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Taking bites out of crime: UTPD’s K9 Unit

Alberto Long October 23, 2013

Two of UTPD’s most valuable resources are also the furriest. UTPD currently has two canine officers on the street — Spike and Maatje — and senior K-9 handler Jason Taylor said the...


Six University of Texas campus sites vandalized with Texas A&M graffiti

Alberto Long October 21, 2013

Six on-campus locations were tagged with pro-Texas A&M graffiti over the weekend — the latest in a string of Aggie-related graffiti incidents dating back to 2011, according to police officials.  University...


Parking lots east of IH-35 burglarized the most

Alberto Long October 18, 2013

The further east students and faculty park their cars from Interstate 35, the more likely they are to be burglarized, UTPD statistics show. University Parking and Transportation Services manages...

Court denies Colton Pitonyak new trial, lawyers to appeal

Alberto Long October 17, 2013

Colton Pitonyak, a former UT student convicted for the 2005 slaying and dismemberment of 21-year-old Jennifer Cave in his West Campus apartment, was denied a new trial Wednesday by the Fifth U.S. Circuit...


Despite cuts, UTPD budget stays intact as it introduces new Ford Explorers

Alberto Long October 17, 2013

UTPD’s newest form of transportation — a fleet of brand-new, police-ready Ford Explorers — cost UTPD roughly $50,000 per vehicle. Campus security administrators had to fight to enable...

UTPD: graffiti, broken exit signs most common types of vandalism

Alberto Long October 16, 2013

Random graffiti around campus and busted exit signs in residence halls cause headaches for University police and administration, and according to officials, they are the most prevalent types of vandalism...

Police say college students are less likely to drive drunk

Alberto Long October 14, 2013

The University’s student population maintains a reputation for partying and drinking heavily, but Austin police say in reality, college-aged persons are less likely to drive drunk. According to...


Black Faculty and Staff Association talk police brutality

Alberto Long October 11, 2013

Songs like “Fuck tha Police” by N.W.A. and “Cop Killer” by Body Count indicate the sentiment most young African-American men feel toward police, said Philemon Brown, president of...

Black Faculty and Staff Association talk police brutality

Alberto Long October 10, 2013

On Thursday afternoon, the Black Faculty and Staff Association hosted a panel discussion inside Gregory Gym to examine the turbulent relationship between police and the African-American community.   The...


Parking tickets help pay for more parking tickets

Alberto Long October 10, 2013

A UT parking ticket plastered onto a windshield is not something most people on campus look forward to seeing upon returning to their car — they can cost as little as $35 and as much as $400. Fees...


Despite potential safety risks, course auditing to remain the same

Alberto Long October 9, 2013

Chenxi Deng, a 22-year-old graduate of Peking University in Beijing, audited a UT course to stalk the student he would eventually stab in the face. According to the University’s course auditing policy,...

UTPD: In cases like the fork stabbing, heroic move not always the right move

Alberto Long October 3, 2013

According to UTPD Sgt. Charles Bonnet, the students who overpowered 22-year-old Chenxi Deng after he used a fork to stab graduate student Li You in the nose last week were gutsy, but trying to be the hero...

Seeking administrative justice when legal recourse is unavailable

Alberto Long October 2, 2013

Victims of pranks in West Campus often lack legal recourse to seek justice through judicial outlets, but the University provides additional avenues for students who feel they have been wronged. UTPD...

Balloon attack investigations fizzle

Alberto Long September 25, 2013

Gregory Vincent, vice president for the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, issued a statement to UT students saying that water balloon attacks in West Campus are more than just “school...

Police investigation follows attack on Ole Miss student

Alberto Long September 20, 2013

The investigation into the assault and subsequent hospitalization of University of Mississippi senior Carson Otter is “making progress,” police said. Jermaine Kilgore, a public information...


Police presence lax at tailgating events

Alberto Long September 20, 2013

Despite the presence of alcohol and the potential for underage drinking at tailgating events, Austin police say they generally stay out of the parking lots on game day. According to Linsey Duett, special...

Ole Miss senior’s conditions improve following downtown assault

Alberto Long September 19, 2013

The investigation into the assault and subsequent hospitalization of University of Mississippi senior Carson Otter is “making progress,” police said. Jermaine Kilgore, a public information...

UTPD seeks expanded jurisdiction in West Campus

Alberto Long September 19, 2013

Though its name implies a tacit affiliation to UT’s main campus, the area commonly known as West Campus is entirely divorced from the University. For UTPD chief of police David Carter, the disconnect...

