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Science Scene: Sous vide offers an alternative cooking method

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 27, 2014

Whether you are a burgeoning Iron Chef or you get nervous just watching Ina Garten, the concept behind cooking is fairly universal: to kill harmful pathogens and to make the food tastier to eat.  Over...

In-N-Out plans for Central Austin locale

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 30, 2013

Austin residents may soon be able to visit the popular fast food chain In-N-Out Burger without needing to take a road trip to its nearest location in Fort Worth. Carl Van Fleet, vice president of planning...


Caffe Medici renovations anticipated to be complete by mid-May

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 29, 2013

As the approach of finals week has students taking shelter in coffee shops, renovations brewing at Caffe Medici may not be ready until mid-May. The cafe’s Guadalupe Street location, which opened...


Austin City Council may give more consideration to clarity of bike parking requirements

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 26, 2013

Cyclists may soon receive more consideration from city officials regarding the convenience of parking downtown as Austin continues to strive to be a more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly city. An ordinance...


Seaholm Power Plant site to be developed into public space for retail, apartments

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 22, 2013

The site of the iconic “City of Austin Power Plant” sign, the Seaholm Power Plant, will soon be redeveloped for use as a pedestrian-friendly public space including shops, restaurants and apartments. The...


Gender and Sexuality Center offers support to LGBT community throughout history

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis and Christine Ayala April 18, 2013

Following failed legislation both at Texas A&M and at the state level that would defund LGBT centers and clubs in Texas, UT’s Gender and Sexuality Center remained a place for queer students...

Urban Rail back on track under new leadership

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 17, 2013

After delays in the planning process, Austin’s Urban Rail initiative is back on track with a new leader set on getting the project going at full steam. The Urban Rail is a project that aims to...

City Council moves forward with Austin Energy independent board

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 12, 2013

After receiving extensive input from Austin residents, City Council moved forward with the process of creating an independent, unelected board to govern Austin Energy. Several hours of the council’s...


Google Fiber will come to Austin in 2014

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 10, 2013

Google Fiber will bring Austin residents and UT students access to some of the world’s fastest internet speeds in 2014, challenging Austinites to find ways to use the service at its full potential. Google...

RunTex founder Carrozza about company’s future despite Riverside’s eviction notice

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 9, 2013

Following the eviction of RunTex from its 17-year-old location Thursday, RunTex officials say they are headed in a positive direction to continue their mission to help Austin residents get more fit. An...


New water treatment plant reported on schedule for 2014 completion

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 5, 2013

The City of Austin reported its new water treatment plant is on track for completion following a decision last December by the City Council to grant extra $15 million to the project. Water Treatment...

Bill would look into restructuring sexual assault policies at Texas universities

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 4, 2013

Victims of sexual assault on college campuses currently do not have a clearly defined protocol for reporting these crimes, but a bill in the Texas Legislature is trying to address the issue. The bill...

Austin Energy gathering data before moving to new governing board

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 29, 2013

With ample support from residents, the Austin City Council is taking extra steps to gather data before deciding on whether or not to approve an unelected governing board for Austin Energy. Austin...

Bill would allow background checks for students wanting to live on campus

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 28, 2013

Students at public universities in the state may start being subjected to criminal background checks that could determine whether they are allowed to live on campus.  A bill passed on the Senate...

Barton Springs to open doors for the year, following repairs

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 27, 2013

Although Texas weather is struggling to make up its mind, Saturday’s reopening of Barton Springs Pool is a sure sign that summer is on its way.  The pool, which is fed by a natural spring,...


Trail of Lights will come back for at least five more years

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 27, 2013

After last year’s glowing success, the Trail of Lights will be turned back on for this year’s holiday season and for several years beyond. The trail was cancelled in 2010 and 2011 because...

City of Austin considers structural changes to Barton Springs

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 25, 2013

As Austin City Council prepares to make decisions regarding structural changes to Barton Springs, it has a pool of conflicting voices concerned about the proposed changes. The Barton Springs Pool...


UT alumna prepares for six-month space mission

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 20, 2013

The 50th woman in space and UT alumna Karen Nyberg is preparing to take off in two months for a six-month mission to the International Space Station.  Nyberg will launch for the space station on...


Rainey Street historical buildings may be relocated

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 19, 2013

The rapidly-developing Rainey Street may undergo an even more drastic face-lift because of an amendment that would allow developers in the area to relocate historical buildings to other parts of the city...


