Reader commends family for donation to stuttering institute

Your article “UT unveils new stuttering institute” (Sept. 22) about the $3 million donation by the Lang Family to create the Lang Institute for Stutter at UT was most heartening. Kudos to the Langs for such an overwhelming donation in terms of both dollars and lives of children that will be changed through the free speech therapy offered at the institute.

I just wish to mention that it is not generally known that every child in the U.S. has the right to free speech therapy, from preschool through high school due to federal legislation in the early 1970s. This incredible benefit of free speech therapy is not just for stuttering and encompasses all speech problems faced by children. It is not an entitlement based on family income, so every child in the U.S. with a speech problem is eligible. I applaud The Lang Institute for Stuttering for offering free speech therapy to children. Hopefully this speech clinic at UT will be a national role model for many other speech clinics to offer free speech therapy to children in need.

— Edward Herrington, in response to the Sept. 22 article titled “UT unveils new stuttering institute.”