Friday Firing Lines for week of Feb 10: Creationism, Student Government and Valentine’s Day

“Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection has been proven. It’s been reproduced many times over. There is no debate that natural selection occurs. Let’s at least get that point out of the way.

I have yet to see any scientific evidence that supports creationism or intelligent design. Note that I am not talking about evidence that “disputes evolution”; I mean evidence that supports creationism or ID. I don’t think such evidence exists. I don’t think creationists/IDers would even know what that evidence would look like.

As far as the eye goes, your idea that the eyeball evolved before vision is not only an absurd assumption but one that completely ignores the natural world. I assume that you are unaware that there are single-celled organisms with proteins that change shape when they absorb energy from photons, giving them an ability to tell the difference between light and dark. Then you have insects with compound eyes that are basically just collections of very simple lenses. There are animals with eyes capable of focusing but very limited color vision. Then you have animals like humans who can see multiple colors. Thus, vision predates the eyeball. I don’t know why you’re encouraging people to read up on these subjects. Creationism and ID are based on nothing more than ignorance and misunderstanding.”

— Online commenter Patrick, in response to opinion piece “A modest proposal in defense of creationism.”


It’s ironic to me that you’re chastising groups of people whose eponym comes from the nation that made democracy famous, for being better at it.It seems to be a running thought among progressives that when something doesn’t go the way they want it, there is a new need for ‘diversity,’ ‘better representation,’ and to end fabricated ‘inequality’. You claim that you don’t want to berate the Greeks about 6 paragraphs after you categorize them as being homogenous white males (because we know all white males are the same), so the average reader isn’t dumb enough to believe that bullshit. The most deeply concerning thing written in this article is perhaps also the dumbest statement in it: “Democracies have lasted thousands of years for a reason. It’s because they drive change.” Democracies have failed because of the desire for further ‘change’ (deferring power to representatives, who then capitulate to a party). What possible system could be more fair than having the people vote directly on what they want? Nothing. It’s snooty people like you who lie to others with the argument that increasing the presence of people who never cared enough to be involved to begin with, will somehow make things better (though you never specify how). 

-Online commenter “J.” in response to the opinion column “This year, make Student Government representative of all UT students, not just the Greek community.” 


“Hey, Chocolate is for everyone! It loves everyone equally!”

— Online commenter Dana W, in response to opinion piece “Valentine’s Day vendors leave out LGBTQ community.”


“I agree options for men might be ‘limited,’ but I’m not one to pass up some roses and a box of chocolates! I don’t think men are limited to only masculine gifts. Give me a stuffed bear holding a heart from my significant other and I will treasure that forever.”

— Online commenter Kent Kasischke, in response to the same piece.