Bill Gates weighs in on higher education, newspapers in interview with The Daily Texan

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 13, 2013

Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft and co-chairman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, stopped by campus last week for the opening of the Bill and Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex, which will...

Highland Mall, Airport Boulevard to get makeovers with upcoming ACC campus

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 8, 2013

The partially abandoned Highland Mall property will now be converted into grounds for a new Austin Community College campus starting later this month, as part of a larger city initiative to transform Airport...


Bill Gates speaks on campus for grand opening of computer science complex

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 7, 2013

Bill Gates touted UT’s position as one of the top computer science institutions in the world during festivities for the grand opening of the University’s brand new computer science complex,...


Students protest The Daily Texan for running anti-Islamic advertisment

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 7, 2013

A group of students protested outside Texas Student Media on Wednesday demanding a public apology from The Daily Texan regarding an advertisement promoting anti-Islamic sentiments that ran on Monday. The...

Bill would make obtaining warrants for DWI blood samples easier

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 6, 2013

Law enforcement officials may have an easier time obtaining warrants to draw blood samples from suspected drunken drivers across counties because of a bill filed in the Texas House of Representatives. Currently,...


Austin draws names for applicant review panel

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 5, 2013

The City of Austin took another step forward Monday in its search for citizens to draw new city representation lines for the November 2014 elections. The city will be split into 10 districts, each represented...

Bill would allow CapMetro to serve areas outside Austin

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 4, 2013

Students and employees who commute to Austin from surrounding areas such as Georgetown and Kyle may have more public transit options headed their way in the future. Currently communities that cannot...


City-wide plastic bag ban requires shoppers to bring their own reusable bags

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 28, 2013

Students who forgetfully stash collections of reusable grocery bags in closets and car trunks will actually need to remember to bring their bags into stores starting Friday, when a city-wide ordinance...


TEXAS grants may be reduced for upperclassmen, given to more incoming freshmen

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 20, 2013

While questions linger over the possibility of fixed-rate tuition, student finances may be further altered if state legislators choose to modify the dispersal of TEXAS grants to benefit incoming freshmen. The...

Local church advocates for religious equality

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 19, 2013

While several state senators continue to advocate for LGTBQ rights in the Texas Legislature, similar support for religious equality has become more apparent in Christian churches nationwide. In an overwhelming...


University faculty continues its opposition to concealed carry on campus

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 19, 2013

With the idea of allowing concealed weapons on campus making its rounds again in the Texas Legislature, the University’s Faculty Council affirmed its stance for the third time against allowing firearms...


UT professor and co-developer of 3-D printing weighs in on future of the technology

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 18, 2013

Between gun control debates and President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address, 3-D printing has become a topic of interest in mainstream conversation, but UT students may find the concept hits...


Historical monument at Mount Bonnell may be replaced, other fixtures added

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 13, 2013

Both natives and visitors to Austin who enjoy the expansive views of the city from Mount Bonnell may see changes to fixtures at Covert Park if a proposed plan is approved by Austin City Council. The...

UT-Austin medical school plans continue despite lawsuit

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 8, 2013

University officials remain unconcerned as a group of Travis County residents gear up to bring a lawsuit in state court challenging the tax increase that will fund UT’s new medical school.  Proposition...


This is Austin’s “Golden Era,” Leffingwell says

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 6, 2013

With the University’s upcoming medical school and the city’s rapid expansion in several major industries, Mayor Lee Leffingwell spoke of Austin as being in a “golden era” in his...


Curfews for city trails may be waived beginning June following council resolution

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 4, 2013

Students who use walking and biking trails such as the Shoal Creek trail adjacent to West Campus may have access to the trails 24/7 because of a resolution passed by City Council waiving current curfews...


UT students can now help draw Austin district lines, determine representation

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 1, 2013

While Austin officials are taking applications from citizens to draw lines for the city’s single-member districts, UT students have an unparalleled opportunity to represent themselves in Austin’s...


Perry says Rainy Day fund should help water and traffic flow

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis January 30, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry touted Texas as “stronger than ever”  in his State of State Address and called on legislators to begin using the state’s largely untouched Rainy Day Fund as a way...


Austin conducts homeless count amidst efforts to decrease homelessness

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis January 28, 2013

Though much of UT students’ experiences with the homeless population involve being panhandled by “Drag rats,” several students have gotten involved with an Austin group that aims to completely...


