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UT student Omid Kokabee gains more international support amid prison sentence

David Maly January 8, 2013

As a UT student remains jailed in Iran, efforts by academic entities to secure his release continue to grow. The Middle East Studies Association, an organization of roughly 3,000 academics from around...

Jordan Hicks denies sexual assault allegations, says attorney

David Maly December 31, 2012

An attorney for junior linebacker Jordan Hicks stated that his client is denying the sexual assault allegations made against him, according to a press release issued Sunday. “Mr. Hicks vehemently...


Case McCoy and Jordan Hicks sent home from Alamo Bowl, reportedly stemming from sexual abuse allegations

Trey Scott, David Maly, Christian Corona, and Chris Hummer December 29, 2012

Quarterback Case McCoy and linebacker Jordan Hicks were suspended by head coach Mack Brown and ordered home Friday from the Valero Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, according to multiple reports. The move came...

UT student Jacob Weaver becomes celebrity by staring at people in popular YouTube video

David Maly December 7, 2012

A UT student is staring his way into fame, as a viral video of him awkwardly glaring at people in the UT area becomes increasingly popular. “Stare of the Gator,” a YouTube video uploaded...

Senator Judith Zaffirini introduces bill providing educational options for disabled police officers

David Maly December 7, 2012

Disabled law enforcement officers throughout the state may soon have more educational options available to them if a bill filed for the 2013 state legislative session passes. Earlier this month, Sen....


UTPD police chief reflects on his career as he prepares to retire

David Maly December 6, 2012

The search is on for a new University of Texas Police Department chief after the current chief, Robert Dahlstrom, announced he will retire this May. Bob Harkins, associate vice president for campus...


UT law student perfecting designs for printable gun

David Maly December 5, 2012

UT law student Cody Wilson said he is trying to decide between continuing with school and taking a break from UT and devoting more time to his increasingly successful efforts to revolutionize the gun industry. Wilson...

Two proposed bills focus on increasing benefits for student veterans

David Maly December 4, 2012

Texas veterans may soon be getting increased benefits if two bills before the state Legislature are passed this spring. State representative Roberto Alonzo, D-Dallas, submitted a bill earlier this month...


Student protesters draw attention to Bhopal gas disaster

David Maly December 4, 2012

Student protesters lay down and covered themselves in shrouds, sheets used to cover dead bodies in India, in the middle of the West Mall on Monday in protest of the minimal amount of compensation given...

Mother sues drunk driver, Austin bars for putting teenage daughter in permanent vegetative state

David Maly December 4, 2012

Thirteen-year-old Ekia Smith will remain in a permanent vegetative state for the rest of her life after she was hit by a drunk driver in August. Kylie Doniak, a former UT student and soccer star, is also...

Beverly Kearney was up for pay raise before she faced suspension

David Maly December 3, 2012

Beverly Kearney, a University track coach who was placed on paid leave Nov. 11, was the discussion of a pay raise shortly before her suspension, according to documents released by the University on...

UT student robbed Friday night, suspect in custody

David Maly December 3, 2012

A man is facing a felony charge after police say he robbed three individuals at gun point during a drug deal in South Austin. The wallet of one of the individuals robbed contained a UT school identification...

Mark Clanton urges faster cancer research approval process

David Maly December 3, 2012

Cancer researcher Dr. Mark Clanton urged members of the UT community to write to their legislators in hopes of speeding up the 15 to 20 year approval process cancer research must go through before it becomes...

UTPD officer arrests felon after he attempts to sell him stolen UT merchandise

David Maly December 3, 2012

A Leander man is facing a felony charge after University of Texas police say he tried to sell a uniformed officer licensed UT apparel he had stolen from a nearby Walgreens pharmacy with the price tags...

University-area bookstores compete over table space during the buy-back time

David Maly November 30, 2012

As buy-back season for local textbook stores approaches, several of store owners told The Daily Texan about the conflict often associated with the season and what they expect to see this year. Ken...

Bills aim to increase financial benefits for retired Texas teachers

David Maly November 29, 2012

Retired Texas teachers may soon be seeing a boost in their financial benefits if two bills filed for the 2013 legislative session pass. State Reps. Larry Gonzales, R-Round Rock, and Armando “Mando”...