Ole Miss student in critical condition following downtown assault

Alberto Long September 16, 2013

Carson Otter, a senior at the University of Mississippi, was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries following an assault near the intersection of Trinity and Seventh Street Saturday night. Otter is...

Russell Erxleben, former UT and NFL star, will remain locked up

Alberto Long September 16, 2013

Russell Erxleben, a former NFL kicker and UT football player currently in federal custody for spearheading a slew of bogus investment operations, will stay behind bars until his trial begins Jan. 6.   On...

Mideast Syria_admi

Syria and UT: closer than you think

Alberto Long September 12, 2013

For a small community of Syrian students at UT, the Syrian civil war is more than just a heated political debate. On Monday, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem told reporters in Moscow that Syria...


Black Student Alliance organizes rally

Alberto Long September 11, 2013

In the midst of official reports indicating an absence of bleach in the balloon attack of government senior Bryan Davis, the Black Student Alliance organized a rally at the West Mall on Tuesday afternoon...

Student cyclist hit by car in West Campus

Alberto Long September 10, 2013

A student cyclist was transferred to the University Medical Center after being struck by an automobile on the corner of Whitis Avenue and 27th Street in West Campus. Martha Rey, who was present as first...

Student cyclist hit by car in West Campus

Alberto Long September 9, 2013

A student cyclist was transferred to the University Medical Center after being struck by an automobile on the corner of Whitis Avenue and 27th Street in West Campus. Martha Rey, who was present as first...


West Campus balloon attacks continue

Sarah White and Alberto Long September 9, 2013

Eduardo Belalcazar, an international relations and global studies junior, is the latest victim to speak out against balloon attacks in West Campus.  On Saturday around midnight, Belalcazar, who...


Bryan Davis maintains bleach was used in balloon attack

Alberto Long September 6, 2013

Government senior Bryan Davis maintains the balloon used in his attack was filled with bleach, despite preliminary investigations indicating otherwise.  According to UTPD, Davis sustained no personal...


Bleach or no bleach, balloon attacks in West Campus cause controversy

Alberto Long September 5, 2013

Updated for clarity on Sept. 5 at 3:49 pm: The contents of the balloon allegedly thrown at Davis has not yet been determined pending an investigation by the University and APD. Government senior Bryan...


Another student targeted in West Campus balloon attack

Alberto Long September 4, 2013

Another student has reported a West Campus balloon attack, according to a statement submitted to the Campus Climate Response Team. The report was filed nearly two weeks after government senior Bryan...

APD enforces “no-refusal” initiative, bans watercraft during Labor Day weekend

Alberto Long August 30, 2013

The Austin Police Department is bracing itself for Labor Day weekend with safety initiatives that will ban the use of personal watercraft on Lake Travis and levy harsher penalties for drunk driving and...

bleachbomb1 copy

Rally on racial tension addresses last week’s balloon attack, police investigation continues

Alberto Long August 29, 2013

Feelings of unrest spurred in a rally yesterday to oppose perceived racial insensitivity on campus after a balloon was thrown at government senior Bryan Davis while he was walking outside the University...

Federal judge revisits 2005 murder of Jennifer Cave

Alberto Long August 28, 2013

The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will decide if former Longhorn Colton Pitonyak deserves a retrial for the brutal murder of Jennifer Cave in 2005.  Pitonyak is currently serving a 55-year...


Reported bleach bomb likely to have been filled with water

Alberto Long August 28, 2013

A week after government senior Bryan Davis was reportedly bleach-bombed in West Campus, public officials report that, while the search for the culprits is narrowing, the balloon might not have been filled...


New police chief gears up for his freshman year

Alberto Long August 26, 2013

As freshmen charge headfirst into the college experience, UTPD’s new chief of police is prepping for the beginning of his own freshman semester at UT.  David Carter began his term at UTPD...


New police chief gears up for his freshman year

Alberto Long August 26, 2013

As freshmen charge headfirst into the college experience, UTPD’s new chief of police is prepping for the beginning of his own freshman semester at UT.  David Carter began his term at UTPD...


UT lecturer running for Texas House representative

Alberto Long July 19, 2013

A UT professor is running for state representative in House District 50, saying he seeks to end “political meddling” from the state in University affairs when in office.  UT lecturer...

UTPD reveals it keeps tabs on information collected by UT ID usage

Alberto Long July 8, 2013

While revelations on the federal government’s surveillance of U.S. citizens’ phone records and emails continue to become public, UT has also disclosed its own forms of on-campus data collection...


Thousands voice opposition to abortion regulation at Capitol

Alberto Long July 1, 2013

Thousands flooded the steps of the state Capitol on Monday to voice their opposition to abortion bills recently drawn up by Republican lawmakers, and to support the Texas Senate’s newest superstar...


