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What to get for a hipster friend

The Wes Anderson Collection by Matt Zoller Seitz and Michael Chabon, Book People, $40 For the friend who claims “The Royal Tenenbaums” was based on their family, or that they would marry...

The best moments in culture from 2013

From Beyonce’s Super Bowl extravaganza in January to last week’s debut of the “Bound 2” video, The Daily Texan Life & Arts staff fondly recounts some of the best pop culture...

Fun Fun Fun Nites are free, so you should go

Elizabeth Williams November 8, 2013

Fun Fun Fun Fest wristbands not only allow admittance into the festival, but admit festival-goers into Fun Fun Fun Nites for free. That’s right, for no extra money. Seventeen different stages around...


Pinballz Arcade provides a nostalgic gaming experience

Elizabeth Williams November 4, 2013

At Pinballz Arcade, people can hear the clanging of tokens in hands and the pinging of pinballs whizzing through machines — sounds of a seemingly bygone era that continues here in Austin. Darren...

“Race With the Devil” in today’s Daily Horror Movie

Elizabeth Williams October 30, 2013

For movie buffs, the month of October means one thing: 31 days of horror movies. With tons of horror flicks to choose from, The Daily Texan is going to be providing a daily horror recommendation. Whether...


The Amazing Acro-Cats comes to Austin

Elizabeth Williams October 24, 2013

The Amazing Acro-Cats are a traveling troupe of cats that perform acrobatic tricks and play instruments. Fur real.  Samantha Martin is the Chief Human in charge of training these talented felines....


Local tarot reader finds home in Austin

Elizabeth Williams October 16, 2013

Angeliska Polacheck might be the nicest witch in Austin. Polacheck opened Sister Temperance Tarot in 2011. The native Austinite inherited her first deck of cards from her mother and began working with...


ACL is over, and we are so happy

Elizabeth Williams October 14, 2013

Austin City Limits Music Festival is finally over. While it was a real blast watching bands and people and stuff happen in relation to a music festival, ACL is overrated. Here’s a few reasons we...


Jacuzzi Boys frontman talks about being a rock band in Miami

Elizabeth Williams October 10, 2013

Jacuzzi Boys have been banging out sunny, beach party rock since 2007. The trio’s latest EP, released September 2013, is a self-titled album that tones down their signature fuzz and drives listeners...

The Orwells discuss college, being underage and on the road

Elizabeth Williams October 9, 2013

The Orwells are the fuzzy, baby-faced garage band that everyone wished they were friends with in high school. These dudes rip-roaringly tear through their live punk sets, yet are not even old enough...


Artists bring their own talents to ACL festival

Elizabeth Williams October 4, 2013

Go for the music, stay for the hand-printed T-shirts and pistol-shaped belt buckles. Austin City Limits Music Festival brings more than just musicians together. ACL’s Art Market will play host...


The not-so-sexy evolution of Miley Cyrus

Elizabeth Williams October 2, 2013

Bangerz is the guilty pleasure you hide from your loved ones and sneak off to your dorm room to indulge in. Miley Cyrus has produced pure musical crack that is so wrong it feels right. Bangerz is a...

CyberFest Image 1

Get weird with CyberFest

Elizabeth Williams September 26, 2013

By most standards, Austin is not that weird. Food trailers, graffiti parks and music festivals do, in fact, exist in other cities. But CyberFest, on the other hand, is in a category of its own. CyberFest...


Harry Ransom Center receives Magnum Photo Collection

Elizabeth Williams September 23, 2013

From Marilyn Monroe and Fidel Castro to Mohandas Gandhi, Magnum photographs portray images of cultural icons, political strife and international conflict.  Two hundred thousand Magnum prints have...


Museum Day offers free exhibits for a variety of artistic tastes

Elizabeth Williams September 20, 2013

This Sunday, Museum Day features free exhibits in museums all over the city for art aficionados, music lovers and facial hair fanatics. Here are a few of our top picks to check out.  Elisabet Ney...


Laser-cut jewelry line Vinca offers diverse designs

Elizabeth Williams September 16, 2013

It all began with a squirrel and a hammerhead shark. This unlikely animal pairing is the cornerstone of the Vinca jewelry catalog, the brainchild of Austin-based designer Amanda Dimova. Dimova creates...

