

Violet Crown Cinema
One of our favorite local theaters, the Violet Crown offers a great selection of independent films each month and enhances the audience experience to the fine detail — side tables for your cocktails and snacks, extra padded cushions and a homey setting that doesn’t take away the thrill of going to the theaters. A $25 gift card guarantees one movie, a Chicago hotdog (must try!) and a cold beer, or a movie for two.

Waterloo Records & Video
Did you or a loved one receive a gift card to a chain store such as Best Buy, Walmart or Target, and would instead prefer to use it on a local business serviced by a knowledgeable, friendly staff? Bring in a gift card from one of these and other national chains and Austin’s own Waterloo Records & Video will exchange it in full with store credit on any of their merchandise.

Texas Monthly One-Year Subscription, $18
Share Texas with friends and family by giving them a year of Get it online at www.texasmonthly.com.

UT RecSports Pass, $50
Through January you get discounted access to more than 400 TeXercise classes, including cycling and a fresh, clean towel to use during your visit. Available at RecSports locations until Dec. 9.