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Suspect named in death of ‘Junior the Wendy’s Guy’

Wynne Davis May 12, 2016

Austin Police Department officers have named Nikolas Ray Eller, 38, as the suspect in the death of Ishmael Mohammed Jr., according to the Austin American-Statesman. APD officers are investigating Mohammed...


News editor says “à bientôt” to the Texan, climbs stairs one last time

Wynne Davis May 6, 2016

Editor’s note: A 30 column is a chance for departing permanent staff to say farewell and reflect on their time spent in The Daily Texan’s basement office. The term comes from the old typesetting...


Report: Details emerge regarding on-campus homicide

Wynne Davis April 13, 2016

Dance freshman Haruka Weiser, the victim of last week’s campus homicide, appears to have been sexually assaulted and was the victim of strangulation, according to a report by the Austin American-Statesman. The...


Secretary of Defense speaks on campus

Wynne Davis April 1, 2016

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter visited UT Thursday and engaged in a discussion with students about the United States’ current security situation. During the event, which was hosted by the...


Texas primary election results: Hinojosa, Cruz, Clinton win

Wynne Davis March 2, 2016

Results for state and local elections and the national primaries were announced Tuesday night after citizens cast their votes on election day and early voting last week.  Gina Hinojosa, an Austin...


UTPD voids disorderly conduct citation after review

Wynne Davis February 12, 2016

After reviewing a citation written to an evangelical preacher for disorderly conduct, the University of Texas Police Department voided the citation because it did not meet the requirements of the law. “Our...


Faculty council speaks out against campus carry

Wynne Davis January 26, 2016

Faculty members gathered at the Faculty Council meeting Monday to speak out against campus carry and give President Gregory Fenves their thoughts before he submits suggestions to the UT System by mid-February. Campus...


Student hosts TEDx event, talks about effect of televised Senate broadcasts

Wynne Davis January 22, 2016

The U.S. Senate’s televised broadcasts have impaired its ability to discuss important political issues, according to a UT student who gave a talk during a TEDx event in Reno, Nevada.  William...


New West Campus parking meters begin operation Wednesday

Wynne Davis January 13, 2016

Newly installed parking meters in West Campus will start collecting money Wednesday as part of an expansion of the parking benefit district that was started in 2013. The expansion of the benefit district...


Introducing the yuccie

Wynne Davis June 22, 2015

The first rule of being a hipster is you don’t call yourself a hipster. At least that’s what everyone says. Hipsters are not new, and they’re definitely not new to Austin, a place...


Chancellor appoints two new leaders

Wynne Davis May 7, 2015

As a part of his plan to increase the UT System’s influence and excellence in higher education, System Chancellor William McRaven hired two leaders from within the System to join his staff. David...


New drink promises hangover cure

Wynne Davis May 7, 2015

In an effort to help students keep up their with their class schedules and social lives, a Princeton junior developed a new drink that aims to alleviate hangovers quicker than extensive hydration. Brooks...

West Campus sees increase in car burglaries over last two months

Wynne Davis May 6, 2015

Car burglaries in West Campus have been on the rise for the past two months, according to Austin Police Department officials.  Between March 22 and the end of April, 47 car burglaries took place....


Austin Fire Department works with Wall-E, Eve to combat danger

Wynne Davis May 4, 2015

Two robots, Wall-E and Eve, are helping the Austin Fire Department incorporate technology into firefighting so that they can ultimately assess situations in advance of their human firefighting counterparts. The...


As APD prepares to equip department with body cameras, some officers ahead of the curve

Wynne Davis May 1, 2015

Over the next two to five years, the Austin Police Department will implement plans to equip its officers with body cameras — and in the meantime, 25 APD officers have purchased cameras on their own. Several...


Pedestrian fatalities occurring at a higher rate in 2015

Wynne Davis April 28, 2015

The number of pedestrian deaths in Austin has increased compared to this time last year, with nine deaths occurring since January. In 2014, there were 15 pedestrian deaths total. The Austin Police Department...