City may extend ban on smoking to outdoor patios

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis January 25, 2013

The public areas where smokers can enjoy lighting up may dwindle further as public health advocates fight to clear the air of the dangerous risks of secondhand smoke to Austinites. The city placed a...

Bill proposed by Texas Senator Kel Seliger would slash standardized testing in high schools

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis January 23, 2013

Texas high school students may have the opportunity to graduate with fewer required standardized tests and more concentration in career pathway courses because of a bill proposed Tuesday in the Texas Senate. State...

APTOPIX Inaugural Swe_admi

Obama sworn in for second term

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis January 22, 2013

President Barack Obama continued to advise ideals of reinvention and change as a way to adapt to challenges in America’s future after he was sworn into his second presidential term at Monday’s...


State Rep. Mike Villarreal legislates through learning

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis January 18, 2013

Though Texas Rep. Mike Villarreal, D-San Antonio, is a UT doctoral student, his interest in supporting higher education in the legislature is rooted in years of research and a passion for supporting future...


New downtown Austin bars granted alcohol permits after previous tenants’ eviction

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis January 18, 2013

Several downtown Austin establishments were given new permits to sell alcohol after their previous tenants were evicted following a high-profile FBI raid and money laundering scandal last year. The...


Supercomputer continues UT’s streak in research excellence

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis January 17, 2013

The University is trying to stake a claim as a leader in interdisciplinary science research with the recent installment of the world’s most powerful academic supercomputer at the Texas Advanced Computing...


Austin City Council Declares 2013 ‘Year of Food Waste Prevention and Recovery’

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis January 15, 2013

Austin residents will see more visible changes to the way food waste is handled after City Council declared 2013 the “Year of Food Waste Prevention and Recovery.” The resolution passed by...

National Instruments CEO donates $10 million for new UT engineering building

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis January 15, 2013

After the Cockrell School of Engineering got a $10 million donation for its new Engineering Education and Research Center, Gregory Fenves, dean of the Cockrell School, said the new facilities will make...


Wheatsville Co-op granted waiver to sell alcohol at new location

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis January 14, 2013

Residents in South Austin will no longer need to trek north to purchase the specialty beers and wines offered by Wheatsville Food Co-op, thanks to a waiver granted by the city council last month. The...


More and more students taking out loans to pay for college

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis August 6, 2012

When Morgan Bond enters UT as a freshman this fall, she will have 27 college credit hours under her belt. When Morgan graduates from UT in three years, as she hopes to do, she will be waist-deep in thousands...

AP_Texas Senate Race_admi

Primary runoff election slated to be hot race

David Maly and Hannah Jane DeCiutiis July 31, 2012

Primary runoff elections are coming to a final vote Tuesday. Texas will name a winner in a U.S. Senate battle some are calling the hottest race in Texas. Since U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson announced...


Plaintiff sues UT fraternity over responsibility for assault

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis and Bobby Blanchard July 30, 2012

A former freshman is suing UT fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon, claiming she was sexually assaulted after one of the organization’s parties during new student orientation. The plaintiff said she was...

Southwest now sponsors UT athletics and Texas Exes alumni association

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis July 30, 2012

The first UT football game this fall will not only feature a new starting quarterback but will also introduce a new six-figure sponsor to the UT community. Dallas-based Southwest Airlines, whose CEO,...

Southwest Airlines enters five-year sponsorship contract with Texas Exes, UT Athletics

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis July 25, 2012

As a result of the new partnership between Texas Sports, UT’s alumni association Texas Exes and Southwest Airlines, the gold lines and red heart that make up the Southwest Airlines logo will have...

No additional security planned for Austin movie theaters

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis July 23, 2012

In the wake of the shooting at Friday’s midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colo., the Austin Police Department said it does not plan to tighten security in movie...

UT Professor’s UAV hacking brings him before Congress

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis July 20, 2012

A UT professor testified before Congress Thursday on the vulnerability of the federal government’s unmanned aerial vehicles, which were successfully hacked for less than $2,000 in June. Todd Humphreys,...

AP_Texas Fighting the Fe_admi

Texas opts out of key Affordable Care Act provisions

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis July 9, 2012

Texas is jumping ship on two key provisions in President Barack Obama’s health care law, becoming the fifth state to declare it will not enforce the law within its boundaries. Gov. Rick Perry...

