On-campus crimes continue during spring break

Wynne Davis

Although the student population on campus dwindled this week, officers from the UTPD responded to many incidents involving non-UT subjects on and near campus.  

During spring break, UTPD officers found multiple people trespassing on University property and found many people in possession of marijuana and other illegal substances. Here are some of the highlights and trends that occurred during spring break:

March 13 — Officers responded to a call from Carothers Hall, where they found a student lying in the hallway outside her room. The student, who was not of drinking age, was severely intoxicated and had two open bottles of alcohol. Officers made no arrest but issued a citation for consumption of alcohol by a minor.

March 14 — A bus driver requested an officer’s assistance for criminal activity on the bus. The officer found two non-UT subjects on the bus snorting cocaine. Each subject had two valid driver’s licenses in their possession. Under Texas state law, individuals are only allowed to have one valid driver’s license in their possession at any given time. 

March 18 — After stopping a car driving the wrong way on San Jacinto Boulevard, an officer found three non-UT subjects in possession of cigars full of marijuana.

March 18 — An officer stopped a non-UT student after he noticed the man rolling a green substance into a cigarette. The man told the officer he had obtained the material to create a “nice aroma” around himself. After looking at the substance, the officer confiscated the bag to test if it was synthetic marijuana, otherwise known as K2. 

March 19 — Officers patrolling the Drag found two non-UT subjects with a glass pipe sitting inside a truck. The passengers admitted they had burned methamphetamines. In addition to the methamphetamines, officers found acetaminophen and hydrocodone pills inside a brown bag in the vehicle.

Officers also responded to reports of theft that included bicycles, freshly dried clothes from laundry facilities on campus and other small items. Additionally, one UT student reported unauthorized charges made to her credit card that totaled around $535.