Who is Wendy Davis?

Alberto Long July 1, 2013

Standing on her feet and talking nonstop for 11 hours without drinking water to oppose a bill on abortion restrictions made state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, a household name nationwide.  “She’s...


UTPD assistant chief reflects on 30 years

Alberto Long June 27, 2013

UTPD’s assistant chief of police Terry McMahan’s extensive role appears simple on paper – assist the chief, keep the budgets balanced and coordinate – a role he has filled for 13...

UT Medical Branch-Galveston sued for deaths of 4 inmates

Alberto Long June 26, 2013

The UT System and the state of Texas are in hot water over the deaths of four inmates in state prisons. The UT Medical Branch Galveston and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice were sued earlier...

Federal judge rules unpaid internships break law

Alberto Long June 17, 2013

Journalism junior Alyssa Morin said she is often treated like a paid employee at her unpaid internship. She has her work published and is sometimes asked to work extra. Many UT academic programs require...

UTPD advises new freshmen on following the law

Alberto Long June 10, 2013

Although UT and Austin police are aware of partying during freshman orientation, authorities said there are no extraordinary safety measures planned for each event. UT Police Department spokeswoman...

Funding for UT’s Cockrell Engineering Education Research Center uncertain

Alberto Long June 10, 2013

Sixty construction projects across Texas, including UT’s planned $310 million Cockrell Engineering Education Research Center, could be delayed for years if a funding issue is not resolved during...


President Obama visits Austin, UT entrepreneurs

Jordan Rudner, Alberto Long, and Christine Ayala May 10, 2013

President Barack Obama ate his lunch at the downtown Austin Stubb’s BBQ on Thursday – but as much as he said he enjoyed the food, it was ultimately a business lunch. Obama visited Austin as...

2013-04-06_UTPD Candidate_Joshua

The search is over: David Carter is the new chief of police for UTPD

Alberto Long May 7, 2013

Following a extensive nationwide search for a new chief of police which saw close to 75 applicants, David Carter has been appointed as the new chief of police for UTPD.  Carter, who...


After 36 years as a police officer, chief Robert Dahlstrom will retire from UTPD

Alberto Long May 1, 2013

From a two-year stint in the Austin Police Department SWAT team to cleaning up gang-ridden streets in Southeast Austin in the early ‘90s, UTPD Chief Robert Dahlstrom has experienced just about all...

Omid Kokabee, UT physicist imprisoned in Iran, releases public letter

Alberto Long April 30, 2013

Omid Kokabee, a former UT grad student currently imprisoned in Iran, said in a public letter he has been “persecuted for refusing to cooperate with Iranian military projects,” the Nature International...

Federal violation may result in retrial for Colton Pitonyak

Alberto Long April 30, 2013

Attorneys say recent developments in a case involving a 2005 West Campus murder could be the first step toward a retrial, and previously withheld evidence suggests the possibility of an alternative perpetrator....


Lt. Gonzalo Gonzalez began as a dishwasher in Jester, is one of UTPD’s “great” veterans

Alberto Long April 29, 2013

When Lt. Gonzalo Gonzalez of UTPD was first employed by the University in 1981, he began as a dishwasher inside the Jester cafeteria. By the time he left the world of student dining, Gonzalez was a supervisor....

The first lawsuits against West Fertilizer Co. and Adair Grain have been filed

Alberto Long April 26, 2013

A single mother and several insurance companies are among the first to sue West Fertilizer Co. and its parent company Adair Grain, Inc. for the devastating fertilizer plant explosion in West. The first...


Cleaning up the corner: Outreach and altruism at 12th and Chicon

Alberto Long April 24, 2013

The immediate area surrounding the corner of 12th and Chicon streets is often described as a hub for rampant drug distribution, gang activity, homelessness and prostitution. A short bus ride from campus...

Cayleb Jones felony to be reduced

Alberto Long April 24, 2013

Texas wide receiver Cayleb Jones’ felony charge was dismissed and will be reduced to a misdemeanor to be tried by the county attorney, according to officials from the Travis County District Attorney’s...

Public shows support for UTPD reaccreditation

Alberto Long April 23, 2013

At a public forum Monday afternoon, UTPD employees and the campus community offered comments regarding UTPD’s candidacy for three more years of accreditation — a prestigious recognition of...


The I-35 Corridor: Cartel Activity in Austin

Alberto Long April 22, 2013

Check out Daily Texan Multimedia's A Discussion on Cartel Influence in Austin video. Austin’s proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border may lend itself to drug cartel activity in...