Legislators seek to ban red light traffic cameras

Wynne Davis April 23, 2015

The Texas Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would ban red light cameras throughout the state.   SB 714, which state Sen. Bob Hall (R-Edgewood) authored, will prohibit all red light cameras throughout...


APD shifts focus in drone regulation policy

Wynne Davis April 22, 2015

Officers from the Austin Police Department said they will no longer check to see if drone operators have a certificate for themselves or for their drone, unless the drone is flying near a crowded area.  The...


UTPD officers face dunk tank for charity

Wynne Davis April 20, 2015

Officers from the UT Police Department plunged into cold water Friday in an effort to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as part of Phi Kappa Sigma’s first Dunk A Cop event. The...


Bomb threat prompts UTPD to examine notification system

Wynne Davis April 13, 2015

When the University of Texas Police Department received a bomb threat earlier this month, officers quickly went to sweep the area near the Butler School of Music — but did not send a text alert to...


Facilities Services staff places barricades around CLA because of broken windows, falling glass

Wynne Davis April 8, 2015

Temporary barricades will remain around the perimeter of the College of Liberal Arts building until UT Facilities Services staff can determine what is causing the building’s large glass windows to...


UTPD, APD clear Butler School of Music after bomb threat

Eleanor Dearman and Wynne Davis April 7, 2015

Bass Concert Hall and Texas Performing Arts Center were evacuated Monday after a bomb threat was reported to the Butler School of Music. UTPD responded to a call that reported a bomb threat in...


APD focuses on underage drinking during RoundUp weekend

Wynne Davis April 1, 2015

Despite a recent sound ordinance in West Campus, more tickets were issued for underage drinking than for noise complaints during RoundUp last weekend. Officers of the Public Assembly Code Enforcement...


IFC tightens wristband policy in preparation for RoundUp ’15

Wynne Davis March 27, 2015

Students from around the nation will flood West Campus for the 85th annual RoundUp event this weekend — and the Interfraternity Council is hoping all of them will be college students. This year,...


UTPD employs higher number of women than national average

Wynne Davis March 24, 2015

Ten women serve as officers win UTPD, making up 16 percent of the staff, and that number is higher than the national average of 13 percent among police departments nationwide. Julie Gillespie started...

On-campus crimes continue during spring break

Wynne Davis March 23, 2015

Although the student population on campus dwindled this week, officers from the UTPD responded to many incidents involving non-UT subjects on and near campus.   During spring break, UTPD officers...


One year later: SXSW Cares Fund still provides help to victims

Wynne Davis March 12, 2015

One year after a car drove through a crowd of people at South By Southwest, killing four and injuring more than 20 others, all the victims of the crime have received funds to help with the recovery...


House bill proposes higher minimum wage in Texas

Wynne Davis March 10, 2015

Rep. Eddie Lucio Jr. (D-Brownsville) filed a bill Thursday to raise minimum wage in Texas from $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour. The minimum wage for federal contract workers increased to $10.10 per...


UTPD: More students using real personal information on fake IDs

Wynne Davis March 6, 2015

More students are including genuine personal information when creating fake IDs for themselves, according to UT police. “Lately, we’ve been seeing driver’s licenses that [have] the...


APD investigating assault in West Campus

Wynne Davis March 6, 2015

A UT student was assaulted in West Campus early Wednesday morning, according to a UT Safety Alert email. The assault occured at approximately 2 a.m. near 25th and Pearl Streets....


Gene Vela found not guilty on all counts

Wynne Davis March 5, 2015

Gene Vela walked out of the Travis County Courthouse a free man Wendesday after being found not guilty on all charges. The trial occurred more than a year after the standoff between Vela, a former...


UT closes campus until 1 p.m., delays classes until 2 p.m.

Wynne Davis March 5, 2015

UT campus will close at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday and remain closed until 1 p.m. Thursday because of inclement winter weather. Classes will resume at 2 p.m., and UT shuttle services...


Jurors: Gene Vela not guilty on all counts

Julia Brouillette and Wynne Davis March 5, 2015

Update (9:14 p.m.): Gene Vela walked out of the Travis County Courthouse a free man after being found not guilty of charges for aggravated assault against a public servant, making a terroristic threat,...


