Bryan Davis maintains bleach was used in balloon attack


Charlie Pearce

Government senior Bryan Davis was targeted by a balloon outside of the University Towers on Aug. 22. He believes he was targeted because of the color of his skin and speculates similar instances are more common that publicly perceived. 

Alberto Long

Government senior Bryan Davis maintains the balloon used in his attack was filled with bleach, despite preliminary investigations indicating otherwise. 

According to UTPD, Davis sustained no personal injury and a preliminary investigation found no trace of bleach on Davis’ clothing. In an interview with The Daily Texan on Sept. 5, Davis indicated that he still believes bleach was used in the attack.

“I’m conscious of the other possibility because of the nature of last year’s incidents,” Davis said in reference to similar allegations made in fall 2012. “I do believe [the balloon] was filled with bleach.” 

In 2012 UTPD investigated more than 20 reports of balloon attacks in the West Campus area. No evidence of bleach was found.

“Even if the balloon was filled with butter or pudding, or whatever, [these incidents] are certainly symbolic because people know what those balloons mean to us,” Davis said.

According to Davis, the investigation cannot continue until the Austin Police Department receives the results of a UTPD investigation — including a final analysis of balloon fragments and Davis’ clothing. Both APD and UTPD could not be reached for comment yesterday. 

The APD investigation has not progressed significantly, according to Davis. 

“They’ve only asked for details of my account,” Davis said. “Whether I saw anybody, and if I could specify what balcony the balloon was thrown from.”