UT student William Berdanier selected to receive prestigious Marshall Scholarship to study in the United Kingdom

David Maly November 29, 2012

Physics honors senior William Berdanier will join the ranks of scholars who have studied under the prestigious Marshall Scholarship next fall, an award given to U.S. students who have shown great academic...

Austin police target unsafe drivers during the holidays

David Maly November 28, 2012

The Austin Police Department is once again cracking down on traffic violations as part of an annual effort to make the holiday season safer.  APD began the annual “Home for the Holidays”...

Austin Parks and Recreation Department issues burn ban

David Maly November 28, 2012

With an ongoing drought, the Austin Parks and Recreation Department issued a citywide burn ban Tuesday. The ban has no preset end date and went into effect immediately. It is now illegal to build a fire...

Construction company involved in UT-Dallas accident cited, fines proposed by federal government

David Maly November 27, 2012

Following a July crane accident at UT-Dallas that resulted in the death of two workers, the company that oversaw the related construction project has been cited and fined by the federal government. On...

Vernon Lee, UT alumnus crediting with marketing F-16 fighter jet, dies at 80

David Maly November 26, 2012

UT alumnus and former Daily Texan staff member Vernon Lee, who was instrumental in the marketing of the F-16 fighter jet, died Monday at the age of 80 following a short illness and complications from surgery. Lee...


Iranian prisoner Dr. Kamiar Alaei sits down with The Daily Texan to recount stories of Evin Prison

David Maly November 26, 2012

A past inmate of the Iranian prison where former doctorate student Omid Kokabee is serving a 10-year sentence sat down with The Daily Texan to explain what life in the prison is like.  Dr. Kamiar...

UT journalism professor Robert Jensen receives backlash after writing editorial criticizing Thanksgiving

David Maly November 26, 2012

An editorial by journalism professor Robert Jensen criticizing the celebration of Thanksgiving stirred critics during the holiday break, prompting a stream of email and editorial responses. In an editorial...

Hope Andrade, first Latina Texas secretary of state, resigns

David Maly November 21, 2012

Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade submitted her letter of resignation Tuesday to Gov. Rick Perry. Her resignation goes into effect Friday, and it will now be up to Perry to appoint someone new to the...

Combination of Thanksgiving, Formula 1 Grand Prix causes congestion issues at airport

David Maly November 20, 2012

Six cargo planes bound for Brazil and loaded with Formula 1 cars and equipment departed from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport on Monday, as officials transition from the challenge of Formula 1 travelers...

APD arrests man accused of pointing gun at car in traffic

David Maly November 20, 2012

Austin police charged Anthony Almaguer, 24, with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second degree felony, after they say he pointed a gun at the driver of another vehicle while the two cars were...


UT students support Gaza residents in campus protest

David Maly November 20, 2012

As the Israel-Gaza crisis becomes increasingly violent, people around the world and on the UT campus are paying more attention to it. Members of the UT community on multiple sides of the issue voiced their...

‘Suspect’ Breaks Into Tower, Resists Police Efforts to Apprehend Him With French Fries

David Maly November 20, 2012

UT police investigated a break-in at the Main Building Tuesday, and despite police efforts to lure a ‘suspect’ out with french fries, they still managed to escape. According to UTPD officer...


UTPD ‘bait bike’ program success declines, James Otte among few who still fall for it

David Maly November 20, 2012

James Otte, 56, is being held in the Travis County Jail after he was charged this weekend with theft of a University of Texas Police Department “bait bike,” a bike with a GPS tracker inside....


Formula 1 event attracts international visitors, fails to meet expectations of local businesses

David Maly November 19, 2012

Austin got its first taste of the ups and downs of Formula 1 racing this weekend, as roughly 300,000 people traveled here from all over the world to take part in the festivities surrounding the internationally-watched...

Two suspects arrested for placing graffiti on West Campus establishment

David Maly November 19, 2012

Two individuals have been arrested for allegedly tagging a West Campus business. Austin police said West Campus Market, located at West 22nd Street and Pearl Street, was tagged Sunday morning with white...


