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Students deserve UT’s support in a “Post-Roe” Texas

Students deserve UT’s support in a “Post-Roe” Texas

July 21, 2022
The Daily Texan Editorial Board calls on UT leadership to take a stance against abortion restrictions and better support the Longhorn community after the overturn of Roe v. Wade.
UT, listen to LGBTQ+ survivors

UT, listen to LGBTQ+ survivors

June 30, 2022
The Daily Texan Editorial Board urges UT administration to listen to and be inclusive of LGBTQ+ survivors, particularly LGBTQ+ survivors of color, in discussions about sexual misconduct reform.
Looking Forward, Looking Back: It’s always students who create change

Looking Forward, Looking Back: It’s always students who create change

June 13, 2022
The Daily Texan Editorial Board praises student efforts and urges the University to listen and work with student organizers.
Riverside students deserve better

Riverside students deserve better

May 5, 2022
The Daily Texan Editorial Board urges UT to listen to Riverside students’ demands and extend greater resources to commuter-students.
Explaining the Husch Blackwell recommendations: There’s still more to be done

Explaining the Husch Blackwell recommendations: There’s still more to be done

April 27, 2022
The Daily Texan editorial board urges the University to better update students regarding sexual misconduct policy and go beyond the Husch Blackwell recommendations.
For best chance at structural change, vote Leland and Isabel

For best chance at structural change, vote Leland and Isabel

March 31, 2022
Student Government has a lot to make up for, and we hope it starts with Leland and Isabel.
Looking forward, looking back: Change is long overdue

Looking forward, looking back: Change is long overdue

March 31, 2022
The Daily Texan Editorial Board calls for change as the University remains stagnant against student demands.
Looking forward, looking back: Change is long overdue

Looking forward, looking back: Change is long overdue

January 31, 2022
The Daily Texan Editorial Board calls for change as the University remains stagnant against student demands.
Too little, too late: Disband organizations that fail to take accountability for sexual violence

Too little, too late: Disband organizations that fail to take accountability for sexual violence

November 30, 2021
The Daily Texan Editorial Board urges student organizations like Tejas Club and IFC to address their role in enabling sexual violence and disband.
Go to the polls, vote against Proposition A

Go to the polls, vote against Proposition A

October 29, 2021

$271.5 million to $598.9 million.  That’s how much is at stake in the November statewide election. With Proposition A threatening to undercut funding for needed initiatives by drastically increasing...

“Support and uplift experiences that we have”

“Support and uplift experiences that we have”

July 30, 2021
The Daily Texan’s Editorial Board urges the University to take concrete steps toward creating a disability cultural center on campus.
Allow Longhorn Band to break tradition

Allow Longhorn Band to break tradition

June 21, 2021
The editorial board calls on UT to listen to Black student demands instead of separating the Longhorn Band over “The Eyes of Texas”.
UT, prioritize your students for once

UT, prioritize your students for once

May 9, 2021
The editorial board calls on UT to improve communication and listen to students.
Explaining Abbotts proof of vaccine ban

Explaining Abbott’s proof of vaccine ban

April 25, 2021
The editorial board breaks down what Abbott’s executive order banning proof of a COVID-19 vaccine means for public universities in Texas.

Improve communication on sexual misconduct reform

March 15, 2021

Transparency. Regular communication. Prompt disclosure. All are practices students hoped to see the University adopt regarding sexual misconduct on campus after former UT President Gregory Fenves accepted...


‘Y’all ready?’: Vote Kiara and Ethan

March 8, 2021

Editor's note: This endorsement reflects the opinion of The Daily Texan Editorial Board and not the opinions of The Daily Texan staff as a whole. This Student Government election season has been different...

housing illo

Give students more time

February 26, 2021

Here in the opinion department at The Daily Texan, we rarely comment on state or national issues. We focus on UT and how we can push for change here on campus. But in a disaster such as the recent winter...

Abriella Corker_return to campus

Other universities set standard

February 2, 2021

Correction: An earlier version of this editorial mischaracterized certain aspects of UT’s proactive community testing program. We incorrectly stated that it had irregular hours, didn’t allow walk-ups...

Abriella Corker_tuition

Over the past decade, problems with tuition have persisted

February 1, 2021

The Daily Texan’s opinion department has covered tuition at UT extensively. When we started thinking about how we wanted to write this editorial, we realized we had a wealth of older content to pull...

Abriella Corker_looking back

These issues are nothing new

January 19, 2021

Last semester, the world flipped upside down. This semester, the pandemic upended everything we thought we knew — or expected to know — about life in college. Almost 2,000 members of our community...

