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Life & Arts Princess says goodbye

Sarah-Grace Sweeney December 6, 2013

The first time I set foot in The Daily Texan basement, I was afraid. It’s only fitting that I will leave it feeling the same way. It was Aleks’ and Katie’s effortless superiority —...

The best moments in culture from 2013

From Beyonce’s Super Bowl extravaganza in January to last week’s debut of the “Bound 2” video, The Daily Texan Life & Arts staff fondly recounts some of the best pop culture...


Thanksgiving alone in Austin offers opportunities for charity and pie

Hannah Smothers and Sarah-Grace Sweeney November 27, 2013

Whether you are from the City of the Violet Crown or you’ve decided to stick around for Thanksgiving, there’s plenty of fun to be had and mounds of food to be eaten. If staying in Austin means...


Fun Fun Fun Fest takes over Auditorium Shores this weekend

Hannah Smothers and Sarah-Grace Sweeney November 8, 2013

Fun Fun Fun Festival is here, and it’s still only one weekend long. This weekend, it is the grass at Auditorium Shores that will be ravaged and torn apart as the audicence members of FFF Fest fill...


Life & Arts staff writers and editors pick the best artists to see at ACL this weekend

  FRIDAY Underrated band: Savages Stage: Honda Time: 1 p.m. This young all-female post-punk quartet from London might be the most talented and electrifying act of the weekend.   Local...


From music charts to middle parts: ACL bands sport some wild hair styles

Hannah Smothers and Sarah-Grace Sweeney October 3, 2013

Austin City Limits Music Festival is a visual feast. College students walk around Zilker Park in cutoffs and bikini tops, the Austin skyline stands out against the violet sunset in the evenings and...

The Daily Texan month of horror: Wait Until Dark

Sarah-Grace Sweeney October 2, 2013

For movie buffs, the month of October means one thing: 31 days of horror movies. With tons of horror flicks to choose from, The Daily Texan is going to be providing a daily horror recommendation. Whether...


UT graduates show photographs at new Asian American Resource Center

Sarah-Grace Sweeney September 27, 2013

Mary Kang moved to Austin from South Korea with her family 13 years ago, but a University of Texas photojournalism class opened her eyes to the Asian-American refugee community within her own city limits.  On...


Happy Birthday Beyonce!

Sarah-Grace Sweeney September 4, 2013

Today is a day almost as wonderful as Christmas. It is Beyonce's 32nd birthday. In celebration of Queen B's special day, we've compiled some of our favorite videos to help you celebrate....

Fall event preview: concerts

Hannah Smothers and Sarah-Grace Sweeney August 28, 2013

James Blake James Blake began his career as a dubstep producer but has since released two full-length albums featuring his crystalline falsetto voice, piano and an echo of the electronic producing of...

Fall event preview: albums

Sarah-Grace Sweeney August 28, 2013

Arcade Fire, Untitled, Oct. 29  The Canadian collective revealed to an adoring fan via Twitter that its follow up to The Suburbs would be released Oct. 29. Now, an Instagram account documenting...

Hyde Park Flag Store forced to take down all of its flags

Sarah-Grace Sweeney August 27, 2013

Hyde Park Market, also known as "The Flag Store," was forced to take down about 20 international flags that have hung from its awnings for the past five years. WHAT? The Flag Store doesn’t...

Avoid football with these top bands

Hannah Smothers and Sarah-Grace Sweeney August 26, 2013

Sphynx For a good time, go to a Sphynx show. This synth-pop and rock band is known for both ridiculously patterned matching pants and being able to get a crowd dancing in no time. While they’ve...


How to avoid football

Hannah Smothers and Sarah-Grace Sweeney August 26, 2013

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to don burnt orange T-shirts, hook your horns or be excited about football games at all to be a student at UT. The Daily Texan has compiled a list of anti-football...


Craftsman carves out local works

Sarah-Grace Sweeney June 10, 2013

Adam Young, 38, is a “maker,” or that’s what he calls himself. He is an artist, a wood and metal worker, a skateboarder, a father, a husband and a man of the past. He mentions a “buddy”...


The Taylor Swift experience

Sarah-Grace Sweeney May 22, 2013

There were a few things I knew going into the Taylor Swift concert at the Frank Erwin Center last night. I knew I was going to be surrounded by mostly preteens, there was going to be glitter and a...