Students express frustration with J & J Towing Company

Wynne Davis March 4, 2015

Eight students have said J & J Towing removed their cars from their apartment complexes although they had permits displayed. J & J towed the cars from Texan Tower and San Gabriel Condominiums,...


Trial continues for former UT grad student involved in armed police stand-off

Wynne Davis March 2, 2015

The trial of Gene Vela, a former public affairs graduate student on trial for two charges of aggravated assault on a public servant, continued Friday at the Travis County Courthouse.  Vela...


Students hold vigil for death row inmate Rodney Reed

Eleanor Dearman, Wynne Davis, and Samantha Ketterer February 27, 2015

One week before Rodney Reed’s scheduled execution, students and community members gathered on the steps of the Tower to hold a vigil for Reed and to protest Texas’ judicial system.   Students...


Former graduate student Gene Vela stands trial after standoff with police

Wynne Davis February 27, 2015

More than a year after a standoff with Austin police, Gene Vela, a former public affairs graduate student, stood trial this week for two charges of aggravated assault on a public servant. Vela was taken...


UTPD: Proper bike lock use can prevent bike theft

Wynne Davis February 25, 2015

Fifteen out of 17 bicycles that have been reported as stolen since the semester began in January were locked using a cable lock, according to William Pieper, University of Texas Police Department...


SURE Walk remains under-used by students

Wynne Davis February 24, 2015

The safety program SURE Walk remains an under-utilized student resource despite efforts to re-brand its image and increase visibility, according to Charles Steen, government and finance junior and director...


Classes delayed until 11 a.m. because of potential winter weather

Wynne Davis and Julia Brouillette February 24, 2015

Because of potential winter weather, UT will delay opening until 10 a.m., and classes will begin at 11 a.m. Tuesday. Classes that are scheduled to already be underway at 11 a.m. will...


Students discuss potential impact of “campus carry” policy

Wynne Davis February 20, 2015

Students on both sides of the “campus carry” debate gathered on campus Thursday night for a town hall meeting to discuss the impact a concealed firearm policy might have on campus. Last...


APD: Auto thefts increase in West Campus

Wynne Davis February 19, 2015

West Campus auto thefts have increased because of students leaving their cars unlocked, according to the Austin Police Department. According to APD officers, students can help prevent auto thefts by...


Faculty Council reaffirms ban of firearms on campus

Wynne Davis and Josh Willis February 17, 2015

The UT Faculty Council passed a resolution Monday reaffirming the ban of firearms on campus. The Council unanimously approved the resolution in response to SB 11, which would allow concealed carry of...


Student Government develops mobile safety app

Wynne Davis February 16, 2015

Members of Student Government are working to bring a mobile safety application to campus in an attempt to give students a better sense of security.  Taylor Strickland, SG vice president, said the...

Union employees review building policy after stabbing

Wynne Davis February 12, 2015

Employees of the Union Building are reviewing building policies after an argument Tuesday evening between two homeless men escalated to physical violence. Claudette Campbell, assistant director of operations...


Homeless man wields knife, stabs other homeless man in Union Building

Wynne Davis February 11, 2015

A homeless man stabbed another homeless man with a knife inside the Union Building after the two got into a fight Wednesday evening.  UTPD spokeswoman Cindy Posey said neither of the...


City plans to add lighting, widen sidewalks in West Campus

Wynne Davis February 9, 2015

City officials are planning to add lighting, trees and wider sidewalks to West Campus as part of a parking benefit program between the city and University Area Partners, a West Campus neighborhood association.  The...


UTPD, APD target crime on Drag

Wynne Davis February 5, 2015

Officers from both UTPD and the Austin Police Department started a more focused initiative to minimize crime homeless people commit on Guadalupe Street.  APD officer Darrell Grayson said the...

Medical school construction means fewer parking spots west of I-35

Wynne Davis January 28, 2015

Because of Dell Medical School construction, the University removed hundreds of “C” parking spots in lots near the Frank Erwin Center and School of Social Work, causing frustration among some commuting...