Rocky Higine_Stan Richards

Rename School of Advertising

November 13, 2020

Stan Richards is the founder of Dallas-based advertising agency The Richards Group, the country’s largest independent advertising agency, and namesake of UT’s School of Advertising and Public...


Students need regular COVID-19 testing hours

October 29, 2020

For Mia Hay, women’s and gender studies freshman, making her first proactive community testing appointment was a challenge. Hay’s schedule is hectic during the week and she struggled to find...


Grant equal access to online learning

October 11, 2020

In semesters before the pandemic, accommodations for students with disabilities may have included access to copies of class notes and professors’ PowerPoint presentations, seating accommodations,...

edboard cases

‘It was honestly so scary for me’

September 28, 2020

On Sept. 9, Emily’s suitemate told her and Emily’s roommate that she had tested positive for COVID-19. The hours afterward were filled with confusion, stress and radio silence from UT as Emily...


Release more information. Create a taskforce.

September 10, 2020

Despite UT accounting for 23% of COVID-19 cases in Travis County last week, students living off campus have continued to violate COVID-19 guidelines — largely without consequences from the University....


We haven’t forgotten

August 14, 2020

On March 2, former UT President Gregory Fenves announced a development that clearly resulted from years of collective advocacy work from student activists on campus: UT’s sexual misconduct policies...

AbriellaCorker_fallplanseditorial (redone)

An unnecessary risk

July 31, 2020

The University of Texas community will begin this fall semester knowing a UT staff member, a custodial worker, died from COVID-19 while students and faculty weren’t on campus. The UT community will...


Consider reducing fall tuition

July 17, 2020

In-state undergraduates will pay, on average, $5,583 in tuition per semester this year. Out-of-state undergraduates will pay approximately $20,761 per semester. For the 2020-2021 academic school year,...

UT tower Money_SMALL

We need more information

July 10, 2020

Trying to figure out your financial aid package can be incredibly frustrating — especially when you encounter mixed messages from your university. The Texas Advance Commitment, an effort undertaken...


We demand swift action, change

June 19, 2020

In response to the countless number of Black lives lost to police brutality and racial injustice, the UT community has rallied behind a list of demands titled “Student Community Statement: 8 Demands...

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 9

Black Lives Matter

June 5, 2020

The Daily Texan’s editorial board and Diversity & Inclusion Board stand in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, with Black journalists across the nation and with our Black Texan staffers....


It’s time to face our new normal, fight for better one

May 8, 2020

This wasn’t the semester we were expecting. There was the incredibly emotional town hall on sexual misconduct and sweeping reforms to sexual misconduct policy after years of student work. And...

hannah stats

Know your professor’s history with misconduct database

April 23, 2020

Class registration for the summer and fall semesters begins April 27. Three UT professors who have been found in violation of sexual misconduct policy will be teaching during both. Coleman Hutchison...


COVID-19 is an emergency. The Student Emergency Fund was unprepared.

April 20, 2020

In late March, Jordan — who requested for us not to use his real name — submitted an application to receive financial assistance from UT’s Student Emergency Fund, which is designed to...

MacCormack_StudentHousing_color (1)

UT’s restrictions on emergency housing defeat its purpose

April 6, 2020

On March 17, it was announced that the UT campus would be shut down for the rest of the spring 2020 semester. All classes would move online, and all students living in on-campus dormitories would have...


We want to hear from you

March 30, 2020

Tomorrow is the first day back from spring break, but it doesn't feel like it. Most of us are hundreds of miles away from campus, stuck in our homes to fight the spread of a pandemic. Those of us who are...


Double A is only fair grading system for unprecedented semester

March 23, 2020

Editor’s note: A student petition is currently circulating to encourage UT to adopt a Double A grading policy. Show your support by signing it here. In the past week, our lives have been uprooted. Many...


Activists respond to sexual misconduct policy reform after years of work

March 13, 2020

Four months and six days. It took four months and six days from the first student sit-in at Provost Maurie McInnis’ office for the University to accept sweeping, structural changes to the way it...


The Daily Texan endorses for tomorrow’s primary elections

March 2, 2020

Tomorrow is your last chance to vote in the 2020 primaries. For Austin, Travis County and many of Austin’s congressional districts, UT Austin students are a critical — and growing — voting...


Vote Simona and Lynn to Mess With Texas

February 28, 2020

This year, UT students unapologetically challenged administration about professor misconduct. We achieved an unprecedented level of success in holding administration accountable for their actions, thanks...


Yes, you have failed us.