Texas Cowboys exceed fundraising goals at Harvest Moon philanthropy event

David Maly November 19, 2012

Roughly 2,000 people came together this weekend in East Austin as part of an effort that raised money for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Texas Cowboys, a UT men’s...


UTPD releases photos of suspects in ongoing A&M-related graffiti case

David Maly November 19, 2012

UT police are asking for the public’s help in identifying individuals responsible for painting Texas A&M University-related graffiti on various areas of UT‘s campus Oct. 27. UTPD released...

TAMU wide receiver Thomas Johnson found safe in Dallas area

David Maly November 16, 2012

A Texas A&M University freshman wide receiver who had been missing since Monday was found safe Thursday morning, according to police. According to a statement released by the A&M Police...


Former UT doctorate student Omid Kokabee still in Iranian prison on conspiracy charges

David Maly November 15, 2012

As the health of a former UT doctorate student jailed in Iran since February 2011 deteriorates, an international day of protest is being planned in his honor. Dr. Arash Alaei and Dr. Kamiar Alaei, two...


Austin prepares for Formula 1 race this weekend

David Maly November 15, 2012

Austin will join the ranks of 19 other cities around the world that currently host the international sport of Formula 1 racing this weekend. Formula 1 driver Mark Webber spoke on campus Wednesday, giving...

Iranian imprisonment to be discussed after Omid Kokabee sentenced for additional charge

David Maly November 14, 2012

A new charge has been filed against Omid Kokabee, a former UT physics doctorate student who was jailed in Iran last year, this time for teaching other inmates. According to Kokabee’s attorney, Saeed...

University Co-op to order sweatshop-free apparel from factory with fair conditions

David Maly November 13, 2012

Members of the UT chapter of United Students Against Sweatshops are continuing their efforts to make UT apparel sweatshop-free — this time by getting the University Co-op to purchase $53,000 worth...

SH130 accident inquiry continues

David Maly November 13, 2012

Police said they are still investigating the first fatal accident to occur on the new stretch of State Highway 130 that, at 85 miles per hour, has the highest speed limit in the nation. Police said an...


Darrell K Royal memorabilia at auction includes photos with Willie Nelson, Lady Bird Johnson, more

David Maly November 12, 2012

Members of the public got a chance Sunday to take home memorabilia that belonged to legendary former head football coach Darrell K Royal. Items auctioned included Alamo Bowl and 2006 Rose Bowl rings,...

Supreme Court to hear case challenging Voting Rights Act of 1965

David Maly November 12, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court announced Friday that it will hear another case challenging the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, a key measure of the Civil Rights Movement that has been used...


APD Chief Art Acevedo receives praise for peace, criticism for defending cops’ actions

David Maly November 12, 2012

Art Acevedo, chief of the Austin Police Department, was met with praise and protest Sunday night as he received an award for his efforts to make the city more peaceful. The Institute for Interfaith Dialogue,...

With Formula 1 approaching, Capital Metro bus drivers may strike

David Maly and Joshua Fechter November 12, 2012

The union representing bus drivers on about half of Capital Metro’s 83 routes voted last week to authorize a potential strike, citing unfair labor practices allegedly committed by the contractor...

Suspect in multiple groping incidents arrested

David Maly November 9, 2012

Austin police arrested a man suspected of groping people at multiple locations in the Austin area. Siji Moreno, 21, was arrested Wednesday and charged with assault with injury following an incident at...

New policy with APD keeps UTPD better informed of crime close to campus

David Maly November 8, 2012

Thanks to a new policy, UTPD will now be better informed of incidents in the area surrounding campus that could pose a threat to the UT community. The Austin Police Department watch commander on duty...


Castro, Doggett win seats in Congress

David Maly November 7, 2012

Educational advocates Lloyd Doggett and Joaquin Castro will represent Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives, where they plan to push for pro-education reform. Democratic candidate Lloyd Doggett...


Organizations fear UT job privatization

David Maly November 6, 2012

Following the privatization of more than 1,500 jobs at Texas A&M University this summer and thousands of other positions across the state, UT students are working with state-worker advocacy agencies...


