Torchy’s on Guadalupe has changed but the tacos remain the same

Elena Keltner

The iconic red devil carrying a pitchfork and the name “TORCHY’S TACOS” in fiery red-yellow letters? Still there. The diverse, enticing menu, including ingredients such as scrambled eggs and fried avocados? Still there. The countless seats filled with customers attempting to fit tortillas piled high with crunchy and spicy food into their mouths? Still there. Everything else at this popular eatery, though, is new and improved. 


Torchy’s Tacos on Guadalupe closed this summer for renovations, and officially re-opened on Sept. 19, just in time for the beginning of the school year. For the last 11 days, customers craving queso and fried avocado tacos have been returning to the restaurant and taking in Torchy’s new look. 


Before this summer, the exterior of Torchy’s consisted of a few tables and chairs and a white wall shared with Pro-Cuts. Now the exterior holds its own, with bright, glimmering red tiles on the outer wall and far more chairs than before, cleverly shielded by large, layered screens. The entrance, once a simple door, now welcomes customers with two bright red pitchforks as door handles. While the red devil and name “TORCHY’S TACOS” are still visible below the roof, the signs have been re-done and now illuminate the restaurant at night. 


New light fixtures hanging from the ceiling immediately catch your attention upon entering. The metallic rods with bulbs on every end light up the restaurant, along with the words “DAMN GOOD” formed by multiple glowing lights on the far wall. 


Customers gather to the left of the restaurant at the cash register and journey past colorful wooden walls, as well as new bathrooms, to find seats. While there are many more seating options because of the expansion of the restaurant, customers still have difficulty finding a table among the plethora of people in search of tacos. Hungry customers can now enjoy their meals outside, inside the main area of the restaurant, and in a new area at the far right. This area faces a large window and is decorated with the fiery red-yellow name “TORCHY’S” in dramatic graffiti-like writing. 


Torchy’s expansion and renovation is more convenient for customers who want to kick back, relax and enjoy a “Trailer Park,” “Dirty Sanchez” or “Brushfire” taco. The bright walls, exterior and lights create an inviting atmosphere that attracts taco lovers from near and far. Torchy’s new renovations can be summed up in two words: damn good.