Disingenuous journalism

Tarek Benchouia

After reading the article published in Thursday’s issue of The Daily Texan regarding the Norman Finkelstein lecture on Wednesday, I am truly disappointed in the journalistic integrity of the article and the writer. It presents a quick summary of Finkelstein’s lecture and then offers the opinion of two students that are both firmly entrenched in a philosophy that ignores human rights and international law. The overwhelming majority of attendants at the event could have and would have offered a much more moderate and helpful commentary on Finkelstein’s words but were ignored by the reporter.

I believe this kind of lazy and disingenuous journalism has become a trend at the Texan, and it’s unfortunate to me that the editors do not demand a higher standard for the content of their newspaper.

A big part of the lecture was devoted to carving out a voice for disenfranchised Palestinians in an environment that is so limited and stifled by the Israeli propaganda machine. I, as an activist, have never felt more overshadowed and belittled than I do right now, as the newspaper of my own institution is participating in the exclusion of the Palestinian voice for justice and human rights.

Tarek Benchouia
Government senior