Panel exposes race bias in police behavior, policies

David Maly November 6, 2012

Expert panelists shared their views on the overabundance of government surveillance in modern society and compared it to regulations of the past for students and other members of the UT community Monday....

Local businesses, UT organization partner with The Miracle Foundation to help orphans worldwide

David Maly November 6, 2012

A UT student group has partnered with a local charitable organization and two West Campus restaurants to help provide financial relief to struggling orphans abroad.  The Dobie Center location of...

Police officer arrests man for stealing tip bucket

David Maly November 6, 2012

A man was arrested Saturday night after police say he stole a guitarist’s tip bucket on East Sixth Street. Austin police apprehended Dante Beard, 24, in an alley off the 400 block of East Sixth...

2012_11_05_Town_Hall_Ricky_Llamas 327

At town hall meeting, candidates’ comments on patriotism cause conflict

David Maly November 5, 2012

Candidates from across the political spectrum convened in South Austin Sunday to continue to inform the public of their political stances as Election Day looms. More than 20 candidates shared their political...


UT student soon to unveil revolutionary 3D gun technology

David Maly November 2, 2012

UT law student Cody Wilson claims he is roughly three weeks away from printing his first gun using a 3D printer, a machine that creates solid objects from digital designs. “It was the most ridiculous,...

Foam Sword Friday 2013 cancelled, new plans underway

David Maly November 1, 2012

Against the wishes of a student who was hit by a bus during Foam Sword Friday last spring, UT student organizations will not host the end-of-semester celebration this fall. UT student Nick Engmann was...

Student Government passes initiative to support Prop. 1

Joshua Fechter and David Maly October 31, 2012

Student Government voted Tuesday to make way for a new effort that will support Proposition 1, a Nov. 6 initiative that would bring UT a step closer to a medical school and teaching hospital. Student...

Connection found between suspects in Texas State and Texas A&M bomb threats

David Maly October 31, 2012

A connection has been made between the man charged with making a false email bomb threat against Texas A&M University on Oct. 19 and the woman charged with making three false email bomb threats against...

Peaceful Streets Project expands efforts into West Campus

David Maly October 29, 2012

Police officers monitoring the West Campus area now have an extra set of eyes on them in an effort to expose enforcement officials who violate the law on the job. Members of the Peaceful Streets Project,...


UTPD continues search for those responsible for Texas A&M graffiti

David Maly October 29, 2012

To see more photos of the graffiti, view Daily Texan photo blog: Aggie-themed graffiti litters campus. The University of Texas Police Department is still searching for the individuals responsible...


Parking space shortage demonstrates need for transportation alternatives

David Maly October 26, 2012

As the search for a parking spot at UT becomes more difficult, more students are opting for alternative means of transportation to take stress off of themselves, their bank accounts and the environment. Walking,...


United Students Against Sweatshops battle Co-op to change apparel use

David Maly October 25, 2012

Members of United Students Against Sweatshops showed Wednesday they are willing to do anything to avoid wearing apparel made in a sweatshop, even if it means wearing almost nothing at all. A few members...

UT student dies after being hit by car in North Austin

David Maly October 24, 2012

Undeclared sophomore Christopher “Dylan” Bynum died Monday at the age of 19 from injuries he received when he was hit by a car earlier that day in Austin. Bynum was a native of Friendswood...

Distinguished UT alumnus and nobel prize winner Edward D. Thomas died

David Maly October 24, 2012

UT alumnus and Nobel Prize winner Edward Donnall Thomas died of heart disease Saturday at the age of 92. Thomas received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from UT in the 1940s before going...

Police unlikely to charge women in Sixth Street incident

David Maly October 24, 2012

Austin Police say they do not expect to press charges against a 24-year-old woman who hit two people with her car on East Sixth Street early Saturday morning, prompting an officer to fire at her vehicle. APD...


Law student forms plans for gun creation, markets his endeavors

David Maly October 23, 2012

As he continues efforts to make building a gun as simple as pressing print, law student Cody Wilson’s life is getting more and more hectic. Wilson has begun plans for three new companies, appeared...