Professor’s controversial study prompts UT inquiry

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis July 9, 2012

A public allegation of scientific misconduct has prompted UT officials to make an inquiry into a recent sociology study authored by a UT professor which claims children raised by homosexual couples are...

Healthcare debate continues, ripples affect students

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis July 2, 2012

Although the Supreme Court decided Thursday to uphold key parts of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, including extended coverage for child dependents until age 26, many around the state...


June generates record high heat and energy use

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis July 2, 2012

Record high heat in Central Texas has Austin city officials worried about energy usage and public health, but experts predict the weather will cool off and not cause severe damage. Temperatures in the...

Austin experiences peak energy usage due to sweltering heat

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis June 27, 2012

With triple digit temperatures and subsequent record-high energy use throughout the Austin area, energy officials are advising residents to take extra precautions to make it through the summer safely and...

State budget cuts asks Texas agencies to reduce finances

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis June 25, 2012

Governor Rick Perry’s call for Texas agencies to cut spending over the next two years has prompted a statewide search for fiscal inefficiencies, a search UT will undertake in the next few months....


UT professor faces opposition to controversial gay parenting study

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis June 18, 2012

When Austin resident Dawn Bayer looks at her three adult children, she considers her parenting journey a success. Although she began raising her children within a married heterosexual relationship, Bayer...

imagine austin2

‘Imagine Austin’ plan hopes to overhaul Austin

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis June 18, 2012

Austin’s City Council unanimously voted to adopt a comprehensive plan June 14 that will guide city development over the next 30 years in order to turn Austin into a more “compact, connected”...

Urban rail project faces delays

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis June 11, 2012

Mayor Lee Leffingwell has pulled his support for the urban rail project set to appear in the November 2012 bond elections, postponing the initiation of the project until a more stable funding plan is identified. Originally...

WaterTable_ColinMullin_6_8_2012 - Copy

Study finds evidence of irrigation system’s unsustainability

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis June 11, 2012

A new study found that regions in Texas and California have experienced severe groundwater depletion over the last century due to unsustainable irrigation techniques. Bridget Scanlon, hydrogeologist in...

D-Day invasion impact still seen on sands of Omaha Beach

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis June 7, 2012

Researchers can still find traces of the battle at Omaha Beach in Normandy, France after the World War II invasion 68 years ago . Earle McBride, geological sciences professor emeritus, discovered traces...

AP_Primary_Romney 2012_admi

Unexpected primary results require run-offs

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis June 4, 2012

After months of delay, the long-anticipated Texas primary election yielded few surprises for both Democratic and Republican candidates. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney took 69 percent of the...

School of Public Affairs apologizes for commencement program typo

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis May 28, 2012

The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs offered its apologies to 2012 graduates after commencement programs mistakenly read “School of Pubic Affairs." Document Solutions, the...


Socialists examine local racial issues

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 26, 2012

A Wednesday evening open forum brought students together to discuss how racism permeates modern institutions on local and national levels. UT’s branch of the International Socialist Organization...


Impact hosts events to spread awareness about mental illness

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 24, 2012

Seemingly harmless jokes about mental illnesses, such as depression and bipolar disorder, can actually have devastating effects on those who suffer from these conditions, students learned at an awareness...

Talks of a new Urban Rail line may include routes around UT campus and downtown Austin

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 24, 2012

Editor's note: This article has been changed in order to clarify that this proposal is for a new Urban Rail and is not an extension of the current MetroRail. Austin’s City Council may vote on...


Mayoral debate covers possible medical school at UT

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 17, 2012

Hot topics at Monday afternoon’s mayoral debate included the addition of a medical school to the UT campus and solutions for traffic congestion throughout the city. Candidates in the debate included...

Texas invests oil spill settlement into habitat conservation

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 12, 2012

Texas is the first state affected by the BP oil spill to use settlement money from a BP investor for habitat conservation efforts, leading to more coastal restoration attempts in the future. The 2010...

Program makes bills easier between roommates

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 10, 2012

A program that could help alleviate monthly bill payment stress between roommates living off-campus is being introduced at campus area apartments. SimpleBills is a company developed in 2008 by Baylor...

UT alumnus Bernard Rapoport leaves behind legacy after passing away

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 10, 2012

UT alumnus and lifelong philanthropist Bernard Rapoport passed away Thursday after decades of service to the University. Rapoport graduated from the University with a bachelor’s degree in economics...


