TSTV wins Sweepstakes award in Texas collegiate contest

Mark Carrion

Texas Student Television members can officially say they are the best college television media in Texas. 

The Texas Intercollegiate Press Association conferred Sweepstakes upon TSTV Wednesday; the station received the most points out of more than 50 Texas colleges for its entries into the association’s annual television competition. Categories in which the UT was ranked first include best sportscast as well as best news feature and nonfeature story. Among several other awards, TSTV was also recognized with Best Newscast and Best Sportscast, which they were awarded for earlier this month. 

Kaleigh Schneider, TSTV news director and broadcast journalism senior, said Sweepstakes is the sole highest and most prestigious award the press association gives out each year. 

“I could not be more proud of TSTV for winning Sweepstakes,” Schneider said. “It’s awesome to be recognized for all of the hard work everyone constantly contributes.”

Natalie Hee, TSTV news anchor and broadcast journalism senior, said in her time at the station she has seen a major upgrade in their operating equipment as well as an increased marketing focus. Hee said the station is working harder to promote their image across campus via merchandise, social media and cross promoting for other Texas Student Media branches. 

Hee said said winning Sweepstakes was a great way to end her career at TSTV.

“It’s very ideal; it’s really nice to go out with a bang,” she said. “I’ve always had very high hopes and big ambitions for TSTV.”

Overseeing TSTV’s functions is Station Manger Becca Rushworth, a radio-television-film senior. Rushworth said her station has not won Sweepstakes since 2005, but that this year they placed first with 60 points, beating their closest competitor Texas Christian University by six points. 

“What is most outstanding to me is that we submitted about 16 entries among 9 categories and didn’t place in only two categories,” Rushworth said. “It’s comforting to look at those numbers in terms of winning percentage.”

Rushworth said TSTV has given her a passion for television production, as well as important real world experiences.  She said each production requires strong teamwork in planning, producing and executing, and that their products can give students something to be proud about. 

“With the Daily Texan’s award and TSTV’s Sweepstakes, students’ fellow longhorns are achieving great things with the resources and gems of the University,” Rushworth said. “It’s important to know that education doesn’t stop at the classroom.”