Final results indicate no bleach in balloon attack


Charlie Pearce

 University Towers, the West Campus apartment complex where the alleged bleach bomb attack on UT student Bryan Davis took place

Sarah White

UTPD officials found no bleach in their investigation of the West Campus balloon attack that occurred on Aug. 22, according to a statement released by UTPD.

The balloon allegedly thrown from a University Towers apartment balcony landed near government senior Brian Davis, who went on to report the incident to both UTPD and APD. Davis’s reports alleged that the balloon was filled with bleach, claiming the attack was racially motivated.

UTPD spokeswoman Cindy Posey told the Texan that Davis turned in the clothing that he was wearing during the incident to UTPD for further investigation. UTPD also collected balloon fragments from the scene.

“The lab has indicated that through their visual, microscopic and spectroscopy tests, all samples of clothing  — shirt, shorts and socks — as well as submitted balloon fragments show no indication of bleach or other contaminant,” UTPD officials said in a statement.

In their statement, UTPD officials urged students and victims involved in similar incidents to report them to the police.

According to Gregory Vincent, vice president for the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, throwing balloons filled with any substance is considered an assault, which is a criminal offense, and is punishable under chapter 11 of the University’s Institutional Rules and Regulations.