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Looking back on season five of Mad Men

Katie Stroh, Alex Williams, and Aleksander Chan June 18, 2012

It’s been one week since the fifth season finale of “Mad Men” and we’ve pulled together our experts in a roundtable postmortem on Matthew Weiner’s acclaimed ‘60s drama....

Leaving editor reflects on food and stress at The Texan

Katie Stroh May 4, 2012

Reflecting on my two years of work at the Daily Texan, two important motifs come to mind again and again: anxiety and food. The two go hand in hand. At the Texan, when you’re hunched over your desk,...


‘Call Me Maybe’ rises in popularity as summer anthem

Katie Stroh April 6, 2012

It’s about that time of year when music critics and casual pop-lovers alike are struggling to anoint the coming summer’s Top 40 anthem. Likely candidates include Nicki Minaj’s house-inspired...


Season two of ‘Games of Thrones’ to premiere this weekend

Katie Stroh March 30, 2012

Spoiler warning: this review contains major spoilers for the first season of “Game of Thrones,” and mild spoilers for the season two premiere. Last year, HBO’s tagline for their ambitious...

Daily Texan details HBO ‘Game of Thrones’ characters

Katie Stroh March 30, 2012

Spoiler warning: This article contains major spoilers from the first season of “Game of Thrones.” Illustrations by Holly Hansel. It can be downright intimidating to parse out the immense...


Refresh your ‘Mad Men’ knowledge for Sunday night’s premiere with these character descriptions

Katie Stroh March 23, 2012

Warning: This article includes spoilers for the first four seasons of “Mad Men.” The thing that keeps myself and others so captivated by “Mad Men” isn’t the (admittedly glacial)...

Hunger Games hits the big screen

Katie Stroh March 22, 2012

To the delight of its built-in fan base, “The Hunger Games” film, based on the hugely popular sci-fi book series by Suzanne Collins, will hit theaters tomorrow (or tonight, if you’re...

Maps and Atlases

Maps and Atlases Q & A

Katie Stroh March 14, 2012

What: Filter Magazine's Culture Collide When: March 16, 1-5 p.m. Where: Bar 96 (96 Rainey St.) *RSVP; badgeholders welcome   What: Barsuk Records Showcase When: March...

Michael Ian Black bares soul, makes us laugh with memoir

Katie Stroh February 29, 2012

Michael Ian Black's book “You're Not Doing It Right: Tales of Marriage, Sex, Death, and Other Humiliations” is a harshly honest, moving new memoir from the seasoned comedian, actor...

PRESS_OscarFashion_AP copy

Red carpet fashion duds and delights

Katie Stroh February 27, 2012

Let's face it: the most wonderful time of the year isn’t the holiday season. It’s award season. Is there a more absolutely delightful, frivolous annual pastime than judging the sartorial...


New season brings revamped Horror Story

Katie Stroh January 19, 2012

 TV showrunners Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s creations are often controversial and divisive. Last year’s “American Horror Story” was no different. The showrunners are not...

2011 Best Gift Cards

P. Terry’s WHERE: Any P. Terry’s location Appealing to vegetarians and carnivores and the Dublin Dr Pepper can’t be beat. Plus, just $10 goes a long way there, so it’s a good...

Watch the Throne fascinates, dominates, defines

Katie Stroh December 6, 2011

Editor's Note: The Life & Arts senior staff combed through this year’s pop culture and selected the artists, albums, books and movements that they think, in one way or another, helped define...

‘Community’ fanbase rallies to save beloved comedy

Katie Stroh December 2, 2011

From online fan reaction to the news that meta-sitcom “Community” was conspicuously absent from NBC’s recently-released midseason schedule, an uninformed observer might make the mistake...

Winter Arts Preview: Books

Katie Stroh December 2, 2011

“The Artist of Disappearance” By Anita Desai Available Dec. 6               Acclaimed Indian author Anita Desai will be releasing “The Artist...

Showtime’s ‘Homeland’ blends paranoia, character drama with terrorism

Katie Stroh November 18, 2011

Much of Showtime’s original programming falls into the trap of over-reliance on a central conceit, without which they generally struggle, having little substance outside that conceit on which to...

