University Co-op sells UTexas Memes t-shirts in trial period online, students protest for credit

Bobby Blanchard

The University Co-op announced last week it would begin selling UTexas Memes shirts on their website on a shirt-by-shirt basis.

UTexas Memes started as a Facebook page in early February. Daniel Monroy, computer science sophomore and the creator of the page, said the Co-op first contacted him about the idea in March and then finalized the deal in early June. On June 14, Monroy announced on the Facebook page that the Co-op was selling four t-shirts.

“We’re just seeing how it starts and if it’s selling,” Monroy said. “It’s going to be a fun project. I’m going to be looking forward to it.”

Co-op promotions manager William Kelleher said the Co-op is waiting to see if online sales are successful, and there is a possibility of the shirts being sold in store. Kelleher also said there were plans to make more t-shirts.

“It’s too soon to say how they’re doing, but we have been selling shirts,” Kelleher said.

However, some students have voiced complaints that memes they posted on the Facebook page are being used on the promotional t-shirts without proper credit. Kelleher said the Facebook page has a disclaimer stating, “Any meme you post in the page can be freely used by the page.”

“Each meme shirt that we made, we took the idea and the copy from the meme, but we redesigned the whole shirt,” Kelleher said. “We’re not taking the exact design from the memes, we’re taking the idea and changing it up and making it t-shirt-ready.”

Memes are comical ideas spread by Internet users, and the UTexas Memes page is made up of the more common ones, macros. Macros are generic photos with lines of text that usually make a comical comment about life. In the case of UTexas Memes, the memes typically refer to University of Texas culture.

Editor’s Note: More UTexas Memes coverage and student reactions to the t-shirts will be featured in Monday’s print edition of the Daily Texan.