Pointe on Rio futher delays move-in to January

Eleanor Dearman

The already delayed move-in date for future Pointe on Rio residents has been moved from October to January, according to an email sent to leaseholders Friday.

This is the second time the complex’s move-in day has been changed. On July 24, leaseholders at Pointe received an email that said the building’s construction would not be complete for the original move-in date on Aug. 16. Pointe officials scheduled the new date to Oct. 15 and gave residents the option to either stay at Dobie Center rent-free or find self-financed outside housing until then.

Now, residents are being told that the building will not be ready for move-in until January, according to the Sept. 19 email.

T’Erra Brown, psychology sophomore and Pointe leaseholder currently living at Dobie, said she was not surprised by the further delay.

“When I walked past the apartment a couple times, there was really no one over there working,” Brown said. “They’d be there every few days. I’m not shocked. I’m upset, but I’m not really shocked.”

The email attributes the delay to “city inspections and unforeseen construction delays.”

Heather Cox, Pointe on Rio manager, declined to comment about the second delay.

In Friday’s email the leaseholders were offered three options: to continue Dobie accommodations, including 25 meals a month and a parking spot, to continue staying at housing outside of Dobie until the complex’s completion, or to cancel their lease with Pointe.

According to the email, if leaseholders decide to cancel their lease, it must be done by Oct. 21.

Toni Tatarevich, corporate communications senior and leaseholder at Pointe, said she feels the management is doing their best in a tough situation, but that their communication is inefficient.

“I think it’s more of a corporate problem that this place isn’t finished,” Tatarevich said.  “But it’s a great inconvenience because obviously I expected to have my own room, my own place, my own privacy, and that has not been fulfilled by the Pointe on Rio.”

Tatarevich said she plans to continue staying at Dobie, since Pointe is paying the rent, but is worried that the building will not be ready for move-in by January.

“My concern is what if they keep extending this deadline and I never get to live there?” Tatarevich said. “That’s what I keep thinking. How long is this going to go on? It’s just so frustrating to drive by there. Very little progress, it seems, has been made.”