‘Things we’ll miss about the Texan’

Sydney Fitzgerald and Lena Price

Things we are going to miss about the Texan:

Tuesdays (and Thursdays.. and Wednesdays…) at Hole in Wall. Associate Managing Editor George. Fall 2010. Four Loko. Funny Weather. Copy log Lolcats. Jody’s baked goods. Listening to Selena with V-Ros. Gossiping with Pussy Chiffon. 4 a.m. basement talks with Josh. Getting advice from Doug. The elusive midnight scriptset. Likealittle. Playing catch in the sports office. Sleeping on the news couch. And the sports couch. And the ME couch. Tots. iChat conversations. Nova Haus. Walking down the steps to the basement. Being a parent. Growing up with Viv. Growing up with Elyana. Learning from some incredibly talented people. Having an excuse to fall behind on homework. Double Coverage paychecks. Pho Saigon. Ming’s. Unproductive Thursdays with Claire and Pierre. Ray <3. Multiplug devices. Ryan’s sugar glider. Will’s puns. 3 a.m. pancakes. KVRX. Andrew Torrey’s brother. Learning more about football than we ever wanted to know. Andre. Texancest. Orange Bobby. Name Here. Sweatpants. “Go listen to Taylor Swift”. SO. MANY. TWISTS. Awkward krazy. Hook’em! Cosmo. Reese’s love for pie. Aleks and Trey’s bromance. Doug’s critiques. Hide your plants, hide your pipes. Holiday Cheer. I can always edit your face. Martina’s sassy pants. #overit. Mauvelous. Last nights of the semester.

We were both too emotional about leaving the Texan to write full 30 columns. We’ve had a great time working here and we’ll miss everyone.