January 29, 2020

You said it yourself, President Fenves. You have failed us. At Monday’s town hall on sexual misconduct, we needed answers. Answers for why, after months of protest, there has been so little progress....


UT released more professors’ names. They need to do more.

January 22, 2020

Our editorial board has been calling on UT to release the names of faculty and staff who have violated sexual misconduct policy for over a year. Protesters have been calling for names for a semester. UT...


The fight is not over

December 9, 2019

Three sit-ins, a protest on the tower’s steps, countless experiences shared on social media, a classroom disrupted, national news coverage, a petition with over 1,000 signatures.  This semester,...


Why are they still here? Professors with history of misconduct still on spring course schedule

October 25, 2019

Update 10/30/19: A report provided to the Texan by JB Bird, director of media relations for UT, indicates that of the 44 reports filed against faculty and staff during the 2016-2017 school year, 6 resulted...


Oppose dehumanizing ordinances, support our homeless neighbors

October 11, 2019

Correction: An earlier version of this column incorrectly said that the murder of Haruka Weiser's was in 2015. It was in April of 2016. The Texan regrets this error. Homelessness is a crisis, but...


Defend East Riverside

September 13, 2019

There are 1,308 units in the Town Lake, Ballpark North, and Quad East, West and South apartments on East Riverside. Sixty percent of them house students -— and much of the rest house working class...


To anticipate the year ahead, look to the past

August 12, 2019

On August 28, the 2019-2020 long session will begin. More than 50,000 Longhorns will return home to campus, each embarking on a year’s worth of individual successes and struggles. Likewise, as a...

0809_UTskyline_RachelTyler (1)

Lack of transparency about professor misconduct continues to leave students at risk

July 30, 2019

In 2013, then-UTLA director Phil Nemy was found in violation of UT’s sexual misconduct policy. More specifically, Nemy had been accused of inappropriately touching students on their lower backs and...


Tuition aid is victory for UT-Austin, another loss for other UT System schools

July 23, 2019

Another barrier to attending UT-Austin has fallen. On July 9, the University announced that about 8,600 Longhorns with an annual family income less than $65,000 will receive free tuition beginning in the...


UT should learn from its mistakes and focus on transparency

May 10, 2019

We’ve been writing about the University for a year. We’ve looked at this school through a microscope — we’ve interviewed officials, students, professors. For a year, we’ve...


UHD creates an atmosphere of secrecy

April 19, 2019

“I’m sorry, I’m too scared to do it.”  Last week we asked resident assistants across campus to talk to us off the record about what they’re allowed to say to the press....


Roadblocks to student journalism don’t help anyone

April 9, 2019

We wanted to write this editorial about UT’s response to shifting Title IX policies at the federal level. The Department of Education has proposed significant changes that will soon be implemented...

ElyGerman_housing_(old_illo) edited

University needs to allot more rooms for incoming students

March 29, 2019

Cecille Lopez, a psychology freshman and first-generation student, waited until the last minute to secure off-campus housing because she was waiting for a housing offer from UT. When Lopez didn’t...


Professors need to reconsider grade-based attendance policies

March 15, 2019

Most professors at UT require students attend class in some way — whether it’s through quizzes, participation or simply making attendance a part of students’ grade in the class.  Requiring...


UT now has the second largest endowment in the country. What does that mean?

March 8, 2019

Last month, The Daily Texan reported that the UT system now has the country’s second largest endowment at $31 billion.  As the second wealthiest university system in the country, it’s...

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 9

Vote Camron & Amie for a ‘UT Led by You’

March 4, 2019

Editor's note: This endorsement reflects the opinion of The Daily Texan editorial board, and not necessarily the opinions of The Daily Texan staff as a whole. Student government and The Daily Texan...


Explaining consent at UT

February 14, 2019

What does consent mean?  If consent is not involved in your sexual activities, it becomes sexual violence. There is no room for interpretation or assumptions or misunderstandings. Communication...


We need a centralized system for appealing grades

February 5, 2019

In July, a student approached the Editorial Board with a story about a professor behaving inappropriately. For the purposes of anonymity, we’ll call her Emma.  From the first day of class,...


Students deserve more information about hazing

January 24, 2019

Nicholas Cumberland died in November after a car crash on the way home from a Texas Cowboys initiation retreat. After his death, Cumberland’s parents heard disturbing reports of hazing that weekend....


Oklahoma’s incompetence extends past football

October 5, 2018

Editor’s Note: In the spirit of the University of Texas’ friendly rivalry with the University of Oklahoma, the editorial boards of The Daily Texan and The Oklahoma Daily have exchanged editorials. Read...