APD Pipes and Drums Corps serve police community

Wynne Davis January 27, 2015

When taking a break from the daily responsibilities of policing, a group of Austin Police officers play drums and bagpipes in funerals, parades, festivals and community events.  After listening...

University police departments use social media to monitor crime

Wynne Davis January 21, 2015

Police departments across the nation now use Yik Yak, a social media app, to monitor crime reports.  Campus police departments in South Dakota and Wisconsin started using Yik Yak, which functions...


City sound ordinance requirements still unclear for student groups

Wynne Davis January 21, 2015

Many Greek groups in West Campus still do not know the exact requirements of the city sound ordinance, after the city promised to provide details in a meeting last fall, according to Daniel Warner, government...

Campus crime continues over break

Wynne Davis January 20, 2015

Although thousands of students left campus over winter break, UTPD stayed active because crime never takes a vacation. The most common offenses reported by UTPD were criminal trespassing, public intoxication...

Judge wants trial for SXSW crash suspect Rashad Owens by November

Wynne Davis January 10, 2015

Travis County district court judge Cliff Brown said Friday he wants to try the murder and aggravated assault cases against Rashad Owens by November.   Owens, the suspect in the deadly car crash...

Parking along part of Whitis Avenue moves to city’s jurisdiction

Wynne Davis August 14, 2014

Parking along the 2600 block of Whitis Avenue became part of the city of Austin’s jurisdiction on Wednesday. “Once the city of Austin determined this area belonged to the [city], the city...

McCombs school evacuated after fire alert

Wynne Davis August 5, 2014

The McCombs School of Business building was evacuated after the Austin Fire Department responded to an alarm at approximately 11 p.m. Monday night. AFD reported light smoke and an electric...


Two UT football players charged with sexual assault

Wynne Davis and Nick Castillo July 24, 2014

UT football players Kendall Sanders and Montrel Meander were taken into custody after being arrested and charged with sexual assault, a second-degree felony on Thursday. If convicted, the accused...

UTPD alert campus of knife-wielding subject, find no threat

Wynne Davis July 23, 2014

University police alerted the campus of a subject carrying a knife near the Main Building on Wednesday morning, but determined shortly after the person did not pose a threat to those on campus. UTPD...

Police report aggravated assault on Guadalupe

Wynne Davis July 23, 2014

University and Austin police officers reported an aggravated assault by two armed suspects on Guadalupe Street on Monday evening. APD officers responded after a call came in at 5:23 p.m. from an individual...

Immigration Overload _admi

Perry announces surge of National Guard troops to Texas-Mexico border

Christina Noriega, YoungJee Jung, and Wynne Davis July 22, 2014

Gov. Rick Perry announced on Monday he will deploy 1,000 state National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border. According to a statement issued by Perry’s office, the troops will work alongside...

Assault suspect

Man arrested by UTPD after assaulting student

Wynne Davis July 17, 2014

UTPD officers arrested a man across from campus on Guadalupe Street on Thursday afternoon after a student reported an assault. The man was arrested after a student reported the man had been yelling...

Assault victim criticizes University alert system

Wynne Davis July 7, 2014

After being assaulted while walking to her office on June 26, graduate student Cindy Walter-Gensler recounted the event for her students and said she wondered why there had not been an alert sent to the...


UT student pleads guilty in conspiring to aid terrorists

Wynne Davis July 2, 2014

UT student Rahatul Khan pled guilty in conspiring and attempting to provide terrorists material support on Wednesday. At a plea hearing, Khan admitted he had worked with a co-conspirator from March...


Davis, Van de Putte host filibuster anniversary event

Wynne Davis June 26, 2014

One year after state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, delayed a vote on an anti-abortion bill with an 11-hour filibuster, a large crowd filled the Palmer Events Center on Wednesday as Democratic gubernatorial...

UTPD looking into reported sexual assault on campus

Nick Castillo and Wynne Davis June 25, 2014

After a reported sexual assault, UTPD officers are investigating the incident that occurred Saturday at the San Jacinto Residence Hall. UTPD said the three individuals involved knew each other and the...