THIS ONE 2013-09-11_Portrait_Marshall

FEMICOM, Rachel Weil preserve feminine games

Elizabeth Williams September 11, 2013

Rachel Simone Weil knows video games aren’t just for boys.  Weil is a visual artist and second-year Master of Fine Arts design candidate. She creates 8-bit glitchable art under the name Party...


Write poems with strangers at Barstool Poetry Book Party

Elizabeth Williams September 6, 2013

With the help of a pen and cocktail napkin, meeting people at bars has never been easier. Just ask Bob Makela.  “We were laughing, having a good time and meanwhile we have this stack of napkins,...


Guide to PRIDE Week

Elizabeth Williams September 4, 2013

Austin PRIDE Week 2013 is finally here. We’ve compiled a list of the week’s go-to events so you can celebrate Austin’s LGBTQ community with plenty of sing-alongs and dance parties. Wednesday  Madonnalogues Get...


Madame Alexander’s “First Ladies Collection” brings first lady dolls to LBJ Library

Elizabeth Williams August 29, 2013

Small porcelain recreations of deceased United States first ladies sounds like something to avoid. Don’t be fooled. This exhibit, currently on display at the LBJ Library, is more adorable than it...

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 1

Best Summer Songs of 2013

Elizabeth Williams August 27, 2013

The summer of 2013 was a great time for pop music, especially if you’re into anthemic break-up tunes and '70s-inspired musical pleas to get it on. Here are the seven songs we couldn’t escape. 1....


Newcomer’s guide to Austin life: How to live like a local

Elizabeth Williams August 26, 2013

There’s no shame in not being from Austin, but now that you’re here, we’ve got a few tips to keep all of you newbies from sticking out like recently transplanted sore thumbs. Realize...


Go out every night of finals and don’t study

Elizabeth Williams May 3, 2013

Finals are almost here, so The Daily Texan wants to help you procrastinate to your fullest potential. What better way to avoid studying than to go out and take advantage of all the quirky entertainment...


Gaelic football will make you wish you were Irish

Elizabeth Williams April 23, 2013

So you stumble upon a game being played in Zilker Park. The players are clutching what looks like a volleyball to their chests and crashing shoulders as if they were playing rugby. But every few steps...


Chemical toilets and imaginary bear attacks: a night in the great outdoors

Elizabeth Williams April 16, 2013

The typical camping experience revolves around enjoying the outdoor world and feeling connected with nature. But for someone who hasn’t been camping since she was five, the experience revolves around...

Reading Mikhail Shishkin’s “Maidenhair” will make you sad

Elizabeth Williams April 8, 2013

The new translation of Mikhail Shishkin’s novel “Maidenhair” is 506 pages of a bizarre stream-of-consciousness between three fictional narrative viewpoints: interviews with Russian refugees...


April Fools’ day is the worst

Elizabeth Williams April 1, 2013

Americans are the masters of milking the non-holiday: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the list goes on forever. But with the exception of Earth Day — what is that?...


“The Priceless Slave” digs deep into America’s raw nerves

Elizabeth Williams March 28, 2013

“The Priceless Slave” navigates treacherous waters by exploring the raw nerves of slavery through the complexities of master and slave, husband and wife, man and woman. Part of the Cohen New...

PA_SusanMcDonald polka dot fish

Classical guitarist makes Cactus Cafe debut with multimedia marine animal ballet

Elizabeth Williams March 21, 2013

Susan McDonald is a Texas born-and-raised classical guitarist that has been playing since she was six. The Daily Texan sat down with her to discuss her upcoming program “The Aquarium: a Marine Micro-Ballet...


“Rewind This!” documents the history of the VHS tape

Elizabeth Williams March 16, 2013

“Rewind This!” documents the rise and fall of VHS throughout the home video revolution. The Daily Texan sat down with director Josh Johnson, producer Carolee Mitchell and cinematographer and...

Interview with RTF Lecturer Kat Candler, writer and director of “Black Metal”

Elizabeth Williams March 16, 2013

“Black Metal” is a narrative short film following a singer in the wake of a murder committed by a teenage fan in the name of his music. The Daily Texan sat down with the film’s writer...

The Daily Texan wants you to survive SXSW

Elizabeth Williams March 8, 2013

Bring your ID — You’ll get carded. Deal with it. Have both cash and card — Having cash on hand makes life easier. Whether it’s for drinks or band merch, you’ll be glad...

