‘Suspect’ Breaks Into Tower, Resists Police Efforts to Apprehend Him With French Fries

David Maly

UT police investigated a break-in at the Main Building Tuesday, and despite police efforts to lure a ‘suspect’ out with french fries, they still managed to escape.

According to UTPD officer Darrell Halstead’s Campus Watch report released Tuesday, several University of Texas Police Department officers responded to alarms in room eight of the Main Building Tuesday around 2:41 a.m. and discovered entry to the office had been made through the ceiling.

According to the report, an air conditioning vent was lying on the floor of the room, along with dust and other ceiling materials. Officers began searching the office and discovered a “masked non-UT subject attempting to hide by hanging onto the wall molding and a window blind.”

According to the report, “The subject refused to comply with the officers requests to come out with his hands up. The subject even refused the officers coaxing when the officer handed over the Jack in the Box french fries. The non-UT subject escaped through an open window and evaded the officers. The non-UT subject was described as: three feet tall, last seen wearing a brown and black stripped (sic) coat, furry gloves and black mask over his eyes.”