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TSTV wins Sweepstakes award in Texas collegiate contest

Mark Carrion April 26, 2013

Texas Student Television members can officially say they are the best college television media in Texas.  The Texas Intercollegiate Press Association conferred Sweepstakes upon TSTV Wednesday;...

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UT engineering group successfully launches balloon to edge of atmosphere

Mark Carrion April 23, 2013

A UT aerospace engineering group can officially say they have sent Bevo to the edge of space — Bevo the Dragon, that is.  Women in Aerospace for Leadership and Development launched a weather...

Former UT law school dean and professor John Sutton dies

Mark Carrion April 23, 2013

John Sutton, a former dean and professor in the School of Law, died Friday from complications due to old age at the San Angelo Community Hospital. Sutton was 95 years old.  Sutton graduated from...


’20ft Wide’ revives Austin alley with art, architecture

Mark Carrion April 18, 2013

For five days, an alley in downtown Austin will experience a transformation into a colorful, yet temporary, work of art and architecture.  An alley on Ninth Street between Congress Avenue and Brazos...

Disclosure policy meets concern from Faculty Council

Mark Carrion April 16, 2013

Professors and administrators of the UT System would be required to disclose and receive approval for the work and activities they do outside their jobs at the University under a new policy. The policy,...


The White Rose Society starts off week with Human Rights Symposium

Mark Carrion April 9, 2013

Human rights issues have drawn the attention of activists from all over the world, and a symposium held on Monday by The White Rose Society featured these activists and their stories. The panel featured...


Landscape Services team wins award for sustainability and maintenance

Mark Carrion April 5, 2013

The medians on University Avenue between 21st Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard are officially award-winning, all thanks to UT’s Landscape Services.  The service team, overseen...


UT research group uses math, simulations to analyze hurricanes

Mark Carrion April 4, 2013

Before the next hurricane strikes Texas, a research group at UT would have already collected data on the hurricane, run simulations of its impact and handed its forecast over to the state to plan evacuations...


Students celebrate engineering mascot Alec’s 105th birthday

Mark Carrion April 2, 2013

It’s not every day students can meet a saint and take pictures with him. But on Monday, UT students had the opportunity to meet Alec, the patron saint of the Cockrell School of Engineering, to celebrate...


Researchers determine genetic ancestry of the Texas Longhorn

Mark Carrion April 2, 2013

While students may be familiar with the sight of Bevo at football games and rallies, several UT researchers took a look at a side of the Texas longhorn seldom seen: its genes. The research group, comprised...


Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku predicts future of technology in talk at UT

Mark Carrion March 27, 2013

Cars that drive themselves, contact lenses that recognize people’s faces, a digital doctor that offers medical advice from a bathroom mirror — all of these technologies and more will be possible...

“Energy at the Movies” PBS series stars UT professor Michael Webber

Mark Carrion March 26, 2013

The history of energy concepts in movies such as “The Matrix,” “Wall-E,” “The Hunger Games” and “Back to the Future” will be the subject of a new series...


Author T. Coraghessan Boyle shares inspiration behind “San Miguel” and other stories

Mark Carrion March 22, 2013

Author T. Coraghessan Boyle is no stranger to reading stories aloud, and Thursday night he shared some stories of his own at the Applied Computational Engineering and Sciences Building. Boyle, who is an...


UT Libraries increase their stock of e-books and electronic records

Mark Carrion March 20, 2013

In addition to the sheer number of books lining the shelves of UT Libraries, hundreds of thousands more are stored unseen in the form of e-books. For UT Libraries, the rise of the digital age has involved...

Panelists discuss the future of Medicaid and healthcare policy in Texas

Mark Carrion March 19, 2013

Heatlhcare policy in Texas will change after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and panelists Monday focused on uncovering the future of those policies and Medicaid’s place in Texas.  The...