10 things we hope will reoccur at SXSW

Elizabeth Williams March 8, 2013

South By Southwest, now in its 26th year, has seen its fair share of strange and wicked awesome happenings. Here’s our top 10 list of the wild and wonderful things that have occurred and could again. 1....

intimate apparel

UT’s ‘Intimate Apparel’ will leave you reeling

Elizabeth Williams March 4, 2013

Lynn Nottage’s play “Intimate Apparel” is the 1905 equivalent of MTV’s “Catfish”. The UT theatre department’s production of “Intimate Apparel” focuses...


“No more need to pause, rewind, and repeat-Videodance series teaches popular music video choreography”

Elizabeth Williams February 25, 2013

Beyonce and the “Single Ladies” hand. Britney Spears writhing on the floor in “Toxic.” Lady Gaga’s monster arms from “Bad Romance.” These are just a few of the...


UT professor to give talk on science of relationships

Elizabeth Williams February 12, 2013

Timothy Loving, associate professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Sciences at UT, will give a Science Study Break talk on the science of relationships Tuesday night. Loving will analyze...


Local band Shivery Shakes discusses its place in the Austin music scene

Elizabeth Williams January 31, 2013

Somewhere deep in the expanses of the Austin music scene, between the shaggy-haired garage rockers and the hushed voices of indie pop is a band whose sugary tales of youth are as swoon-inducing as its...


“The Age of Miracles” is not just another teen novel

Elizabeth Williams January 25, 2013

The Earth’s rotation around the sun is slowing measurably with each passing day. The force of gravity is growing heavier and no one has a clue what the cause is. Karen Thompson Walker’s “The...


Top album releases to check out in 2013

Elizabeth Williams January 16, 2013

The year 2013 is turning into a year of musical comebacks. With new music from artists like David Bowie, Destiny’s Child and Justin Timberlake, it will be interesting to see just how much room opens...


Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ Untogether does not let down

Elizabeth Williams December 5, 2012

Austin is not known for its synth-pop bands. In a city teeming with folksy singer-songwriters and crusty rockers that probably should have aged out a few years ago, there’s nothing more refreshing...

New iPhone app lets college students whisper their secrets

Elizabeth Williams November 26, 2012

Most people would not dream of confessing their crushes in a Facebook status or tweeting about their latest sexual escapades, but they are more than happy to whisper about them. The Whisper iPhone app...

UT’s Objectivism Society says the philosophy is gaining influence

Elizabeth Williams November 15, 2012

Thirty years after her death, Ayn Rand, the Russian-American novelist and philosopher, is still making headlines. Among statements of admiration and dismissal by several public figures such as Paul Ryan...


Sew Much More offers platform for UT apparel design students

Elizabeth Williams November 7, 2012

The morning of Nov. 3 brought a hectic rush of sewing enthusiasts to local sewing store Sew Much More. Hanspeter Ueltschi, the fourth generation owner of world-renowned sewing machine brand BERNINA International,...


Familiar faces form new tunes in Divine Fits

Elizabeth Williams October 31, 2012

It’s been almost three years since Austin’s hometown heroes, Spoon, released their last record, Transference, leaving many of their fans asking what frontman Britt Daniel was up to. The answer...


Book exposes darker side of Fleetwood Mac and highlights audio production of album Rumours

Elizabeth Williams October 24, 2012

If you don’t appreciate technical audio production, cocaine addiction, Fleetwood Mac or pretty girls, then don’t bother reading Ken Caillat’s historical account, “Making Rumours:...

Student composers make debut performances at UT

Elizabeth Williams October 15, 2012

Eager young composers at UT are given the chance to have their music heard through the Collective Labors of the UT Composition Hub, or CLUTCH. CLUTCH is a student organization that presents concert series...


London songwriter brings back ‘70s American soul music

Elizabeth Williams October 8, 2012

On first listen, Michael Kiwanuka’s debut album Home Again does not sound like it was recorded a mere year ago. The deep, fuzzy warmth of the album makes sounds like some long-lost American soul...


Local businesses to host seventh annual Benefit Day for the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians

Elizabeth Williams October 1, 2012

On Tuesday, more than 250 musical acts will be taking the stage at venues all over Austin for the seventh annual Benefit Day for the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. HAAM Benefit Day 2012 will bring...

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