Leaving editor reflects on food and stress at The Texan

Katie Stroh

Reflecting on my two years of work at the Daily Texan, two important motifs come to mind again and again: anxiety and food. The two go hand in hand. At the Texan, when you’re hunched over your desk, eyes glazed over from hours spent staring at the computer screen and exhausted from that stress dream you had the night before, the only real remedy is food, followed by perhaps a few drinks and a nap in the office.

In addition to all the wonderful and inspiring friends I’ve made at the Texan, I’d like to thank those who have provided me and many other overworked and overwhelmed young journalists the fuel we’ve needed to put out a product we’re proud of.

To Ming’s Cafe: thank you for your delicious, affordable and plentiful General Jow’s lunch specials, and for your generosity with those delicious little tubs of ginger soy sauce that litter my desk space to this day.

To Fricano’s Deli: thank you for the heartiest Italian sandwich a girl could ask for when she realizes it’s 6 p.m., and she hasn’t eaten since the sad granola bar she scarfed as she put in a last-minute photo request that morning.

To the Chick-fil-A in the Texas Union: thank you for your convenient location and for the revelation that chicken nuggets dipped in ranch sauce are heavenly.

And finally, to Hole in the Wall: your overflowing baskets of piping-hot fries (not to mention your whiskey and Cokes) always make for the perfect reward after a round of tough edits. Cheers.


Katie Stroh started working at the Daily Texan in Fall 2010 as a Life and Arts Issue Staff Reporter. She has since been a Life and Arts Senior Reporter, an Associate Life and Arts Editor, and is currently the Life and Arts Editor.