0809_UTskyline_RachelTyler (1)

In the face of toxic discourse, focus on survivors of sexual assault

October 3, 2018

Since Sept. 16, three women have accused Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct or assault. One of those women — Dr. Christine Blasey Ford — delivered testimony to the Senate...


Last year’s issues aren’t going anywhere

August 9, 2018

Over the last school year, the University of Texas community has experienced a range of challenges — from the continued blowback of national conversations surrounding gun rights and sexual assault...


Open dialogue remains necessary despite improvements to campus safety

July 17, 2018

In the immediate aftermath of Haruka Weiser’s brutal on-campus murder in April 2016, the University launched initiatives to reassess and update campus security procedures. In August 2016, the Texas...


UT acknowledged that he behaved inappropriately. Why is he still teaching?

July 10, 2018

Last October, Elizabeth Cullingford, chair of the English department, called a town hall for English graduate students after sexual harassment allegations against English associate professor Coleman Hutchison...

0626_MelWestfall_assault (1)

How we talk to incoming students about rape

June 26, 2018

The UT System’s 2017 Cultivating Learning and Safe Environments report found that 15 percent of female undergraduates at UT-Austin have been sexually assaulted since enrollment. 28 percent of the...


This year’s ESB set a dangerous precedent, next year’s ESB should ignore it

March 29, 2018

This year’s executive alliance election was not the first time complaints have nullified results, a runoff extended the campaign period, or students pilloried the Election Supervisory Board for its...


You Ask, We Answer: How to Appeal a Grade

March 28, 2018

Dear Bevo, In the fall, I earned an A- in a course. When final grades were released, however, mine read that I got a B+ when Canvas clearly said otherwise. I brought this discrepancy to the attention...


University-wide endorsements

February 28, 2018

Like other positions in the Student Government Assembly, University-wide representatives are charged with writing and voting on legislation, advocating for pertinent and effective changes on the student...


The Daily Texan Editorial Board: Colton-Mehraz best poised to enact feasible change

February 27, 2018

Student Government’s responsibilities fall into three categories: making statements for and by the student body, overseeing limited funding for specific projects and putting legislation and resolutions...


The Daily Texan endorses for March primary races

February 26, 2018

Primary season is in full force. Early voting started on Feb. 20, with primary elections on March 6, 2018. This first post-2016 primary has particular significance in Texas, where students and young voters...


You Ask, We Answer: Plus-Minus Grading

February 16, 2018

Dear Bevo, The +/- grading system at UT must be amended. An A and A- should be of equal value (4.0) and B- should be 3.00 GPA points not 2.67. Why is the UT grade system so harsh? Sincerely, Grades...


Save a student voter. Avoid runoffs.

February 13, 2018

Starting Feb. 14 until elections on Feb. 28 and March 1, students will run for positions ranging from student body president to co-op representative to editor-in-chief.  With the current crowded field...


Students deserve notification of poor professor conduct

January 30, 2018

Two mirror images of pharmacy professor Richard Morrisett are currently emblazoned on the Austin American-Statesman’s website. On the left sits a mugshot from Travis County, and on the right, a staff...

Horns Up, Horns Down: The Holiday Edition

November 28, 2017

Horns Up: Christmas is Coming It’s almost Christmas. Well, we’re the closest to Christmas that we’ve been all semester. It’s officially time to dust off the holiday decorations...


Let’s talk tuition

November 16, 2017

Today is the last day students can offer input on the proposed 2 percent tuition increase. Once feedback has been collected, the Tuition Policy Advisory Committee will bring the information to President...


Horns Up, Horns Down: The fall woes are in full swing

October 31, 2017

Horns up: Halloweekend We debated whether this was a horns up or horns down, but after some firsthand editorial research we determined this weekend to be an overall net positive. Yes, West Campus became...


Horns Up, Horns Down: Speedway bricks edition

October 19, 2017

Horns down: No more flat-ish UT With today’s breaking news that the Speedway bricks will have to be torn up and replaced, students must face the heartbreaking reality that perhaps this construction...


New and old coaches agree: OU still sucks

October 12, 2017

Editor’s Note: In the spirit of the University of Texas’ friendly rivalry with the University of Oklahoma, the editorial boards of The Daily Texan and The Oklahoma Daily have exchanged editorials....


Revocation of DACA raises questions, fears

September 6, 2017

Yesterday, the Trump administration officially announced the end of DACA. Threatening hundreds of thousands of undocumented Americans with expulsion from the only country they have ever known is a new...