APD investigating burglary at Dobie Center

Wynne Davis June 24, 2014

Austin Police Department officers responded to a burglary theft call Thursday at Dobie Center after two residents reported a man leaving their room. The incident occurred at approximately 9:18 p.m....


Former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice discusses restorative justice at campus event

Wynne Davis June 18, 2014

Restorative justice programs offer an opportunity for both the offenders and the victims of crimes to move forward, but the programs also help communities, Janine Geske, former Wisconsin Supreme Court...

Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 11

Recent rain causes beetles to emerge on campus

Wynne Davis June 16, 2014

Creatures of the night, black ground beetles have become a summer norm on campus as they have surfaced to feed and breed. UT pest control technician Candace Legge said her office started receiving calls...


Ransom Center acquires McEwan archive

Wynne Davis June 11, 2014

The Harry Ransom Center acquired the archives of English author Ian McEwan, and visitors to the center will be able to interact with them after they are processed. Because of the Ransom Center’s...


Nursing school removes dress code posters following criticism

Wynne Davis June 5, 2014

The School of Nursing took down dress code posters inside its building on Wednesday after receiving criticism online for the signs being targeted toward women. The sign called for revealing clothing...


UT’s Food Lab to host business plan competition centered on developing food industry startups

Wynne Davis June 3, 2014

The University opened registration Sunday for the UT Food Lab Challenge, an international competition focused on the evolving food industry.  Sponsored by the University’s Food Lab,...


City Council votes to create an ordinance to increase recycling at food trucks

Wynne Davis May 2, 2014

Customers at food trucks may soon be able to recycle on-site, after the Austin City Council voted Thursday to ask the city manager to create an ordinance enabling food trucks to provide recycling and composting...


Driverless car sharing program could lead to more efficient travel

Wynne Davis April 30, 2014

According to UT researchers, driverless cars, or shared autonomous vehicles, could start driving people around the country in fewer than 10 years. Civil engineering professor Kara Kockelman and graduate...

Archaeologist presents findings that parallel different civilizations in Peru

Wynne Davis April 28, 2014

Archaeologist Steve Bourget presented findings on campus Saturday from his work in northern Peru and said different civilizations can be connected based on the designs found in medallions and ceramics. Bourget...


Patrica Stout named chair of advertising and public relations department

Wynne Davis April 25, 2014

Patricia Stout, who has been a professor in the department of advertising and public relations since 1984, was named chair of the department Wednesday. Stout said she looks forward to taking on the new...


Environmental student organizations collaborate for Earth Day festival

Wynne Davis April 23, 2014

As part of a week of environmental awareness events centered around Earth Day, environmental student organizations and University departments hosted a carnival on Gregory Plaza on Tuesday to inform students...

UT researchers show brain makes spatial map using gamma waves

Wynne Davis April 21, 2014

Neurons and gamma waves in the brain can give insight into how people remember their location, according to UT researchers. In a study released Thursday, neuroscience assistant professor Laura Colgin...


West community remembers those who died one year after explosion

Wynne Davis April 18, 2014

On the fairgrounds of West on Thursday night, community members came together for a memorial service to remember their friends and family one year after a local fertilizer plant exploded and left destruction...


Free market principles can help the environment, according to think tank representative

Wynne Davis April 16, 2014

Marketing principles are more likely to help fix problems in the environment than scare tactics used in the past are, according to Laura Huggins, outreach director of the Property and Environment Research...

Molecular biomarkers to help reduce burden on cancer patients

Wynne Davis April 14, 2014

According to a UT adjunct assistant professor, being proactive in the search for molecular biomarkers could help aid patients in their fight against cancer. Murali Beeram, nutritional sciences adjunct...


UT senior runs for re-election for Democratic committee

Wynne Davis April 9, 2014

After serving on the State Democratic Executive Committee for two years, Latin American studies senior Huey Rey Fischer is running for re-election because he said there are still problems to address within...


Discussion reviews US role in Ukraine crisis

Wynne Davis April 3, 2014

Ukraine isn’t enough of a U.S. priority to warrant military involvement, although Russia has shown its willingness to use military force, according to government professor Robert Moser in an on-campus...


