Police investigate claims of assault in West Campus

Julia Brouillette

City and University police are investigating a reported assault that occurred near the intersection of 25th and San Gabriel streets around 12:30 a.m. on Monday.

A female student told police she was grabbed from behind, knocked down and pinned to the ground by an unidentified male. Although she was able to ward off the attacker, she could not get a detailed physical description of him before he fled the scene, according to the report.

UTPD sent a campus-wide email Wednesday afternoon requesting that anyone with information related to this incident contact the Austin Police Department.

The alleged assault occurred six blocks from 25th and San Antonio streets, where another student reported witnessing a possible kidnapping around 1 a.m. on Tuesday. No one has been reported missing so far.

Senior police officer Veneza Bremner said APD detectives have no reason to believe that the two reports are related.

“[The Tuesday incident] was closed that night when we didn’t find anybody,” Bremner said. “The other case is still being investigated.”

Bremner said Monday’s reported assault would not cause police to reopen an investigation on Tuesday’s possible kidnapping, because no victims have come forward.

Because of the ongoing assault investigation, police are more visible in the area, Bremner said, but patrols will not increase in West Campus.

“The officers are already out there patrolling all the time,” Bremner said. “They’re not going to add more officers.”