Hyde Park Flag Store forced to take down all of its flags

Sarah-Grace Sweeney

Hyde Park Market, also known as "The Flag Store," was forced to take down about 20 international flags that have hung from its awnings for the past five years.

WHAT? The Flag Store doesn’t have a trillion flags anymore?

Hyde Park Market is known for its expansive beer and wine selection, shelves upon shelves of ice cream and various hardware items. Mostly, it's known for those flags.

An article on Community Impact details the anonymous complaint and code violations that brought down the colorful flags that claimed a corner of 45th Street and Duval Street.

The anonymous complainer is still unknown, but their house is probably draped in beige tapestries. Or they’re from Dallas. This is a total Dallas move.

The Flag Store is kind of a monument to the neighborhood, and it won’t be the same without those international banners waving in the wind.

Owner Tony Hooman told Community Impact he is looking at how to proceed with an attorney. All we can say is we hope Hyde Park Market can raise its many flags again soon.