The Orwells discuss college, being underage and on the road

Elizabeth Williams

The Orwells are the fuzzy, baby-faced garage band that everyone wished they were friends with in high school. These dudes rip-roaringly tear through their live punk sets, yet are not even old enough to — legally — consume a Lone Star. The Elmhurst, Ill. quintet’s first album Remember When is the musical equivalent to youthful destruction, and if the group’s recent EP Who Needs You is any indication, these guys will be tearing up the rock world for years to come. The Daily Texan talked to The Orwells over email about their recent Austin City Limits Music Festival debut and being underage on the road.

The Daily Texan: What are the three best words to describe a typical Orwells show?

The Orwells: Beer, sweat and love.

DT: Why did you guys decide to pursue the band and stop going to school? 

TO: We’ve all loved music growing up, and as we came together and became more and more successful, we decided that college could wait but being in a touring band couldn’t. So we took the opportunity we had. 

DT: What’s it like being a touring band and everyone’s still under 21?

TO: It can be a little tough sometimes as certain nameless venues can be total dicks about our age, but mostly it’s a privilege to be traveling the country independently at such a young age. 

DT: What can we expect from the next record?

TO: The content of the next record shall remain mysterious until release.

DT: How was the first ACL show? Are you guys ready for round two?

TO: ACL was sick, and we’re stoked to be back next week and be able to see even more bands than we did last week!

The Orwells will perform at ACL on Friday at 11:15 a.m. on the Honda Stage.