Confederate statue removal is valuable step forward, must drive future change

August 26, 2017

Students returning to UT will enter a campus altered for the better. President Gregory Fenves announced Sunday that the four remaining Confederate statues would be removed from the Main Mall, as they...


Horns up, Horns down: Summer 2017

July 19, 2017

Horns Down: Road work Traffic in Austin is already pretty bad during the semester. With everyone and their cars back in Austin, driving around West Campus often feels like a proper road trip. You...


Two universities’ tragedies demand urgency, reflection in improving campus climate

June 12, 2017

Editor’s note: In recent years, the University of Texas at Austin and the The University of Maryland have experienced similar traumas related to campus climate. In recognition that our individual...


Students deserve clearer crisis communication

May 4, 2017

Monday afternoon, one student died and three were injured in an on-campus stabbing. This senseless act of violence, in front of a sizable crowd of students in the busiest part of campus during the busiest...


Horns up, Horns down: April 18

April 18, 2017

Horns Down: Gaudy football lockers This weekend, before our football team’s spring game kicked off, Herman’s crew dropped a tweet showing off plans for new lockers, which will all feature...


Horns up, Horns down: April 4

April 4, 2017

Horns Up: Baseball is in full swing  Professors got off lucky this year, with both the Rangers and Astros opening their seasons after most classes ended yesterday. Not that class would have stopped...


Horns up, Horns down: Post-Spring Break blues

March 20, 2017

Horns down: Farewell, spring break It’s usually great to be back in Austin after a break, but spring break isn’t always the best. Sure, South by Southwest is fun if you have deep pockets...


Guzman-Wolf prove ready to lead students

March 8, 2017

  Last week, we offered no endorsement in the first round of voting for Student Government executive alliance. But this week, we realize that is no longer a tenable position. Like every candidate...


Horns up, Horns down: March 7

March 7, 2017

Horns up: Student Government Runoffs? For all the complaining about Student Government elections, this year’s iteration has been more painless than those in years past. We weren’t offered...


University-wide representative candidates offer new visions

March 1, 2017

Editor’s Note: There are eight University-wide representative positions, for which 19 candidates are running. We sent them a detailed candidate questionnaire to inform ourselves on a host of policy...


SG executive alliance tickets appear ill-equipped to serve

March 1, 2017

Throughout the past year, our campus culture has been forced to take on several of the more difficult discussions it has encountered in decades. In the run-up to the election of President Donald Trump...


Horns up, Horns down: Feb. 14

February 14, 2017

Horns Up: Swipe right for chocolate Valentine’s Day got you down? Made it through years of undergrad without finding a significant other? Tired of being ignored by everyone from Gregory Fenves...


Students deserve actionable campaign promises during campus-wide elections

February 10, 2017

Campaigning for campus-wide elections will begin at 12:01 a.m. on Feb. 15. From then until the first round of voting ends on March 2, dozens of students will clamor for your vote in an attempt to ostensibly...


Horns up, horns down: Jan. 31

January 31, 2017

Horns Up: You call this winter? Are you hot, sticky and about to drop dead when walking to class? No, you’re not, because the weather has been great this month. Thanks to some downpours of rain...


Marchers have miles left before finish line

January 23, 2017

This weekend, about 50,000 people descended on Austin for the Women’s March, with millions more joining in similar marches worldwide. Thousands of those who packed downtown were students. In the...


SG mission requires more diversity in elections

January 19, 2017

On Tuesday, as the semester began, so too did the filing period to run for a position in Student Government, as well as in a host of other organizations. Between now and Feb. 14, every student on campus,...


Horns Up, Horns Down: Good Riddance, 2016

December 5, 2016

After being rudely reminded that there’s one class day left this semester, we avoided studying for our finals by taking a look back on a few of the things that we’ve felt have made this year...


Horns up, horns down: Nov. 21

November 21, 2016

Horns up: The break is coming! Including Monday, we have eight days of class left. We’re undecided on whether we’d rather have one of the class days this Wednesday or on a Monday in a few...


Make 2020’s election what you want it to be

November 10, 2016

Donald Trump capped what has been an emotionally taxing election cycle chock full of unproductive and demanding dialogue by pulling off a shocking upset. There has been and will continue to be speculation...


Horns up, horns down: Nov. 7

November 7, 2016

Horns Up: It's almost over! After an election period that has lasted longer than the gestation period of most whales — almost 19 months, if you’re curious — we’re less than...


YCT fails to use free speech productively

October 31, 2016

The issue of race in college admissions is tied to the University of Texas at Austin more so than almost any other school in the country. The policy of separate but equal began to fall after a black student...

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