Swastikas concern residents at off-campus dormitory

David Maly and Jordan Rudner October 22, 2012

Austin police received a report Saturday that swastikas had been carved into the doors of two suites in the University Towers private dorm complex located at West 24th and Rio Grande streets. Three Jewish...

UT and Huston-Tillotson students convene to discuss racial bias in society

David Maly October 22, 2012

UT students came together Saturday with students from Huston-Tillotson University and members of the general public to discuss the issue of racial bias in present-day society. The event titled “End...


Texas Exes honors six accomplished alumni with Distinguished Alumnus Award

David Maly October 22, 2012

Six of UT’s most distinguished alumni, including former first lady Laura Bush and Adm. William McRaven, traveled to campus Friday to be honored for their accomplishments. For more than 50 years,...

Driver hits two, officer shoots at vehicle

David Maly October 22, 2012

An Austin police officer shot at the vehicle of a 24-year-old woman Saturday morning after police say she sped down East Sixth Street hitting two pedestrians and refusing to obey a police order to stop...


Universities Differ in Their Response to Recent Bomb Threats

David Maly October 19, 2012

SAN MARCOS — Members of the Texas State University community breathed a deep sigh of relief Thursday afternoon after campus police issued an all-clear alert following a bomb threat against its admissions...

UT students travel to Mexico, work to raise awareness about working conditions

David Maly October 19, 2012

Four UT students took a trip across the border last weekend to see the impoverished lifestyle of factory workers and the struggles they face just four hours to the south as they push for better working...

Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 12

Student Government raises awareness of West Campus theft rates

David Maly and Bobby Blanchard October 19, 2012

After evaluating the property crime situation in West Campus, Student Government is working to remind students to be more aware of the threat of theft. Carson Jones, University Area Partners’ external...

University claims not at fault for missed emergency texts

David Maly October 18, 2012

Officials said the University was not at fault when members of the UT community did not recieve text alerts sent during two emergency situations earlier this semester. UT spokesperson Cindy Posey said...

University says some students did not get text alerts following September bomb threat

David Maly October 17, 2012

The University announced Tuesday that some students did not get the campus-wide text alerts sent during two emergency situations this fall. According to the Campus Watch report issued Tuesday by UT police...

Man charged with felony accused of stealing food, paint and a textbook from UT

David Maly October 16, 2012

An Austin man is facing a felony charge after police say he stole food, paint and a textbook from University buildings Friday. According to an arrest affidavit issued Friday for Earnest Gamble, 64,...

Tower memorial for Terry philanthropist

David Maly October 16, 2012

Nancy Terry, co-founder of the largest private source of scholarships in the state, died from complications related to Parkinson’s Disease in her Houston home Saturday at the age of 85. Nancy Terry...

Man found dead in Shoal Creek identified by APD

David Maly October 16, 2012

Austin police have identified a man found dead Saturday morning in a downtown creek as 21-year-old Cole Christianson of Anchorage, Alaska. Austin Police Department spokesperson Jennifer Hebert said...

Body found behind Austin Music Hall

David Maly October 15, 2012

A deceased white male who appeared to be in his early 20s was found in a creek behind Austin Music Hall, located at 208 Nueces Street, according to an Austin Police Department statement issued Saturday. Sgt....

APD cracks down on violators of “move over” law

David Maly October 15, 2012

The Austin Police Department will join police forces across Central Texas in an initiative to crack down on vehicles who fail to slow down or move out of the adjacent lane when passing stopped emergency...

Yassine trial reopens, two convicted with federal money laundering charges

David Maly October 15, 2012

Members of the Yassine family gasped in shock Friday as two of the three former Yassine downtown club owners on trial for money laundering were found guilty in federal court by a jury of their peers, according...


Fake gun causes concern Friday

Miles Hutson, David Maly, and Bobby Blanchard October 15, 2012

Many students were pleased with the University’s issuance of a timely and informative text alert Friday after receiving reports that a man with a gun and a gas mask was sighted on campus. The gun...

Jury deliberations begin in downtown nightclub owners Yassine Enterprises trial

Tiffany Hinman and David Maly October 11, 2012

Jury deliberations began Wednesday in the trial of former downtown nightclub owners Hadi Yassine, Hussein “Mike” Yassine and Mohammed “Steve” Yassine. The three face money laundering...