Brian & Akasha

Local actors love filmmaking despite struggles

Sarah-Grace Sweeney April 22, 2013

As hard as they tried, Akasha and Brian Villalobos couldn’t get away from filmmaking — or each other. The couple has been married for six years but are still on rocky ground with their favorite...

“Battleborn” is a collection of heartbreaking stories about the American West

Sarah-Grace Sweeney April 15, 2013

The people of Nevada appear to be as hard as the state’s desert landscape in Claire Vaye Watkins’ “Battleborn.”  Watkins’ debut collection consists of 10 short stories...


The best and worst of #SXSW music

During the five days of South By Southwest music performances, we managed to catch an estimated 100 bands between the three of us. We survived mosh pits at a punk rock show, terrible DJs, incredible lines...

SXSW Thursday in Music

Hannah Smothers and Sarah-Grace Sweeney March 15, 2013

Day three of South By Southwest began with a trek through East Austin to the Pitchfork day party. We arrived at 1100 Warehouse sometime around 2 p.m. and immediately got free chips and granola bars. We...


SXSW Tuesday in Music

Maria Arrellaga and Sarah-Grace Sweeney March 13, 2013

We picked up our music wristbands and after much deliberation headed to Mohawk for the Pitchfork Interactive Showcase. Badges had priority, then wristbands. It was supposedly open to the public, though...


The nightmare of SXSW: a column

Sarah-Grace Sweeney March 8, 2013

South By Southwest is actually my worst nightmare. For some perspective, I am afraid of all diseases, doctors, immaculate conception, the germs on keyboards and of one day going bald. So I am afraid...

PA_Sixteen Candles

Celebrating Valentine’s is possible without going out

Sarah-Grace Sweeney, Kelsey McKinney, and Alex Williams February 14, 2013

You don’t need to go out on Valentine’s Day. Everywhere has a three-hour wait, and you probably want to stay at home on your couch with a movie no matter what your Facebook relationship status...


Celiacs, gluten sensitive make lifestyle changes to adapt, improve health

Sarah-Grace Sweeney February 11, 2013

Cynthia Ivey was so sick she accepted she was going to die. That was three years ago.  Ivey, a UT staff ombuds coordinator, lived most of her life in fear of food. She remembers eating potato chips...


Beyonce’s Super Bowl show features hair flips, body suits, and a Destiny’s Child comeback

Sarah-Grace Sweeney February 4, 2013

The New Orleans Superdome was not ready for Beyonce’s jelly. Literally, the power went out. And the Ravens and 49ers should have taken it as a sign. Nothing, even winning the Super Bowl, could...

Who needs a flu shot when you can have mock-hypochondriac advice?

Sarah-Grace Sweeney January 17, 2013

So apparently there is a flu epidemic. We have been hearing all of this alarming news since late December, which led Google to create a terrifying map showing the flu outbreak by state, with red meaning...


Why it’s unrealistic to expect Lena Dunham’s Hannah to be modest

Sarah-Grace Sweeney and Kelsey McKinney January 14, 2013

Twenty-six-year-old Lena Dunham is not the slacker/wannabe writer she plays in the hit HBO series “Girls” that she stars in, created and currently directs. Although the current darling of the...

The Great Daily Texan Coffee Taste Test 2012

Sarah-Grace Sweeney and Aleksander Chan November 30, 2012

Finals are upon us. Colder weather has finally found its way south. Finishing the semester is a matter of staying alert through exams, papers and projects and staying warm. We’ve asked five of the...

‘Twilight’ heroine comes up short, not much of a feminist role model

Sarah-Grace Sweeney November 16, 2012

In the age of the “Twilight” phenomenon, the case has been made plenty of times that Bella Swan is not a feminist. She is a terrible role model for young girls. Her relationship with Edward...

The Record WEB TAG

Dance professor Yacov Sharir researches virtual reality and interactive systems to advance modern dance

Sarah-Grace Sweeney November 5, 2012

Follow The Record on Twitter. Yacov Sharir has studied interactive systems, virtual realities, wearable computers and computer animation. But beyond that he is a dance professor. The technology Sharir...

Vampires 2

Vampire stories suck in consumers

Sarah-Grace Sweeney October 29, 2012

The final installment of the “Twilight” film series is upon us and the shelves of bookstores are lined with vampire fiction, accordingly. It seems the vampire phenomenon is inescapable. But...