‘The Office’ writer masters self-deprecating wit in new book

Katie Stroh October 31, 2011

Casual viewers of NBC’s “The Office” probably don’t realize how much influence Mindy Kaling, the actress behind the ditzy, boy-obsessed Kelly Kapoor, has on the show. In addition...

Latest Eugenides novel sparks literary intrigue

Katie Stroh October 19, 2011

It doesn’t take much deduction to figure out that much of Jeffrey Eugenides’ new novel “The Marriage Plot” is rooted in Eugenides’ own 20-something experience. The novel...

Eugenides challenges stereotypical marriage plot with new novel

Katie Stroh October 11, 2011

The “marriage plot” refers to a storytelling device commonly used by 19th century novelists such as Jane Austen and Henry James, in which the female protagonist can only cement her destiny...

Michael Ian Black shares his college experience

Katie Stroh October 6, 2011

Comedian, actor and writer Michael Ian Black will be bringing his brand of delightfully deadpan comedy to UT tonight and to the Mohawk tomorrow night. The Daily Texan spoke with Black about snacks, the...

The Night Circus generates buzz for new novelist

Katie Stroh September 29, 2011

Massachusetts-based writer and multimedia artist Erin Morgenstern’s debut novel “The Night Circus” has been debatably the most buzzed-about novel of the year. Morgenstern reportedly...

Fall Forms of Entertainment: Books

Katie Stroh September 9, 2011

"1Q84" Haruki Murakami | Oct. 25 "1Q84" is already a hit in Murakami’s native Japan, where it was released in three volumes to wild success. In October, the complex, surreal...

Dressing up and belting it out like only a princess could

Katie Stroh August 24, 2011

The Alamo Drafthouse’s Downtown and Lake Creek locations will be putting on the Pop Princess Sing-Along event for its third and final show of the year tonight. Audience members are invited to dress...


Carell steps down; fans to await ‘hire’ of ‘Office’ manager

Katie Stroh May 3, 2011

America said a tearful goodbye last Thursday to one of its most beloved television characters of all time: Michael Scott, regional manager of Dunder-Mifflin Scranton and lead of “The Office.” For...


Author writes on trials of pet dog

Katie Stroh May 3, 2011

Martin Kihn’s dog Hola is an absolute mess. She’s a Bernese Mountain dog: 90 pounds of unbridled canine enthusiasm, unable to sit on command, heel on a walk around the neighborhood or even...

Critique of modern life fails in ‘The Uncoupling’

Katie Stroh April 26, 2011

In Aristophanes’ comedy “Lysistrata,” the women of Athens decide to end the interminable Peloponnesian War by withholding the one thing they believed their men couldn’t live without:...

Reading for women’s rights

Katie Stroh April 25, 2011

Feminist bookseller Susan Post was only a child when she realized she wanted a life very different from the one her mother led. “I could see my mother’s isolation,” said Post, who grew...

Despite complicated plot, HBO fantasy adaptation shows a promising future

Katie Stroh April 19, 2011

Amid a massive amount of media hype and fan anticipation, HBO premiered its ambitious serialized television adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s sprawling fantasy book series “A Song of Ice...

Children’s literature author talks about book, alter ego

Katie Stroh April 12, 2011

For years, author Daniel Handler has been entertaining readers of all ages with his darkly humorous “A Series of Unfortunate Events” books, written under his more commonly known pen name:...

Latest generation of teen shows paint distorted picture of fame

Katie Stroh March 8, 2011

Scan the schedule of any kid-centric TV channel these days and it’s impossible to overlook a distressing theme: shows depict young teenagers living glamorous celebrity lives. Shows such as Nickelodeon’s...

Fans to hallow latest Potter movie

Katie Stroh November 19, 2010

The Harry Potter movie franchise has always been flawed, both for casual viewers and die-hard, ultra-critical fans of the book. Screenwriter Steve Kloves usually manages to anger the die-hards by watering...

Personal life of C.S. Lewis portrayed by theater group

Katie Stroh November 10, 2010

For three weekends this November, Austin-based theater group the Trinity Street Players present “Shadowlands,” a play based on the life of famed British author and Christian apologist C.S....

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