Post office on UT campus will close by February

Anthony Green

The campus’ post office plans to close because its contract with the University expires at the end of February.

The campus post office, located in the West Mall Office Building, will permanently close its doors to all customers on or before Feb. 28. The post office, which houses 400 individual P.O. boxes, has already started its search for relocation space outside the University. 

The United States Postal Service’s contract was initially set to expire Sept. 1 of this year but was granted a five-month extension by the University.

“After being granted a contract extension from the University through February, we have ultimately decided to vacate our current campus office and seek relocation elsewhere,” USPS Texas spokesman Sam Bolen said. 

The vacancy would make the branch at 111 E. 17th St. the nearest USPS location to the University.

Private mail delivery companies operate mailing and shipping centers near campus. FedEx has a location at 2711 Guadalupe St. near Torchy’s Tacos, and UPS has one at 2002 Guadalupe St. near Emo’s Kitchen.

“I had no idea the post office was closing,” biochemistry junior Marissa Medina said. “I work as [a resident assistant] in the Kinsolving dormitory and normally direct people to the post office whenever they want to send packages.” 

Geology junior Gabrielle Ramirez was also unaware of the post office’s impending closure.

“This is really sad,” Ramirez said. “Having a post office on campus is so convenient, and I go there religiously when I have to mail off scholarship or internship applications. I live in Riverside and currently have no idea where the next nearest post office is.” 

University officials said they will soon release a statement regarding the closure.