Rise, fall and interconnectedness of global economies explained by history professor

Mark Carrion March 8, 2013

A lecture Thursday explained the collapse of an entire global economy at the beginning of the 19th century — all because of just two colonial revolutions in the Americas. John Tutino, a history...

Gay men, straight women’s friendship stems from relationship advice

Mark Carrion March 5, 2013

Researchers have finally pinned down why straight women and gay men seem to form close relationships: it all comes down to love — but not between each other.  A new study from UT visiting...


Lecture explores rare and antique books housed at law school library

Mark Carrion March 1, 2013

The UT School of Law houses some of the oldest and rarest printed books in the world. Eric White, a curator for the Bridwell Library at Southern Methodist University, discussed several of the books in...


Bengali Students Association promotes International Mother Language Day

Mark Carrion February 22, 2013

Members of the UT Bengali Students Association distributed pamphlets to students Thursday explaining the significance and history of International Mother Language Day, which raises awareness of the various...


KVRX wraps up pledge drive fundraiser

Mark Carrion February 19, 2013

KVRX, UT’s student-run radio station, concluded its annual pledge drive Monday, falling short of its fundraising goal. As of press time, the station has raised $5,000 in donations. The KVRX Pledge...


Anthropologist Renato Rosaldo speaks on campus about overcoming loss through poetry

Mark Carrion February 19, 2013

When renowned cultural anthropologist Renato Rosaldo’s wife died, he turned to writing to overcome her death and in the process developed a new style of ethnographic writing known as antropoeseìa. The...

Blanton Museum presents gallery talk on love and Cupid in paintings

Mark Carrion February 15, 2013

In honor of Valentine’s Day, people had the opportunity to see love — quite literally. The Blanton Museum of Art’s Perspectives Gallery Talk held a talk titled “Images of Love,”...


From Point A to Point B: UT shuttle drivers keep the schedule rolling

Mark Carrion February 14, 2013

They form the core of the one of the largest university shuttle system in the country. Last year, they ferried more than 4.6 million passengers over 13 different routes, linking such areas as the Pickle...


Students use an Austrian School of Economics perspective to discuss Sweden’s economy

Mark Carrion February 12, 2013

Students got a realistic view into the supposed prosperity of Sweden’s economy at a talk hosted Monday night by the UT Mises Circle in Waggener Hall. Computer science junior Michael Goldstein, who...

Engineering professor appointed interim director of Energy Institute at UT

Mark Carrion February 8, 2013

Chemical engineering professor Thomas Edgar will serve as interim director of the Energy Institute at UT. Edgar will replace former Energy Institute director Ray Orbach, who resigned after controversy...


Finance students create virtual tour of McCombs School of Business

Mark Carrion February 5, 2013

Prospective and current UT students will soon be able to view the interior of the McCombs School of Business building without having to physically step inside it.  A virtual tour featuring pictures...


Geology Professor Daniel Stockli uncovers forces behind Switzerland’s Molasse Basin formation

Mark Carrion February 5, 2013

Students learned about the forces driving geological formations during a lunchtime discussion in the geosciences department Monday.  Geological sciences professor Daniel Stockli presented a talk...

UT screens “The Unforeseen,” discusses sustainable development in the new Liberal Arts Building

Mark Carrion February 1, 2013

A documentary screened on campus Thursday night focused conversation on the history of the preservation of the Barton Creek area as a panel discussed the future of sustainable development in Austin.  The...

Texas Workforce Commission finds unemployment rates falling

Mark Carrion January 25, 2013

Records from the Texas Workforce Commission indicate that unemployment rates across Texas have recently fallen to their lowest percentages since 2008, while unemployment rates in Austin slightly increased...

Former UT Chancellor Mark Yudof steps down from post as president of UC System

Mark Carrion January 23, 2013

Former UT System Chancellor Mark Yudof announced plans Friday to step down as president of the University of California and to return to teaching law at UC-Berkeley after serving the University of California...

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