UTPD officers cherry picked by other police departments

Alberto Long April 17, 2013

While having a highly trained police force on campus is essential to ensuring the safety of the University, UTPD’s focus on extensive training for its officers may make them attractive recruits for...

Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg will plead guilty to DWI

Alberto Long April 16, 2013

Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg will plead guilty “without any request for leniency or consideration” to her DWI charge, according to a statement she released. Lehmberg...

Jurors selected in Los Zetas money laundering case

Alberto Long April 16, 2013

More than 100 potential jurors crowded into United States District Judge Sam Sparks’ courtroom to await selection for what promises to be a rare window into the inner workings of one of Mexico’s...

Wind farms on University Land contribute to renewable energy, give back to UT

Alberto Long April 12, 2013

Two wind farms situated atop University Lands in West Texas contribute to Texas’ dominance in wind energy production, while providing funding for the University and clean energy for thousands of...

Non-specific bomb threat investigations to continue

Alberto Long April 12, 2013

After a day’s worth of increased security presence on campus, UTPD chief of police Robert Dahlstrom said investigations into Wednesday’s non-specific bomb threat will continue for the next...

Public forums with police chief hopefuls begin today

Alberto Long April 5, 2013

A series of public forums beginning Friday will feature the final four candidates for the position of University of Texas Police Department chief. The candidates will address campus concerns and discuss...

New legislation aims to criminalize ‘designer drugs’

Alberto Long April 3, 2013

Two proposed bills filed by State Sen. Joan Huffman, R-Houston, would strengthen current drug laws to facilitate the battle against dangerous synthetic drugs known as K2 and 25I.  K2 and 25I are...

Proposed bill will cut class time for concealed handgun applicants

Alberto Long April 3, 2013

A proposed bill authored by State Sen. Donna Campbell, R-New Braunfels, would limit the amount of classroom hours required to obtain a concealed handgun license.  The bill would reduce the...

UT professor charged with hit-and-run

Alberto Long April 2, 2013

Police say a UT professor is behind a hit-and-run incident that left one bicyclist injured on North Lamar Boulevard near West 10th Street on March 26. According to an affidavit for warrant of arrest...

The Final Four: UTPD announces police chief finalists

Alberto Long April 2, 2013

In preparation for UTPD Chief of Police Robert Dahlstrom’s retirement in May, a committee in charge of overseeing the selection of UT’s next chief has narrowed their search to four final applicants.  The...

Festive weekend brings lower crime rate than past despite homicide

Alberto Long April 2, 2013

A weekend that brings in tens of thousands of people to Austin from around the state saw a decrease in crime rates from previous years, police say. UT hosted the 86th Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays...

UT professor behind hit-and-run, police say

Alberto Long April 1, 2013

Police say a UT professor is behind a hit-and-run incident that left one bicyclist injured on North Lamar Boulevard near West 10th Street on Tuesday afternoon. According to the arrest warrant, communication...


PA system fills gaps in campus security

Alberto Long March 29, 2013

A mass notification PA system linking all buildings to UTPD dispatch is the “missing link” in creating a safe campus environment for students and faculty, according to UTPD Chief of Police...

Roundup 2013 was safe, but overcrowding a major issue

Alberto Long March 26, 2013

Although Roundup was considered a relatively successful event in terms of safety, the festive weekend was not without its woes. Sergeant Alfred Trejo of the Austin Police Department region one district...


Roundup kept safe despite Juicy J riot

Alberto Long March 25, 2013

Despite the hordes of people, alcohol, concerts and neon, Roundup 2013 was relatively successful in terms of safety, according to the University Interfraternity Council and the South West Emergency Action...

Roundup weekend prompts a slew of safety initiatives

Alberto Long March 22, 2013

The kaleidoscopic blur of neon-colored apparel and partying that is Roundup will commence this weekend. Officials overseeing the administrative side of the Greek-oriented event are bracing themselves...

Recent developments in Jennifer Cave murder case suggest alternative perpetrator

Alberto Long March 21, 2013

Former UT student Colton Pitonyak may receive a new trial six years after being convicted of slaying Austin resident Jennifer Cave at his West Campus apartment in 2005.  Following a host of ill-fated...

The 2005 case of UT student Jennifer Cave’s murder may reopen

Alberto Long March 20, 2013

The case of the 2005 murder of a UT student could find its way back into court because of previously witheld evidence. Defense attorney Joseph Turner, who represented Colton Pitonyak, said Tuesday that...