Campus recycling programs move to single stream and include glass for the first time

Wynne Davis April 1, 2014

After moving to single-stream recycling, both the Division of Housing and Food Services and the University’s main recycling program began accepting and recycling glass products in the fall 2013 semester. The...


Failing to save diseased tree, University works to heal South Mall soil

Wynne Davis March 31, 2014

Despite University efforts to improve its health, a tree on the South Mall will be removed after contracting two different diseases within the last year. Jim Carse, assistant manager of Urban Forestry,...

UTSA professor gives guest lecture on Ecuador’s Cofan people

Wynne Davis March 24, 2014

Michael Cepek, an associate cultural anthropology professor at UT San Antonio, discussed the history of the capture of indigenous Cofan people in Ecuador in his on-campus talk “Ungrateful Predators:...

Report shows gap in academic achievement between white men and men of color, despite engagement levels

Wynne Davis March 19, 2014

According to a report by the College of Education, male students of color have lower rates of academic success in community college than their white counterparts, even though the students of color have...

Black men face more heath problems because of childhood adversity

Wynne Davis March 5, 2014

Black men are more likely to experience hardships with relationships and health issues as adults, according to UT researchers. The study, headed by sociology professor Debra Umberson, surveyed black...


Research shows bullying prevention does not have lasting effects on adolescents

Wynne Davis March 3, 2014

Psychology assistant professor David Yeager said bullying prevention programs in schools have no effect on adolescents during their eighth grade and high school years at a lecture Friday. According...


Panelists discuss upcoming India elections

Wynne Davis February 26, 2014

A student organization hosted a discussion Tuesday night on the upcoming 2014 elections in India and its current political atmosphere, featuring English assistant professor Snehal Shingavi and author Rahul...

In an international effort, students compete in Solar Decathlon

Wynne Davis February 19, 2014

In order to compete in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon, architecture and engineering students will work to create a design for a solar-powered house and make the house fully functionial...

Cloud storage UTBox offered to all — but used by few

Wynne Davis February 17, 2014

UTBox, a secure cloud storage space provided by Information Technology Services, is offered for free to all 74,000 University students, staff and faculty — but so far, only 11,972 have made use of...


UT alumnus gives talk on creating and passing the national budget

Wynne Davis February 12, 2014

UT alumnus David Berteau spoke Tuesday about the current debt ceiling and budget issues Congress is working through, citing it as an example of the complicated nature of managing the nation’s finances. Berteau,...


Twenty thousand phone lines to be replaced

Wynne Davis December 6, 2013

More than 20,000 campus phone landlines will be replaced on campus with Voice over Internet Protocol by spring 2015, as part of an initiative by the Information Technology Services office. Voice over...


Hex Rally canceled because of weather

Wynne Davis November 26, 2013

The Texas Exes canceled the annual Hex Rally on Monday because of inclement weather and the effects of the rain on all the participants and electrical equipment involved. “You got a lot of equipment...


UT researchers find women need more energy education

Wynne Davis November 26, 2013

UT researchers have found that women in underdeveloped countries are in need of energy education to increase society’s efficiency and better the surrounding environment. Researchers Michael Webber,...

Pennebaker and Gosling SMOC classroom 201325174

Professors see improvement in course performance through online platform

Wynne Davis November 25, 2013

Psychology professors Samuel Gosling and James Pennebaker have found that students perform better in an online classroom with daily “benchmark” quizzes rather than a traditional classroom with...

UTLogin to replace current EID authentication system

Wynne Davis November 21, 2013

The University plans to implement a new system to verify EIDs. UTLogin, a project that Information Technology Services has been working on for a few years, will enter its last implementation stage...


Professor Matt Richardson discusses book on black lesbian culture

Wynne Davis November 12, 2013

Though the existing field of black lesbian literature and analysis is limited, it recently became a little bit bigger with the release of a UT professor’s new publication on black lesbian culture. Matt...


Facing a transition to a new engineering building, students fear loss of study space

Wynne Davis November 12, 2013

Electrical engineering students, faculty and staff will face a disruptive transition period as their operations relocate from the Engineering-Science Building, set to be demolished this summer, to the...

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