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Fine arts students deserve compensation for real work

May 3, 2018

Rachel Jarvis* will be working full-time over the summer — but she won’t be paid for all those hours. After the semester ends, she plans on cashiering at an outdoor retail center (and...


UT should host December graduation ceremonies

April 19, 2018

Most students who graduate in December can’t walk in a fall commencement ceremony.  The College of Liberal Arts and the College of Natural Sciences stopped hosting December commencement ceremonies...


The power of crowdsourcing helps marginalized students

April 13, 2018

Students don’t come to UT on equal footing. First-generation students like Lauren Loper have to navigate college without the safety net of solid advice and money that their better-off peers possess...


Build a new gym on campus so students don’t die lifting weights

April 10, 2018

When I walk into the free weights section of Gregory Gym in the evening after a long day of school, I feel intimidated. I stretch out my arms and worry that I’m going to bump into someone as I get...


UT students won’t be able to attend next year’s SXSW. That hurts

April 10, 2018

For years, South by Southwest has offered the rarest of opportunities: professional experience and unabashed revelry — often at the same time. A lowly student without a badge can wait in line and...

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Why I won’t be giving to the senior class gift

April 3, 2018

Apparently, bleeding students for everything they are worth through tuition isn’t enough. Student Government’s Senior Class Gift Committee seeks to raise about $120,000 dollars from the class...


Off-campus art offers opportunity for beauty, introspection

March 28, 2018

Going to see art off campus is a long journey. My Intro to China professor asked us to visit “Forever Bicycles,” an off-campus sculpture, for extra credit last semester. Although the art installation...


Austin B-cycle should provide helmets to riders

March 9, 2018

Austin B-cycle is a happy medium between wanting to ride a bike and dealing with the costs of owning one. I can get to a Sunday evening church service or a class without having to pull out the U-lock or...


UT should teach students the way to happiness in the classroom

March 2, 2018

Earning high grades, working at internships, and doing extracurriculars can be an exercise in unhappiness. Rigorous science, though, can give us skills to lead a more satisfying life. The science of positive...


In Ellsworth Kelly’s “Austin,” a place for contemplation without an agenda

February 23, 2018

UT’s campus can make students extraordinarily stressed. Speedway construction induces claustrophobia. PCL’s harsh fluorescent light causes headaches. Even spaces built for relaxation are busy...


Dealing with interpersonal violence? Peer support is available

February 13, 2018

Reporting what happened to the Title IX office. Filing legal charges. Finding counseling and support on or off campus. Deciding whether to undergo a forensic exam. Getting that letter for academic accommodations...


UT students are tired, let us nap

February 9, 2018

Once students are on campus, they are busy. They are studying. They are meeting with their professors in office hours. They are participating in extracurricular activities. All of this takes a toll. Twenty-four...

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PCL needs a new look

February 8, 2018

There are many beautiful, old buildings on the UT campus whose utility belies their age. Light filtering through the long windows onto the worn tables in the architecture library makes studying pleasant....


Model minority myth hurts Asian-Americans

January 22, 2018

“You’re so smart — and good at math. Which college are you going to?” Well-meaning people lob these seemingly positive assumptions at Asian-Americans. The widespread “model...


Workers benefit from appropriate compensation, not false titles

August 4, 2017

As a “Sandwich Artist” at Subway, I was paid $8.00 an hour. I wore a standard, garish green uniform and black pants, along with a pair of kitchen shoes and a black apron.  Under slanted...


What Trump doesn’t understand about the Boy Scouts

July 26, 2017

I feel sorry for President Donald Trump. In his address to the Boy Scouts at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree this week, the selfless mogul extolled the virtues of the Scout Oath and Law. Repeating...


Men ruined Uber. A woman must fix it.

July 19, 2017

Open Uber. Type in an address. Car pulls to the curb. Pay less than what a taxi costs. As a passenger, everything seems well as ride-sharing becomes cheaper and more user-friendly. But the simple interface...


Social media companies must design more ethical platforms

July 14, 2017

I was broken. I applied to become a member of a student society — unlike many others, it seemed like the right fit — and I got an interview. Then I didn’t get in, so I succumbed to my...


How I benefitted from the model minority myth

July 5, 2017

“I want to change my last name,” I told my dad as I walked into his office late that night. At 16 years old, I enjoyed the trappings of my family’s financial success: a McMansion,...


Want to fight fake news? Teach logic in elementary schools

June 28, 2017

It’s too easy to find lies, and it’s too easy to believe them. Like the yellow tabloids of the 19th century, fake news — which I define as publications pushing misleadingly slanted and...


Facebook must prioritize queer rights in repressive countries over lucrative expansion

June 26, 2017

When I first saw the pride flag as a reaction on Facebook, I couldn’t help but be moved. The social media company, after several missteps with transgender users regarding their “real names”...


Men should harness their ambition and potential into female-dominated fields

June 15, 2017

I spoke with a powerful man recently. He’s taken and passed tough anatomy tests. He’s worked in a variety of rotations, from the intensive care unit to the labor and delivery unit. Whether...


Activism, not impeachment, will bring Donald Trump down

June 13, 2017

President Donald Trump himself has praised Putin’s response as “very smart” on Twitter to the Obama’s administration’s sanctions against Russia. Attorney General Jeff Sessions...


Texas’ dwindling investment in higher education means gains left on the table

January 25, 2017

Students sacrifice to get a UT degree everyday. Many students, especially those who must pay their way through school, work many hours outside of class to pay their way through school. And regardless of...


Activists must reach beyond their perspectives in calls for justice

January 18, 2017

It is a truism on the 40 Acres that diversity should be our common goal, that we should celebrate our differences. I am reminded of what separates us from each other whenever I step into the Gender and...


