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October 4, 2022

Four podcasts to listen to this summer

Courtesy of The Undisclosed Podcast

After the release of “Serial”’s last episode, rabid fans took to Reddit to play detective, listened to parodies and, ultimately, waited for the newest seasons this fall. Until then, check out these to help fill the post-“Serial” void.


For the amateur investigators who haven’t stopped following leads, “Undisclosed” picks up where Serial left off. Rabia Chaudry, podcast creator and lawyer, made it clear the podcast wouldn’t be as artfully crafted as “Serial,” but the podcast’s three lawyers have promised new evidence and records that the “Serial” team didn’t have access to. The podcast offers followers of the case hope that, maybe, they might finally be able to crack it.

Listen to the first episode here.

Song Exploder

Hosted by musician and composer Hrishikesh Hirway, “Song Exploder” allows music fans into a seemingly inaccessible place — the minds of their favorite musicians. From rock to pop and TV show themes such as “House of Cards,” Hirway deconstructs several genres of songs with the artists who wrote them. The bi-weekly episodes are often short but offer an in-depth analysis of the inspiration and choices musicians made when writing their songs.

In this episode, Will Butler discusses “Anna” from his most recent album, Policy.

The Moth

From celebrities such as Molly Ringwald to Voodoo Priestess Ava Kay Jones, “The Moth” has invited people from a wide range of backgrounds to tell personal stories. Unlike most podcasts, “The Moth” is recorded from live performances at The Moth events. In the podcast, listeners can hear extras and interviews with guests in addition to their stories. The only stipulation for the podcast’s featured stories is that they’re true, ensuring listeners will hear authentic and completely one of a kind stories.

Listen as Molly Ringwald recounts getting stuck in the principal’s office with her daughter.

The Nerdist

Billed as a podcast “about what it really means to be a nerd,” many of “The Nerdist” guests are far from what listeners would consider nerdy. With guests such as Sir Paul McCartney, Sarah Silverman and Tom Hanks, the podcast invites guests that will entertain almost any listener. The typically laid back atmosphere of host Chris Hardwick’s podcast offers show listeners a different side of some of their favorite entertainers.

To listen to Chris Pratt’s and director Colin Trevorrow’s take on Jurassic World, click here.  

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Four podcasts to listen to this summer