Police unlikely to charge women in Sixth Street incident

David Maly

Austin Police say they do not expect to press charges against a 24-year-old woman who hit two people with her car on East Sixth Street early Saturday morning, prompting an officer to fire at her vehicle.

APD spokesperson Stephen Deaton said the woman hit the people while speeding down the 200 block of East Sixth Street for her own safety, causing non-serious injuries to them. Surveillance footage and the testimony from 19 eyewitnesses confirm that the woman, a downtown employee whose name has not been released by police, got into her legally parked grey Pontiac at 2:28 a.m. Saturday. A mob of 10 to 15 people then accosted the Pontiac. Deaton said the woman then sped down the street to get away from the mob at a “high rate of speed.”

He said other officers have heard rumors of similar mob attacks happening downtown, and APD is continuing to investigate the incident. He said APD has identified some of the members of the mob and may press charges against them.

According to a press release issued by APD Tuesday, Officer Robert Krummel heard tires squealing and saw the woman driving toward him. Police said Krummel then began to fire shots at the woman’s vehicle, and after hearing the shots, the woman immediately stopped. No injuries resulted from the gun shots.

Deaton said police do not believe alcohol was a contributing factor, as the woman passed an initial field sobriety test. Results of a blood sobriety test are currently pending.

Deaton said APD will be taking a long, hard look at parking regulations on East Sixth Street in the downtown area following this incident.