Federal officials say arson caused West explosion

May 12, 2016

A “criminal act” caused the 2013 fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, according to a report released by federal officials.    Officials from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,...


Looking forward to Abigail Fisher: An Explainer

May 6, 2016

This summer, the Supreme Court is expected to release a ruling on the case Abigail Fisher v. University of Texas. Since the case was filed in 2009, it has sparked a debate about the role of race in college...


Even when students leave Austin, their 12-month leases stay with them

May 5, 2016

Nursing senior Liana Chau is excited to graduate and go back to Houston over the summer. “I’m going to be relaxing and studying,” Chau said. “I need to pass my state board [exam]...


Turning into trees, students connect with the national parks

May 4, 2016

Sergio Cavazos is 5 feet 10 inches tall. But for a couple of moments, he became one with nature, turning into a 307-foot-tall redwood tree.  “It was a dream turned into reality,” government...


UT experiences higher demand for on-campus housing

May 3, 2016

Jake Sanchez, a senior at Brandeis High School in San Antonio, will be the first in his family to go to UT. “It was between [UT] or staying home for college, and UT was the choice,” he said....


UT sees increase in Title IX reports involving sexual violence

May 2, 2016

The University has seen an increase in Title IX reports involving student complaints about sexual violence, according to the Title IX office. Title IX complaints consist of cases involving sexual assault,...


UT to welcome largest incoming freshmen class ever

April 29, 2016

When classes start next fall, UT is expected to welcome more than 8,500 incoming freshmen to UT, according to the provost’s office.  “This is the largest incoming freshmen class in...


Minority voters oppose campus carry, poll finds

April 29, 2016

A majority of black and Latino voters in Texas do not support campus carry, according to a recent poll released by the Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis.  According to the poll,...


Kerry discusses experience in Vietnam, America’s path forward in aftermath of war

April 28, 2016

Drawing on his experience as a Vietnam veteran, Secretary of State John Kerry said America has made significant progress in its relationship with Vietnam, but more needs to be done.  “The...


Former secretary of state Henry Kissinger discusses his controversial career

April 27, 2016

Addressing his controversial record as former secretary of state, Henry Kissinger acknowledged “mistakes were made” by America in the Vietnam War but said he had no regrets about his actions...


University officials, state officials clash on tuition increases

April 27, 2016

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick strongly criticized Texas higher education institutions for raising tuition, suggesting the Texas Senate will attempt to limit tuition increases during the next legislative session.  “We...

Preliminary hearing held for suspect Meechaiel Criner

April 24, 2016

A preliminary hearing for suspect Meechaiel Criner was scheduled Friday morning at the Travis County Criminal Court. Criner, who was charged with the murder of UT student Haruka Weiser, did not appear...


By losing control, UT trends on social media

April 22, 2016

If you want to grow your social media presence, you have to give it up. This is the lesson Natalie Groves and Nicholas Persac, UT’s social media coordinators, learned when they let two self-described...


SeekUT struggles to attract more users despite new features

April 20, 2016

The UT System announced it is making a major update to its salary and interactive debt database, seekUT, with new features at a higher education conference Tuesday.  seekUT is a online tool that...


21 Pearl management provides more details about evacuation procedures in notice

April 17, 2016

Management at the 21 Pearl apartment complex provided more detail about evacuation procedures in a notice dated Thursday, after students were evacuated from their apartments Wednesday due to a hazmat situation. Management...

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UT doesn’t follow trend of accepting more out-of-state students

April 15, 2016

When Jon Burstain came as a freshman to UT Austin from Iowa, he didn’t know anybody on campus.  “I originally thought everyone had a Southern accent,” said Burstain, a finance...


Residents of West Campus apartment complex concerned over hazmat situation

April 14, 2016

One male student died and 11 people were injured in a hazardous materials situation involving hydrogen sulfide Wednesday afternoon at 21 Pearl, a student apartment complex in West Campus. While the...


One dead, five injured in West Campus hazmat situation

April 13, 2016

Update (7:45): UTPD spokesperson Cindy Posey said all of the residents at 21 Pearl are able to return to their apartments permanently. "They won't need [emergency housing] anymore,"...

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Bike registration plummets in recent years

April 13, 2016

New bike registration steadily decreased from the 2009–2010 academic year to the 2013–2014 academic year, according to the most recent data made available by Parking and Transportation Services.  According...


Universities must find alternative sources of funding in light of state budget cuts, University leaders and lawmakers say

April 12, 2016

Institutions of higher education must work with each other and the public and private sectors to fund their programs in light of decreased state funding, said top higher education officials and lawmakers. Former...


Suspect arrested, charged with murder in connection to Waller Creek homicide

April 11, 2016

Police arrested suspect Meechaiel Criner in connection with the death of dance freshman Haruka Weiser on Thursday afternoon and formally filed murder charges on Friday.  According to an arrest...

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For 12 years running, more women than men attend UT

April 11, 2016

When UT alumna Margaret C. Berry was a student in the 1930s, UT’s student population was male dominated. “All the girls were prepared to teach,” Berry said about a time when most female...


APD formally files murder charges against suspect Meechaiel Criner

April 8, 2016

The Austin Police Department has formally filed charges of murder against suspect Meechaiel Criner, who is believed to be connected to the death of dance freshman Haruka Weiser. On Tuesday morning,...


APD arrests suspect in connection to homicide victim’s death

April 8, 2016

Update (3:00 p.m.): UT President Gregory Fenves sent a statement Friday afternoon from Haruka Weiser’s family in an email to the UT community: “We remain steadfast in our desire to honor...


APD seeks suspect after Waller Creek homicide victim identified

April 8, 2016

To read about the community gathering held Thursday evening in honor of Haruka Weiser, click here. The Austin Police Department is seeking help from the UT community and the general public to help identify...