Criminal trespass incidents on campus spike over spring break

Julia Brouillette

Criminal trespass incidents on campus spiked over spring break with at least three arrests and six warnings issued, according to UTPD crime logs.

—On March 7, a non-UT-affiliated man was causing a disturbance inside the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center. When UTPD responded, they found the man had an outstanding warrant issued by an outside agency. After he received a written criminal trespass warning, the man was arrested.

—Two people not connected to UT were caught loitering and dancing on a statue located on the East Mall around 6:50 a.m. Tuesday. They both were given criminal trespass warnings.

—UTPD officers found two homeless men sleeping in a student lounge area of Jester Center on Tuesday. One of the men said he saw the other man sleeping there and assumed he could sleep there as well, according to the report. Both men had previously been issued criminal trespass warnings, so they were arrested.— In the Texas Union Underground, police arrested a man for public intoxication after he was reported as yelling and threatening building employees. The man, who was stopped while trying to ascend a stairwell, also received a criminal trespass citation.Three non-UT-affiliated individuals were issued criminal trespass warnings between March 11 and March 12 after they were found sleeping on campus property. The first man was found on the side of Speedway, the second man near a UT administration building and the third man outside Walter Webb Hall.

—UTPD responded to the San Antonio Parking Garage after multiple emergency alarms were activated around 11:25 p.m. Thursday. Upon arriving on the scene, officers found a drunk UT staff member who admitted to activating the panic alarm devices because he needed help with the parking pay station and moving his car to the street to avoid overnight parking fees. Officers assisted the man in moving his car and arrested him for public intoxication.

—UTPD officers found two individuals in a campus parking lot who matched the descriptions of theft suspects from a recent APD call. One of the subjects provided identification, but the other gave a fictitious name twice, according to the report.

—On Friday, UTPD found a non-UT-affiliated man asleep in a parking space inside the Manor Parking Garage. According to the report, the subject appeared to have urinated in his sleep. He was written a criminal trespass ticket.