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Young Texans need jobs

Dave Player August 29, 2012

If you’re worried about getting a job after graduation (and you should be), pick your major carefully. A report earlier this year by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce...

The truth trumps top 14

Dave Player June 11, 2012

Last December, when my fellow law students and I were cramming for finals, we received news that our fearless leader, Dean Lawrence Sager, had been fired. This past month, once again cramming for finals,...

Keep Roundup coverage well-rounded

Dave Player March 27, 2012

I was excited to see Monday’s story “Attack affects Roundup safety.” UT already has a humor publication, but now apparently we have a Nancy Grace-style tabloid as well. To review, a person...

Undercutting the student voice

Dave Player February 2, 2012

The Student Government Assembly passed a resolution Tuesday to include a referendum on the ballot in this spring’s election. The referendum will include two questions: first, “Do you support...

An UNTimely endeavor

Dave Player January 31, 2012

When you find yourself in a hole, you quit digging. When a public university is about to spend millions on an undertaking that won’t benefit Texans, it’s time for the metaphorical shovel to...

Remember policy, not politics

Dave Player September 15, 2011

At Monday’s CNN/Tea Party Republican debate there may have been eight candidates on the stage but all eyes, including those of his opponents, were on the man in the middle: Gov. Rick Perry. The majority...

Research isn’t sole issue

Dave Player July 28, 2011

Now that Harry Potter has finally defeated Voldemort, we can return to dealing with the other You-Know-Who. We’re talking, of course, about Rick O’Donnell and his funding-eaters at the Texas...

Remembering the Fourth

Dave Player July 4, 2011

Today, as millions of Americans are firing up the grill, waving flags and remembering our nation’s birthday, hundreds of politicos, pundits and one Rick Perry are gearing up for a crack at the White...

Waste not, want not

Dave Player June 27, 2011

For the past several months, various members of the UT community, including students, alumni, legislators and prominent donors, have rallied their support for the University and its administration in...

Proceed with caution

Dave Player June 6, 2011

Imagine there is an obstacle you must clear. Your life’s work up to this point and your hopes for the future demand that you rise above it. Would you dedicate yourself to the task, embarking on a...

I hate everyone

Dave Player May 6, 2011

At the corner of Guadalupe and 31st streets, there is a crosswalk that is probably the only aspect of Austin I hate more than the people who hang out at Spider House. The “crosswalk”...

Hands off UT

Dave Player May 4, 2011

An internal memorandum obtained by the Austin American-Statesman reveals that Gene Powell, the newly elected chairman of the Board of Regents, put forth some surprising ideas that seem at odds with what...

Invitation Only

Dave Player April 27, 2011

There are massive inefficiencies and areas for cost-savings within Texas higher education. They aren’t in research budgets. They aren’t in ethnic studies departments. They come from some...

Keeping classes offline

Dave Player April 19, 2011

As students continue to log on, update and check in, some UT system administrators want to take that connectivity one step further. Emails obtained by the Texas Tribune last week reveal that one of...

When the tail wags the University

Dave Player March 29, 2011

For a system designed to quantify our nation’s best and brightest, college rankings are pretty stupid. Take the annual U.S. News & World Report rankings of graduate schools. The magazine ranks...

UT in the cross-hairs

Dave Player March 22, 2011

    They’re trying to kill UT. Or at least, they’re trying to slowly bleed it dry beneath our eyes. In 2008, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a local conservative...

Battered, not beaten

Dave Player March 8, 2011

    Hell hath no fury like an Aggie scorned. At least, that’s what The Battalion editor-in-chief Matt Woolbright and the rest of our colleagues over at the official student...

Students in the city

Dave Player September 20, 2010

Seventeen years ago, Maxis Software released SimCity 2000, a city-planning computer game that would go on to become a best-seller. The game allowed players to take control of a city and build it up...

Ignore college rankings

Dave Player September 9, 2010

Fellow students, we bring good news. Our honor has been restored, our dignity preserved, our horns turned right side up. But first, we must offer our condolences to our peers to the East. We’re...

Keep the streets free

Dave Player September 1, 2010

On Wednesday, Student Government hosted a town hall meeting to discuss proposed parking meters in West Campus. The proposal was first put forth last March by University Area Partners (UAP), an organization...

Don’t bank on it

Dave Player August 26, 2010

How much is your credit score worth? $50? A T-shirt? That’s some of the swag you’ll find banks offering on the Drag in upcoming weeks as they attempt to entice students to open...

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