Police officer arrests man for stealing tip bucket

David Maly

A man was arrested Saturday night after police say he stole a guitarist’s tip bucket on East Sixth Street.

Austin police apprehended Dante Beard, 24, in an alley off the 400 block of East Sixth Street on Saturday just before midnight, according to an arrest affidavit for Beard. Austin police saw a large group of men chasing Beard, who was running through the alley with a bucket containing money. The men were yelling for Beard to stop, and Austin police then detained Beard.

According to the arrest affidavit, the men chasing Beard told Austin police Beard had stolen the money, and Austin police then made contact with the victim of the alleged theft, Piedra Ramirez. Ramirez told police he was playing guitar in the 400 block of East Sixth Street with a tip bucket next to him when Beard ran by and grabbed the bucket and all the money inside. Ramirez said friends of his then followed Beard.

According to the affidavit, the bucket contained $17. The theft with no prior convictions would constitute a class C misdemeanor, but because a criminal history check on Beard during his arrest came up with two prior convictions for theft, the theft charge was enhanced to a state jail felony.

Beard remains in the Travis County Jail on $6,000 bond.