Jamnesty calls for Olympic sponsor ban

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 5, 2012

Through music and public speaking, students petitioned Wednesday night for the removal of a 2012 Olympic sponsor responsible for a 1984 tragedy. UT’s first Jamnesty featured two speakers as well...

2012-04-03_Mark_ Kelly_Pu

Astronaut delivers motivational speech

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis April 3, 2012

Students who want to become effective leaders need to have a drive to succeed and the ability to overcome hardship, said renowned former American astronaut and United States Navy Capt. Mark Kelly in a...


Passover Seder held for Mexican students in exile

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 30, 2012

Mexican citizens exiled due to government and cartel violence in northern Mexico were welcomed in a celebration of culture and diversity at UT’s first Mexican-Jewish Seder dinner. The Jewish Passover...


Filmmaker shows documentary focused on the LGBTQ community in Israel

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 27, 2012

LGBTQ members and supporters in the United States can look to Israel as an example of hope for the future of same-sex rights where laws and culture are more open and accepting of other gender identities,...

Donation funds chair in School of Undergraduate Studies

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 20, 2012

A 1.5 million dollar bequest from alumni Tom and Jeanie Carter will be used to fund the first endowed chair of the School of Undergraduate Studies. The funds will create the Thomas L. and Eugenia G. Carter...

Event emphasizes sexual consent

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 6, 2012

Consent in sexual situations can be complicated to navigate, especially for undergraduate students who may not have much experience with physical intimacy. Consent requires both parties in a sexual encounter...


Austin City Council will vote on plastic bag ban, may include exemptions

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis March 1, 2012

City council is voting today on a citywide ban on disposable paper and plastic bags, which would require consumers to use reusable bags at all retail establishments within city limits. The ban would attempt...

FILE PHOTO_2008-11-25_Trail_of_lights_May-Ying_Lam146

Runtex strives to bring Austin’s Trail of Lights back to former glory

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 28, 2012

Austin’s beloved holiday tradition, the Trail of Lights, will return this December after a two-year hiatus due to lack of funding. The Trail of Lights, an event held every December in Zilker Park...

UT research successful in DNA binding, possible uses include HIV treatment

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 28, 2012

Chemists from the University have developed a DNA-targeting molecule that could change the future of treating genetic conditions such as HIV. The molecule is able to bind to specific DNA sequences by...


Mars, Inc. seeks to make only low-calorie candy bars

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 21, 2012

Nutrition specialists are skeptical whether Mars Inc.’s announcement to exclusively produce candy bars with 250 calories or less will provide any health benefits to consumers. The company is well-known...

Q&A with Nicholas Kristof

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 14, 2012

The Daily Texan: On social media such as Facebook and Twitter, you’re actively engaging with your readers. How does that change the way you practice journalism? Nicholas Kristof: I’m not sure...


Journalist speaks on human trafficking

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 14, 2012

The United States faces a human trafficking crisis just as countries overseas do, said journalist Nicholas Kristof in a lecture Monday. Kristof, a New York Times columnist and two-time Pulitzer Prize...


Speaker addresses revamping Greek life

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 7, 2012

Negative impacts of Greek life are harsh realities for fraternity and sorority members who must unite to recapture the positive image of true Greek life, said a lecturer from North Carolina Monday. Michelle...


UT fraternity registers bone marrow donors to help young leukemia patient

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 6, 2012

Students gathered at the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity house to test their eligibility for registering as bone marrow donors to help those suffering from leukemia. The bone marrow drive this Saturday was...


Latin America conference brings guest speakers, showcases work

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 3, 2012

The UT campus is welcoming an Argentinian screenwriter, students from around the world and the first female head of government in Mexico City for a three-day discussion of research on Latin American issues. The...

Speaker discusses security program through smartphones

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis February 3, 2012

Students, faculty and staff at UT may find their smartphones capable of securing sensitive data from their home computers, thanks to researchers from the University of Toronto. David Lie, University of...

French Studies professor analyzes works of Chris Marker

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis January 24, 2012

Professor Hervé Picherit, candidate for the Modernist position in French Studies for the UT Department of French and Italian, visited UT to give a presentation discussing the work of French writer...


University collaboration finds digital personalities match offline traits

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis January 18, 2012

A psychological connection exists between the use of Facebook profiles and the physical behavior of Facebook users, according to a study by a University psychology professor. Psychology professor Samuel...

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