Vandals deface A&M billboard with UT-themed graffiti

David Maly

The UT-A&M rivalry is heating up this season as pranksters leave their mark on an A&M billboard, even though the two teams will not be playing each other this year.

Over the weekend, vandals marked a Texas A&M billboard in North Austin, writing “UT” across its surface, placing an “X” over a depicted A&M jersey and painting over an Aggie logo. All of the marks were made in burnt orange, and the perpetrators left behind most of the materials used in the vandalism. No charges have been pressed as a result of the incident.

Alan Reeder, the Austin general manager for Lamar Advertising Company, the company that owns the billboard, and a 1984 UT alumnus, said the company chose not to press charges because the contract on the billboard was set to run out Sunday, and a new billboard was going to go up anyway.

Despite the strange timing of the vandalism and the sloppiness of the tagging, it is unclear whether the culprits had inside information about the sign’s lease. According to a spokesperson for Lamar Advertising, the date of the contract’s end was “not at all” public information.