Photographer boasts nine semesters, thinks back on experiences

Mary Kang

It still did not get to me that today is my last day to work at the Daily Texan, after being here for nine semesters. But I have a feeling that when it gets to me, I will probably think mostly about how crazy it has been. When I first made it to the photo staff, I remember wondering why they even chose me because I honestly did not even know how to work the camera.

My first semester here, I was very shy and did not talk at all — to the point that one of the staffers didn’t even know I worked that semester. It must have been that I was intimidated by everyone else’s great talent. Right now I am definitely talkative, a lot more confident and after switching my major a few times, finally found passion (which is photography).

For these changes, I must credit my coworkers for all of the encouragements, trust and patience while I was undeserving. It is a blessing to be able to have worked with such admirable people because I learned so much.

I am truly going to miss all of the good and bad times from this basement. These involve walking up the dungeon stairs at midnight (or sometimes even later than that), having to run around all day with heavy gear in bad weather, getting parking tickets, eating popcorn for dinner, dancing to “This Must Be The Place” by Talking Heads, a space bar with a sticker that says “Mary Stinks,” inspirational photo wall, intense news spirit and so much more.

None of these experiences are regrettable to me and I will cherish them instead.

Outside of the Texan, I want to thank God, family, friends and professors. All have given me an incredible amount of support that I will not be able to forget and that will help me move forward.

Printed on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 as: Photo boasts nine semesters, thinks back on experiences