Homeless man wields knife, stabs other homeless man in Union Building


Charlie Pearce

Over the past six years, the Union Building, along with the Student Activity Center, Jester Center, Webb Hall and the Perry-Castaneda Library, has been the site of more criminal trespassing violations than any other building on campus. These buildings are particularly vulnerable because of heavy foot traffic and the likelihood of unattended belongings. 

Wynne Davis

A homeless man stabbed another homeless man with a knife inside the Union Building after the two got into a fight Wednesday evening. 

UTPD spokeswoman Cindy Posey said neither of the men, who were not affiliated with UT, were taken into custody. One man sustained minor injuries but refused services and treatment from emergency medical personnel. Posey said an investigation is ongoing.

“They just came in through the doors, and they were pushing each other and then it escalated pretty quickly,” actuarial science senior Kirby Nguyen, who saw the fight take place, said.

One of the men pushed the other to the ground, and the fallen man started yelling that he had been cut on the wrist, Nguyen said.

Government junior Patrick Duchala said he did not witness the fight, but saw the aftermath. 

“There was just a bunch of blood on the ground, and then there was a trail of blood that went past that first elevator to the underground and all the way down the hallway,” Duchala said. 

Nguyen said he was far enough from the scene of the incident that he didn’t see the injury, but the injured individual announced he had been cut as emergency services were being called.

“[The man who was cut] as he was leaving said, ‘This dude has a knife and cut me on my wrist,’ then he showed everyone his wrist and then he said [the man who shoved him] tried to cut a homeless lady,” Nguyen said.

The men left before UTPD officers arrived, but officers told students they were able to find the injured man and confirmed he had suffered minor injuries from a stab wound, Nguyen said.