IMG_0448 copy

Tent city rises following arrests

David Maly October 11, 2012

Following the Saturday arrest of three of its members during a weekend “Tent City” encampment effort, the End Homelessness working group of Occupy Austin is back in action, said Tent City organizer...

Cyber attack causes safety concerns

David Maly October 10, 2012

Following the Monday arrest of undeclared junior Garret Phillips for his alleged involvement in a minor breach of UT’s online security system last spring, some have raised safety concerns about the...

Student charged with breach of computer security

David Maly and Joshua Fechter October 9, 2012

A UT student turned himself in Monday for launching a computer attack on UT’s registration website last spring. He was arrested around 2 p.m. Monday and released on bond around 5 p.m. According...


APD arrests three “Tent City” participants who were advocating for more housing resources for the homeless

David Maly October 8, 2012

The Austin Police Department arrested three protesters Saturday while they were participating in a weekend effort termed “Tent City” to shed light on the issues facing the homeless in Austin.  Police...


Search ends, police arrest fire-alarm suspect

David Maly October 5, 2012

UT’s fire-alarm bandit, identified last month by police as Scott Allen Chatagnier, Jr., 42, was arrested early Thursday morning after police say he pulled a knife on a bouncer at a downtown bar. Police...

Fired pellet shots lead police to underage drinking discovery

David Maly October 5, 2012

Police responded to a call early Thursday morning around 12:15 a.m. after receiving a report that a man was shooting a pellet gun from an apartment balcony in The Block on Campus apartment complex, located...


University law student attracts heat over 3-D gun design

David Maly October 4, 2012

UT law student Cody Wilson is making headlines as he continues to develop software that would allow anyone with the funding to easily build a gun from the comfort of their own home. Wilson has been working...


Students walk in protest against racism, accuse University of systemic negligence

Bobby Blanchard and David Maly October 3, 2012

More than 100 members of the UT community marched through the streets of West Campus Tuesday evening, chanting their concerns about recently reported incidents of bias in the area. In a march titled “Walk...

Fisher v. UT sparks upcoming meetings, discussion among students

David Maly October 2, 2012

Representatives from three national organizations that promote ethnic rights will discuss the positives of affirmative action Tuesday night as the University prepares to defend the constitutionality of...


Students plan march for equality

David Maly October 2, 2012

Students will march through the streets of West Campus on Tuesday night to send the message that they will not stand for bias in the UT community any longer. Former UT student Chas Moore organized the...

Judge overturns protesters’ restrictions, citing First and 14th Amendments

David Maly October 1, 2012

U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel declared a city policy used to ban Occupy Austin protesters from City Hall unconstitutional this past Thursday, following suit with similar recent rulings nationwide. The...

Sororities, fraternities send out apologies

David Maly September 27, 2012

Three UT Greek organizations have issued apologies after controversy over their ethnic-themed parties spread during the last few days. UT’s Zeta Tau Alpha and Delta Delta Delta sororities and Alpha...


Repairs to silence Tower bells

David Maly September 27, 2012

The chime of UT’s carillon bells will soon be absent from campus as a three-month construction project draws closer. For the past four months, the bells have been in partial operation for a separate...


Fraternity cancels event after being accused of bias

David Maly September 26, 2012

The UT chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity canceled its “a border to cross” event Tuesday night following a negative student response to the Facebook invitation created for it. The event,...

Mexican-themed sorority party raises concerns

David Maly September 25, 2012

Some downtown patrons expressed their disgust Thursday night as they watched dozens of UT students take part in a “fiesta-themed” sorority party at a local bar. The party, put on by UT’s...


A new lense for arrest

David Maly September 25, 2012

Already arrested twice this year for filming police, Antonio Buehler, 35, received his third arrest early Friday, this time with a UT student. Buehler and Sarah Dickerson, an art history graduate student,...


Homeless man assaults UT senior

David Maly September 25, 2012

A homeless man has been charged with attacking journalism senior Rachel Hill on Thursday after she stepped off a city bus to go to work in North Austin. Edward Williamsen, 43, has been charged with aggravated...

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