New student portal MyUT will replace UTDirect next fall

Caleb Wong

This fall, students will log in to a new, customizable portal called MyUT to access common functions, such as registration and class schedules, instead of the current UTDirect system.

Administrators said MyUT will show users information tailored to their classification and major and allow students to add links to their individual portals.

“It’s completely customizable,” said Joey Williams, communications coordinator for the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. “It’s going to be tailored to the user. It’s all about getting the information you need as efficiently as possible.”

Williams said administrators decided to switch from UTDirect to MyUT because UTDirect could not display custom information for each student or appear in a natural format on all electronic devices, such as mobile phones or tablets.

“Technologies have changed quite a bit,” Williams said. “A lot of what’s behind the EID right now isn’t responsive. It’s not customizable.”

Jody Couch, program director for student administrative systems, said MyUT will gradually include more features that integrate student data after fall 2015.

“Over the next year, we will roll out features like targeted messaging, calendar integration and the ability for colleges to add content for their students,” Couch said.

Williams said MyUT will save students time by allowing them to use a single login to access secure portals, such as Canvas and other internal services.

“The goal is to have a single login across MyUT,” Williams said. “Now, that’s not going to be completely done on the initial rollout, but that’s going to be the end goal.”

Williams said the ease of access to custom information will not reduce the need for students to visit an academic adviser.=

“It’s going to give students access to information in a more efficient way,” Williams said. “There’s nothing that going to replace a face-to-face relationship with your academic adviser and make sure your adviser is going to give you the right advice.”

Undeclared freshman Alison Seitz said she usually searches Google for specific links she needs, instead of using UTDirect.

“It’s kind of confusing,” Seitz said. “I don’t really use it that much. Normally, when I need to click on a certain [link], say, like, Bevo Bucks, I kind of just Google ‘UT Bevo Bucks’ to click on that instead of like actually going to UTDirect.”