A black-and-white issue

Kev Kitchens

The proper response to Madison Gardner and Antonio Guevara’s disqualification would have been to lobby Student Government to change the election code. Having already broken the code, they were subject to its penalties. No great scandal to deny the two justice can be found; the elected and appointed individuals involved in this case ultimately decided on this outcome.

The code was ultimately enacted by the vote of a larger group of people, and the Election Supervisory Board has the duty to follow what it says. Most importantly, the text of the election code was violated. It is a simple, black-and-white issue.

I would be very surprised to hear that the Election Supervisory Board made this decision without consulting with either of their advisers, Dean of Students Soncia Reagins-Lilly and her deputy Melinda Sutton. If there truly was a violation of the U.S. Constitution in enforcing this code, I would be very surprised if it somehow escaped the notice of these experienced professionals while being extremely apparent to a group of undergraduate students.

Kev Kitchens is a Computer science sophomore.