IFC raises money for men’s health with mustaches

Eleanor Dearman

The number of mustaches on campus may increase this November.

Interfraternity Council members are using facial hair to raise awareness about men’s health, especially testicular and prostate cancer, in their fifth “Movember.” Beginning Saturday, members are asking men on campus to grow a mustache to show their support for men’s health, and, if they choose, to do so to raise money, which will be donated to the Livestrong and Movember foundations.

“The idea behind Movember is you start the month clean-shaven, and then you grow a mustache,” said Matt Lillard, economics senior and IFC vice president of philanthropy. “And when people ask you about it you say ‘Oh, I’m doing this for Movember to raise awareness for men’s health.”

To encourage participation, Lillard said IFC hired The Boondock Barbershop to park its trailer on Speedway and give out free shaves to students.

“We’re trying to get people clean shaven and signed up,” Lillard said.

Participating students receive a straight-edge shave that would otherwise cost $35, according to Edwin Qian, economics and management information systems senior and IFC president. The trailer will be on campus until Friday.

“We thought, what a better idea than for us to be a part of it,” said Ziridiana Mendez, manager of The Boondock. “Because we can bring out a little bit of our services with our awesome barbers and bring awareness to everyone else about what Movember is.”

Students who participate in Movember have the option to ask for donations while growing their facial hair. According to Qian, the IFC raised over $21,000 last year for Movember, and their goal for this year is $30,000.

“It’s been growing significantly every year,” Qian said.

IFC is the parent organization of 26 University fraternities. Qian said the fraternities are working with each other to raise money for
the cause.

“The council really wants to unite all the fraternities together to work toward a common goal,” Qian said.

The Movember Foundation is a global organization, and, according to Qian, other universities across the nation participate in the month, including Oklahoma State University, Iowa State University, Baylor University and Texas Christian University. Qian said the schools in the Big 12 are competing to raise the most money.

Isaac Reyes, mechanical engineering senior and member of Pi Kappa Phi, was waiting in line at the trailer. He said Movember was personal to him because he has known people with prostate cancer.

“I’m also a member of Texas 4000,” Reyes said. “We’re a big proponent of fighting cancer, and one of the big movements that we’re responsible for is tackling prostate cancer, which is something that several friends of my family have gone through.”

Reyes is not yet sure what type of facial hair he is going to grow.

“I was growing out a beard earlier in the semester, and I shaved it,” Reyes said. “So, I guess I’m going clean before the month starts. We’ll see. I don’t grow the best mustache, but maybe this is the time to figure out if I can.”