High Times Magazine hosts Doobie Awards in Austin, promote marijuana awareness

Alberto Long March 18, 2013

It was St. Patrick’s Day, but the crowd at the High Times Doobie Awards wore green to celebrate a more illicit occasion.  The annual Doobie Awards were held inside the aptly named Red Eyed...


Celtic Cultural Center of Texas hosts authentic Irish St. Patrick’s day festival

Alberto Long March 18, 2013

Thousands gathered to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in geniune Irish fashion — leprechauns and green beer not included.  The Celtic Cultural Center of Texas hosted the 10th annual St....


Report finds early financial attitudes correlate with risky financial behavior

Alberto Long March 8, 2013

A survey of 40,000 first-year college students demonstrates how financial attitudes held by incoming students predict future behavior and are indicative of larger gaps in education. The report, titled,...

James Ashton Braband remembered for his leadership

Alberto Long March 7, 2013

James Ashton Braband, a journalism senior and member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, died Sunday, March 3, in Houston. He was 22.  During his time at the University, Braband's friends...


UT law students parody Harry Potter, poke fun at law school

Alberto Long March 4, 2013

UT law students deviated from the no-nonsense world of their legal studies Saturday evening to partake in a celebration of irreverence, wizardry, parody and performance. Assault & Flattery,...

New student-led company bridges the gap between education and work

Alberto Long February 28, 2013

As the job market becomes increasingly saturated and competitive, hands-on and professional experience before graduation has become essential to landing a job. A new online company hopes to facilitate...


Thousands gather to support public education at the Save Texas Schools March and Rally

Alberto Long February 25, 2013

A multicolor sea of homemade picket signs and the sound of marching bands and protest chants flooded Congress Avenue on Saturday as thousands of concerned students, parents, educators and advocates marched...

Swelling Hispanic population sparks bipartisan conversation on public policy

Alberto Long February 24, 2013

A swelling Hispanic population will continue to affect public policy related to immigration and education in Texas according to speakers at the Texas Tribune Event Series. The Texas Tribune hosted a...


Indian Cultural Association hosts free Jhoom dance clinic

Alberto Long February 21, 2013

The rhythmic sounds of Indian pop music and dance filled the Recreational Sports Center on Tuesday evening as part of the Indian Cultural Association’s Jhoom dance clinic. The clinic featured...

Student-led startup company works to improve oil recovery efficiency

Alberto Long February 18, 2013

Seismos, a student-led startup company, aims to boost the efficiency of enhanced oil recovery by combining the power of carbon dioxide and sound waves to release oil trapped underground.  The...


Blanton turns 50, celebrates with first ever gala after party

Alberto Long February 18, 2013

The Blanton Museum of Art raised funds and glasses on Saturday to commemorate its 50-year anniversary. The Blanton celebrated its biannual gala as the official University art museum. The evening’s...

Breast cancer committee calls for increased prioritization and funding in new report

Alberto Long February 14, 2013

Breast cancer prevention needs to be prioritized and funded to the same degree as other areas of cancer research, according to a new report issued by scientists and breast cancer prevention advocates. The...


UTexas astronomy professors reach for the stars

Alberto Long February 11, 2013

Emerging technology at UT is playing a critical role in new astronomical research aimed at answering humanity’s most meaningful questions, a University astronomy professor said.  Volker Bromm,...

FAC offers free proximity access upgrades

Alberto Long February 6, 2013

Students no longer have to pay for proximity access to buildings on campus, thanks to a new Flawn Academic Center policy. The FAC is granting proximity access to students with existing UT ID cards at...


Longhorns and Aggies unite for higher education legislation

Alberto Long February 6, 2013

Two hundred alumni from UT and Texas A&M joined at the Texas Capitol Tuesday to advocate for strategic investments in higher education. The sixth bi-annual Orange and Maroon Legislative Day drew...

UT researchers make genetic breakthroughs, unearth new facts about Aztec anthropology

Alberto Long February 1, 2013

Based on colonial records, it was previously thought that the Otomi either left Xaltocan, or that they assimilated with the Aztecs, but new research is suggesting otherwise. According to the research,...

UT scientists investigate storing carbon dioxide underwater to lower pollution

Alberto Long January 29, 2013

UT scientists are investigating the possibility of storing carbon dioxide underwater as opposed to letting the gas pollute the atmosphere.  Preventing the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere...

UT System appoints Stephanie Bond Huie as interim vice chancellor

Alberto Long January 23, 2013

Stephanie Bond Huie will serve as the ad interim vice chancellor for strategic initiatives at the UT System, which was announced Friday. Huie, a UT undergraduate and graduate school alumna, replaces...

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