Local absinthe distillery gains respect in Austin

Sarah-Grace Sweeney October 4, 2012

Graham Wasilition is in the liquor business. He just happens to own and manage a brand of absinthe, an alcohol stereotyped by its green color and supposed ability to cause hallucinations. Wasilition,...


100 Years of Woody Guthrie

Sarah-Grace Sweeney September 6, 2012

There are not many musicians who have stayed as culturally relevant for as long as Elvis, The Beatles or perhaps Bob Dylan. These musicians are known for significantly influencing the voice of American...


In cyber-heavy world, letterpress printer finds personal satisfaction

Sarah-Grace Sweeney June 25, 2012

Sarah Wymer tries her best to practice what she preaches. For her, that means sending handwritten letters and cards and even still paying bills through snail mail. “I know that I’m not going...

Faculty Exhibition Artist Talk offers insight into professor’s work

Sarah-Grace Sweeney November 30, 2011

When college art students see the work of a professor on display, the effect can be similar to seeing a high school teacher outside their classroom. It’s a little strange. But for the art students,...

Designer creates hats for the 21st century

Sarah-Grace Sweeney November 28, 2011

Laura Del Villaggio made her first vintage purchase at the age of 8. It was a piece of 1950s luggage from a garage sale. Her mother asked if she was planning to run away, but Villaggio was simply beginning...

Twilight Moms craze over popular vampire story

Sarah-Grace Sweeney November 18, 2011

It is a little off-putting to most people at first, the idea of moms obsessing over a teenage romance novel. But with Edward Cullen’s golden eyes and chivalrous gestures, he can be irresistible even...

Internet sensation, theater group takes on first tour

Sarah-Grace Sweeney November 11, 2011

Team StarKid, a Chicago-based theater troupe originally started by a group of theater students at University of Michigan, decided to do something unique with one of their original musical productions....

UT alumna drawn to Paris to lead luxury culinary tours

Sarah-Grace Sweeney November 4, 2011

The need to have a post-college plan is increasing lately for students. There is pressure to get out of college as quickly as possible and work that nine-to-five job as quickly as possible. But that was...

Shakespearian Improv Group to perform in Austin

Sarah-Grace Sweeney October 26, 2011

A night spent with The Improvised Shakespeare Company is not an average night at the theater or a typical Shakespeare play. The audience may see some forbidden love or fierce sword fighting, but The Improvised...

Ladies arm wrestle for fun, philanthropy

Sarah-Grace Sweeney October 20, 2011

“I’m here to make sure they’re all playing fair, but I ain’t fair,” referee Leah “The Boss” Moss yelled from the stage as she collected bribes from the audience....

Bike builder enjoys success of small business

Sarah-Grace Sweeney October 13, 2011

Brad Cason knows the devil is in the details. He is a man who takes pride in his workmanship, something he views as a bit of a lost art form. And he hopes his work will visible at this weekend’s...

Event to showcase paranormal claims, celebrity speaker

Sarah-Grace Sweeney October 7, 2011

Interest in the paranormal comes at different times for everyone and for others, maybe not at all. For quantum and laser physicist Andy Coppock, it came when he moved into a new laboratory. Then objects...

Benefit event goes gaga over Gaga

Sarah-Grace Sweeney September 30, 2011

“If not you, then who?” That was the phrase Haylan Teel and Dena Greenwalt kept in mind when creating Gagarazzi, a burlesque and variety show this Friday at The Highball to benefit Equality...

UT alumna, former Rockette prospers after opening Austin fitness studio

Sarah-Grace Sweeney September 27, 2011

With a rather uninspiring job market giving many students second thoughts about which career path they should follow, Jennifer McCamish offers a sort of bright light at the end of the tunnel for students...

Bacon restaurant offers traditional meals with a twist

Sarah-Grace Sweeney September 20, 2011

There is a little yellow house on 10th Street, right off Lamar Boulevard. It looks like the kind of place where someone’s grandmother might be cooking biscuits and gravy with a hearty side of bacon,...

Filmmaking project connects teens, GLBT community

Sarah-Grace Sweeney September 8, 2011

Having a gay or lesbian young person share their struggles of acceptance with their community can be one of the most rewarding experiences, if they are brave enough to do it, said John Livingston, the...

Fitness tips to help runners, bikers beat the heat

Sarah-Grace Sweeney September 7, 2011

Staying fit is one of the challenges students face upon entering college. Sometimes it is because of a busy schedule, other times because watching “Project Runway” just sounds like more fun...

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