Volleyball pulls off a 3-2 win over Wichita State

Rachel Thompson

While Wichita State’s basketball team aimed for a win in Atlanta, the school’s volleyball team pushed for its own Saturday in Austin.

After five sets, Texas pulled off a 3-2 win over the Shockers just before a national championship banner was lowered in honor of the Longhorns.

Rising senior setter Hannah Allison served to kick off Texas’ first game back in Austin after claiming the 2012 national championship trophy in Louisville. The Longhorns sailed through the first set with ease, as rising junior outside hitter Haley Eckerman launched six kills. Rising sophomore Amy Neal made her presence known early on, with three kills in the set and seven more to follow later. 

Texas continued smoothly through the second set, with incoming freshman Chloe Collins hammering the ball over the net and Eckerman closing the set with a kill. 

The third set marked a shift in play as Texas struggled with inconsistency and a string of sloppy plays. Wichita State earned point after point to win the set and force a fourth. The fourth set included nine ties and a continuous battle for points before the Shockers polished it off, 25-21. 

The fifth set began with a Wichita State lead until Eckerman grabbed the reins and killed the ball to bring Texas ahead. The Longhorns concluded the set with a 15-11 win to claim the game.