School of Public Affairs apologizes for commencement program typo

The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs offered its apologies to 2012 graduates after commencement programs mistakenly read “School of Pubic Affairs."

Document Solutions, the University’s copy and print department, originally printed the error, said Susan Binford, assistant dean of communications at the LBJ School.

Binford said the dean of the school wrote letters to each of the 135 graduates apologizing for the error and promising each graduate three copies of a corrected program in the mail.

“The dean feels strongly in that there’s no value in trying to affix blame to one person,” Binford said. “More than one person failed to catch this error, and all we can do is own up to our mistake, apologize for it and take the necessary steps to make up for it after the fact.”

Binford said Document Solutions absorbed the $533 cost of reprinting the programs as part of their responsibility in printing the error. The graduates were each mailed the corrected programs, she said.

“[Commencement programs] have a great deal of writing, proofing and editing,” Binford said. “Many eyes see these programs, and unfortunately the programs were printed and contained this typographical error which was discovered after the actual commencement took place.”

Binford said the school reached out to various social networks, including Twitter, to apologize for the error publicly.

“I think what’s important to note is that we immediately reached out with just the deepest and sincerest of apologies,” Binford said.