Keep Roundup coverage well-rounded

Dave Player

I was excited to see Monday’s story “Attack affects Roundup safety.” UT already has a humor publication, but now apparently we have a Nancy Grace-style tabloid as well. To review, a person was involved in a violent altercation in West Campus. Nowhere in the story does it address whether the affected party was a UT student or whether the attack was related to Roundup events. Instead, we’re led to speculate on which of the three fraternities identified in the article may be involved. Because why go through all the trouble of finding and reporting the truth when we can all just play a guessing game instead? Readers might have been better informed if the article had included more reporting, such as comparisons to crime rates at other University-related weekend events or statistics on violent crimes in West Campus on non-Roundup weekends.  

Dave Player is a student at UT's School of Law and a former Daily Texan employee.